The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 2 August / September 1994
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After Reading All Her Books
I wrote to Florinda Donner, and she was kind enough to write back.
The End

Source: Hazleton, PA


I woke up cold. I was not cold enough to do anything about it, but it was unpleasant. There was quite a breeze blowing across my legs. With my eyes shut, I followed the long path the air was taking. I remembered I had left the air conditioner on again.

I was awake, but I couldn't move. It was not an unusual occurrence. I had learned from painful experience that trying to move in this condition was futile and unpleasant. I decided to go back to sleep.

The breeze increased. Now it was blowing from my feet to my head. The wind started to howl as it sped past my ears. I realized that the air conditioner wasn't powerful enough to cause 40 mile an hour winds in my bedroom! The back wall of my room had disappeared. The wind was so furious that I began to feel a presence in it. Something dark and ancient was coming into the room, something not quite evil, but so fierce it didn't make any difference.

I decide to try to get up. I didn't want to meet up with anything like that. My leg slid a bit on the bed. The ease of the movement surprised me. I'd expected a horrible, tingling, electrified pain. That gave me the courage to try to move my arm, but I couldn't connect my volition with it. The punishment followed quickly. Agony echoed between my feelings and my body. It wasn't pain, it was much worse.

I struggled to raise my shoulder a few inches. The wind increased in fury. My skin began to crawl; something was here.

Don't panic, I knew that was the key. I realized I was hungry, was In-N-Out burger still open? When had I gone to bed? Dazed, I blacked out and found myself staggering down the hall. I turned off the air conditioner. In-N-Out burger was still open.

Source: Corona, CA 

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 2 Aug. /Sept. 1994