The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 5 February / March 1995
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Here are more recommendations and comments on specific things readers have tried.

Sudafed causes nightmares, and increased chance of dreaming. The next time you have a runny nose, give it a try. My friends and I call it the "pseudo-high". Go for the pure stuff, skip the additives. The little red pills are the best. Just the normal dose will do nicely. Then, when you go to sleep at night, look for a dizzy, hot-flash feeling while you try to become aware of falling asleep.

Source: Riverside, CA

...The date of arrival of the first of these newsletters was also the date that I had sufficiently stored enough personal power to curtail drinking alcohol. It just happened effortlessly, wonderfully. In this regard, I wanted to offer the first piece of knowledge that came to me once I finally walked through and closed that door behind. (This knowledge was already known to me, but once it was imbued with power it had a marvelous "new" quality to it. I want to pass the knowledge on, hoping that it may help others who are in the same boat I was in.) And that is; for me alcohol moved my assemblage point to a place where self-pity and self-importance flourished - the virtual headquarters, if you will - as do many drugs - but alcohol especially. This little piece of information really corners the spirit of alcohol and defrocks it, if you will. Any Nagualists who are experiencing problems in this regard might choose to meditate on this bit of insight. For me it was a tough battle - but an effortless "victory" - really and truly effortless once I had stored enough personal power. That's all it takes - and it's a piece of cake. (The social index decrees that is should be a struggle, and even after the struggle is "over" one must dutifully wear the scarlet letter of "recovering alcoholic" - I suppose to further feed one's "abandoned" self-importance and self-pity. "No, I don't drink anymore - now I'm recovering - forever!!!" With what - Chintz? Recovering's for sofas...

Source: Pittsburg, PA


We received an advanced copy of Victor Sanchez's book, The Teachings of Don Carlos. You will soon be able to order it from Bear & Company publishing at P.O Box 2860, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504. (505) 983-5968. As I warned readers a while back, I don't read much besides technical manuals and Carlos' group's books. Fortunately, a reader also received a copy and provided a review of the book:

Firstly, I found his book to be very good overall. It is most specifically designed to be a "how-to" manual. There is a basic overview or description of the "world view" of Carlos & don Juan, an introduction to terms, etc. The rest is devoted to describing an aspect of the teachings and providing specific techniques for either becoming aware of something within yourself, or something "in the world", or of "entering the separate reality", etc. While some of the techniques seem a little mechanical and "tonal intensive", they are effective, I feel, if they are acted upon with genuine intent.

He gives a rather different technique for recapitulation breathing, and generates another criteria for using the inhalation (when you find a memory that you feel "incomplete" in); and the exhalation (when you discover a "promise" that you made that no longer holds validity) to release other's energy. There is much more detail, but since he already wrote the book, I don't need to do it again...

There is no specific reference to drug use either way. He does mention that he has participated in several rituals and ceremonies "the details of which", he writes, "I am not permitted to reveal". We could speculate here, but that would accomplish nothing.

My overall sense is that he has genuinely experienced what he writes about, with the possible exception of his dreaming. The rest of his writing seems to have a sense to it of completeness and richness, but the section on dreaming seems more tenuous and thinner, as if he were more quoting and rehashing existing info on dreaming, without having as large a personal experience resource to call from as in the remaining material. Overall, though, I do feel that the book is worth reading, if only as a comparison. Of course, I found The Don Juan Papers very worth reading too! (What a treasure chest of alternate descriptions of the same stuff!).

Source: Withheld


One night, desperate for dreaming experiences, I devised a schedule to give myself the best chance to succeed at dreaming. My plan was to recapitulate for a long time, shut off my internal dialogue immediately afterwards, and go into a semi-dreaming state as an aftermath of recapitulation. Then I would carefully sneak back to bed, continue to fiercely shut off my internal dialogue, and slip into sleep, hopefully retaining my waking awareness. I figured that my plan ought to work because I often slipped into a semi-dreaming state following recapitulation, and I had also succeeded in the past in shutting off my internal dialogue enough to become aware of being asleep. I needed a focal point to accomplish that, and this night I selected my solar plexus. Don Juan had recommended this for men. Sometimes I use crystals between my fingers.

My plan was working at the point when I finished recapitulating in my box. I was selecting totally irrational topics, such as one strange scene about ice-cream and nuclear waste spilling down a rain pipe on the side of a person's head. In keeping with my plan, I didn't judge the topic, I simply scooped back the energy and finished it up. Then I went into shutting off my internal dialogue, with the intention of going into dreaming in my box.

About a half hour later, tired, I came out of a strange dream. Believing myself to be succeeding in my plan, I carefully crept out of the box, through the room between, and into my waiting bed. Lying for hours, I concentrated on shutting off my internal dialogue, all of my attention focused on my solar plexus. Sleep eluded me.

Waves of strange sensations shot through my half-sleeping body. I couldn't quite get rid of the last traces of my internal dialogue. Three conversations kept interfering with the process. Eventually I became familiar with the three voices and decided that they consisted of my mother, my father, and a child. I shut them off one at a time. Finally, the coveted sleeping state came, although it was fragile and I wasn't completely sure I was asleep.

Familiar strange feelings flowed through me as I continued to focus all of my attention on my solar plexus. I realized that I was only feeling my solar plexus. I wondered if I should also visualize the hairs on my chest over that area. I did that too. A vague light seemed to cover the area and my stomach became upset by degrees. A loud gurgling sound began to come from it. I had then the clearest sensation of being asleep, yet being awake, and I was able to clearly identify the three personalities that made up my internal dialogue. The realization was shocking to me and I was awakened by it. I decided to go to the living room and write it down before I forget about it. Maybe I could use this information to help shut off my internal dialogue in the future.

It was dark, and I was still feeling strange from all of the concentration. I stopped in the entrance to the living room. The moonlight coming through the curtains was very frightening. Afraid, I stood at the entrance and closed my eyes. My body felt so light. A creepy feeling came from the shadows in the room and my body floated up. I was nearly hovering in the air, my feet barely touching the top of the shag carpet. I had no weight! The realization made my body slowly move back down. Frightened, I slumped against the wall, afraid to open my eyes or move into the room.

Leaning against the wall, my eyes closed, I fell back into the strange sleep I had felt in the bed. A blue white light started to permeate the room, shining through my closed eyes. I fancied it to be fate, the spirit, intent. I was afraid to enter my living room, so I crept to my recapitulation box. I sensed living shadows to the sides of the box in the room, but I safely made it into the box and snuggled up against the walls, my cheek touching the cold smooth surface inside. I waited to see what topics the spirit would select for me in my dreaming state. Soon I found myself in a strange dream in an unfathomable land, recapitulating something I could barely apprehend.

Sometime later, I woke up, groggy and confused. I slowly came into waking awareness, finding my cheek pressed not against my recapitulation box, but against my pillow in bed.

Source: CA

Nagualist Newsletter/ Issue 5 February/ March 1995