The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 5 February / March 1995
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There was a time, before the witches, when most interviews with Carlos centered around, "but is it true?" I had a talk with the staff at Magical Blend magazine about this. I told them that in my opinion their readership was looking for practical advice- tips for their own practices.Since they had an interview coming up with Merilyn Tunneshende, they asked for some sample questions derived from reader input.

Unfortunately, we didn't receive notification in time. The interview took place before we heard about the opportunity.

Then the tape for the interview was mysteriously lost or jumbled. We were offered a second chance. We provided the following questions:

1. Can you detail the gates of dreaming beyond the fourth gate?

2. Could you give advice on the criteria for deciding to proceed from the first to the second gate? From the second to the third? What about for women?

3. Readers are obsessed with the inorganic beings and look for every opportunity to assume they have encountered one. Anything you might have to say on this would be of interest. Also, do the inorganic beings view the male practitioners in a sexual way?

4. Some of the female readership is torn over making the decision to give up relationships and fully pursue energy storage. Do you have any advice for them?

5. Anything you may have to say about the status of don Juan's party would be of interest. We have heard from several sources that some of his party did not have enough energy to leave the outer realms of the second attention.

6. Carlos' party has repeated over and over that la Gorda is dead, although their story is not consistent. But they have tied the event to the return of Carol and consider it of key significance. The readership is quite aware that much of what they hear from Carlos' group may be stalking, but they would like to hear more about la Gorda's status if you feel free to divulge it. Some are of the opinion that your name, Merilyn, is a derivation of Mary-Lynn, or Maria-Elena, or la Gorda.

There's been lots of speculation about Merilyn. Among that, Magical Blend told us that they believed that Merilyn was in Spain as of a few months ago. Interestingly enough, Carlos' group has been teaching in Spain, or is reported to have been by one of our readers from that area.

I believe that the speculation is fueled by The Eagle's Gift, where la Gorda is said to be living in Arizona, learning English. Continuing with the speculation that Merilyn is actually la Gorda, we decided to check out her response to question #6 and see if she avoided answering it. We figured she wouldn't lie directly, and neither would she easily blow her cover. But if she dodged the answer, she was la Gorda. You might ask "what's the point?" The point is that if she is la Gorda, she's a valuable alternate source of information, especially a different point of view on dreaming, a more task oriented point of view. Carlos may never make a statement about her. In that case, it'll be up to us to decide if she's another wanna-be or if she's a valuable addition to our resource list.

Not only did Merilyn agree to answer the questions we posed, but she went so far as to personally send answers to questions that weren't going to be addressed in the upcoming interview to be published in Magical Blend. She gave answers to Magical Blend, and they faxed them to us.

Once again, something strange happened to the communication from Merilyn. A fax didn't go through and the original answer sheet was lost.

I thought Merilyn would react by becoming a bit impatient with Magical Blend, but she had quite the opposite reaction as you can see from the second response she provided for this issue:

Responses to Queries by Readers of Nagualist Newsletter

First let me say that I heard my original answers "disappeared" before they reached their destination and that you withheld publication of your newsletter in the hopes of a second response. I was touched by that and sincerely thank you. I also heard that the tape of my original interview with Magical Blend was mysteriously "garbled". I'm afraid this is something you may have to contend with occasionally as my whole existence seems to periodically dissolve. Six questions were filtered to me through the Magical Blend source. I will respond briefly to a few. Several will be treated in the upcoming M.B. interview.

2. Moving from gate to gate is not only a decision, but also a natural evolutionary process of energy storage. As one works on Dreaming, one will go more deeply into it. There will be energy thresholds and one will have breakthroughs in totality. Women find their innate abilities facilitate more ease of movement and should proceed if they have the proper intent, which will be tested at the gates. Men can also become stupendous Dreamers as evidenced by Native cultures like the Yuma, who derived all power from Dreaming.

3. The inorganic beings offer energy exchanges. Sometimes when in human apparitional form, they do feign sexual overtones. I would not recommend it. One must foster a symbiotic relationship if one is to trust the guidance of beneficial inorganics.

5. It is essentially accurate that SOME members of the old Nagual's party did not have the energy necessary to leave the outer realms of the second attention. However, this is not the case for all. To facilitate the movement of this energy, some of us have "in between meeting places."

6. The readers are correct that stalking goes on through the writing and discoursing. To realize this of course means that there is energy movement. La Gorda, to the best of my knowledge, did not die. Rather she is in an "in between place." However, it is quite possible that the others were convinced she died. The readers are also correct that the name Merilyn is a derivation.

I wish you well in your practices.


Here's an interesting story. A friend who had doubts about the possibility that the first answers mysteriously disappeared commented, "I'd like to see that second Fax disappear. Then I'd believe it." Since I'm a bit less suspicious than he, I was paranoid and kept a close eye on the new fax. On the way home, in my truck, the fax swished around the cab, heading for the window. I had to roll the window up quickly, and the Fax almost got away. I ended up swerving on the freeway.

No one knew what happened to the first answer sheet, but a member of Magical Blend staff remembered something from it, something not covered in the second sheet. We have to paraphrase, because we don't have Merilyn's exact words. She is reported to have said:

We have found that only intending to find one's hands is very difficult. It is more practical to use an object. The idea is to get the object into dreaming. Any object, even an apple, will do.

Readers may recall that this technique was used to teach the little Sisters and the Genaros. They gazed at leaves and stones until they started to dream of them. When they heard how Carlos had been taught dreaming, they were quite surprised. This technique is also mentioned at the end of Being-in-Dreaming. And the death defier built an entire town, complete with church, in this manner.

I was pleased with this answer and tried the technique out myself. Using a medium sized river rock, I was able to dream about it in 3 days, after a lot of concentrating. I got some surprisingly good results, including my first quick vision of my luminous net. But the biggest surprise was that it affected my ability to become aware of being asleep. Just having the rock next to the bed seems to make that easier now. I was pleased with Merilyn's answer to the problem of finding one's hands. Although it's straight out of the works of Carlos' group, it's an emphasis that I wouldn't have thought of on my own.

There still remains the controversy of whether Merilyn is truly the new leader of the lost apprentices. I believe that Carlos' group will eventually clear that up. Someone wrote in to Magical Blend criticizing her for calling dona Soledad mercenary. But Florinda said the same thing in one of her magazine interviews. Someone else accused Merilyn of being after money or fame, but she is reported to have donated the proceeds from her interviews to a charity and no one has ever seen her or knows her real name. Ordinary motives don't seem to apply.

And the answers and comments she has made seem to be entirely in tune with Carlos' group. We've received additional information on some of the other Nagualist groups mentioned last issue, and some on new groups. In nearly all cases these other groups have added things like "chi" and "chakras", "yin" and "yang" to the techniques. Or they've emphasized potential pieces of the self-importance spectrum, such as love, companionship, or a status/reward system for progressing through their school levels. Despite the obvious differences, these groups use direct quotes from Carlos' works, such as "Mastery of Awareness". My opinion is that these groups are simply using marketing ploys, similar to sticking a label of "fat free" on your food product. Perhaps some of these are valid shamanistic groups which are fed up with the adoration of Carlos' readers and have taken to claiming they're the same thing. But they are clearly not the same thing. Thus, if nothing else, Merilyn stands out as being a potentially consistent addition to don Juan's lineage. Next month, in Magical Blend, we'll get to see if Merilyn continues to be on target.

Nagualist Newsletter/ Issue 5 February/ March 1995