The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 2 August / September 1994
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Now's your chance to prove you weren't crazy after all.

A reader submitted a very interesting story about something weird that happened to him as a child. It seems he remembers when the mold of man took him over and he became like everyone else. It was too late to fit into this issue. In honor of this being the first childhood experience submission, the next issue will feature childhood experiences that tend to support Carlos' books. A different reader brought up another interesting topic, the possibility that we are all involved in group dreaming. I believe it would be informative if we all compared notes on this topic, especially dreams about teachers helping us out. Maybe there are some common themes. Here are some questions for next time:

  1. Relate any childhood experiences that were so strange no one believed you, any techniques you used as a child to move your assemblage point, or descriptions of sleepwalking as a child.

  2. Describe experiences dreaming together or any dreams where someone was teaching you something to do with awareness, dreaming, or stalking. Try to keep it to dreams that you have reason to believe weren't just ordinary dreams. Don't worry if it sounds egotistical, the idea is to compare notes and look for common ground. If you thought the person was Carlos or one of the women during the dream, it's OK to say so. I've had several myself.

  3. More info from seminar attendees would be greatly appreciated. Other readers are still wondering about the simplest things. For instance, how the heck did you get invited? Also, we need sorcery pass help!

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 2 Aug. /Sept. 1994