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User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size109. Figments of Reality: Evolution of the Curious Mind110. Brothers' How Society Shapes the Human Mind111.
Stairway: Controversial New Science of Consciousness112. Baars' In the Theater of Consciousness113. Explaining Consciousness: The Hard Problem114.
Gazzaniga's The Mind's Past115. Searle's The Mystery of Consciousness116. Searle's Minds, Brains and Science117.
Searle's Intentionality118. The Construction of Social Reality119. Berman's Reenchantment of the World120.
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109. Tor Nørretranders, The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size
110. Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind
111. Leslie Borthers, MD, Friday's Footprint: How Society Shapes the Human Mind
112. Alwyn Scott, Stairway to the Mind: The Controversial New Science of Consciousness
113. Bernard J. Baars, In the Theater of Consciousness: The Workspace of the Mind
114. Jonathan Shear, editor, Explaining Consciousness: The Hard Problem
115. Michael S. Gazzaniga, The Mind's Past
116. John R. Searle, The Mystery of Consciousness
117. John R. Searle, Minds, Brains and Science
118. John R. Searle, Intentionality
119. John R. Searle, The Construction of Social Reality
120. Morris Berman, The Reenchantment of the World

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