The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 5 February / March 1995
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Does stored energy leak out?

In answer to your question about recapitulating in my car? I normally do it while I'm driving. Of course doing it the normal why often attracts attention and can be dangerous and then you have to recapitulate all of those fear thoughts and that recapping can just go on and on. When I'm at my peek and can feel the energy surrounding me (etheric body?) I usually just "intend" or will my energy body to do the sweeping while my physical body assumes it's normal driving duties. I coordinate this with my breath of course. It seems I have a gift of being able to feel the interaction of the etheric body as it "touches" or hovers close to the physical. This is more easily "felt" when the energy is high or there is more collected. At times during the recapitulation I can even feel the "fibers" seemingly touch my body (is this seeing?) This usually occurs around the solar plexus, especially towards the right front of my body. When the pressure builds it seems as though it is relieved by sweeping that energy center and coordinating it with the inner visual sweep.

Question: If we're recapitulating a sexual event, possibly it would be more beneficial to coordinate the sweeping of the first and second energy centers along with the visual center? Maybe we can even get to the stage where we can feel the entire etheric body sweeping in unison with the intention of the visual center.

Whenever I do my normal recapitulation it is in my bed. I purchased a plastic 8 x 10 tarp which is hung about a foot over and behind my head on the wall. With my back to the headboard, the rest of me is surrounded by the tarp. The plastic surface seems to make a good reflector for the energy returning to the body and it is flexible enough for me to shape it away from me with simply a touch. Also it can be folded to fit in my suitcase when I travel.

The biggest problem I have noticed is that my energy leaks off as though my "egg" were full of holes. Having two children, a boy and a girl, I suppose contributes to this leakage. If I can every get my shell to become a good container for the energy, I should be in good shape. Does anyone out there have anymore good tips on this?...

Source: West Salem, Ohio

Editor: When Florinda was interviewed up in Northern California, on radio, the announcer got into a discussion about recapitulating while driving. He also started to ask about the possibility of doing the sweeping part without turning the head. Florinda didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either. And in an account of a lecture in this issue, Florinda says that turning the head in a car can be an ego trap (but most readers report being embarassed, not feeling superior.)

I believe that everyone notices the energy leaks, even without having had children. In The Art of Dreaming, Carlos' dreaming stops when he starts a second recapitulation. But I've noticed just the opposite reaction, maybe due to leaks.

Recapitulating lunch?

Here is a technique which incorporates the "sweeping breath" and recapitulation of your most recent meal. I am referring to the most recent food you have eaten. This involves a special type of breathing. You can also think of it as a not-doing of saying grace before a meal; a spiritual exercise after dinner instead of before, the reverse of saying grace.

It is understood that everything (plants, rocks, trees, animals) has an energy body so we are probably affected by all that we come into contact with. I think one is justified in practicing recapitulation of the food you just ate, because eating involves sensations such as hunger, thirst, desire, satisfaction. Very similar to sex, and most likely the act of consuming food dislocates emotional filaments and possibly accumulates foreign ones. The real difference is that sex is a bilateral relationship, but between the consumer and the consumed only a unilateral relationship exists.

Basically you are putting your stomach to work in the breathing process. A powerful vacuum is intentionally created within the stomach to inhale a small amount of air (approx. 500 ml). During this method of forced inspiring, you will invariably taste in the back of your throat the most previous meal that you have eaten and more or less digested in the stomach. It should be done before brushing your teeth (or else the flavor of the toothpaste will interfere) and within a hour after the meal (before the food is completely digested). It provides something like a 3-D effect for recapitulating the meal. On really doesn't have to put a lot of effort into recalling; just let the flavor(s) guide you as you breathe in this way. You will spontaneously re-taste it in the back of your throat. You can do this for only a few minutes.

You can learn to practice breathing with the stomach by first intentionally swallowing large gulps of air, deliberately forcing it down the throat, and then you have to belch it back out. When I first began practicing this way, I had to make a lot of burping and belching. Now it is more like growling sounds coming from the stomach when I breathe this way. With a lot of consistent practice it can be done relatively effortlessly and noiselessly. From such crude beginnings, that is how I started to use the stomach muscles to breathe. It is not essential to remain sitting in an enclosure for this. In fact, walking or standing upright assists the process of "stomach breathing", more so than sitting down.

Source: Oviedo, FL

Editor: Before you decide if this reader is putting us on or not (something I haven't decided myself), consider that this act may trigger memories of past meals and lead to all kinds of discoveries you can recapitulate in your enclosure later. In the time that I've been recapitulating, I can count only a few times I clearly had the sense of a smell or taste. My memory is lacking in this area, and that leaves out lots of events. Besides that, raw vegetables are quite alive and thus the relationship may not be as unilateral as this reader stated.

Random method.

... I use the random approach in recapitulation. I still have the list I began, but found it too restrictive. I find that going random brings to recapitulation a different kind of order, an order based on energetic alliances between and among events. These may bear on my daily activities but more often do not. Usually I sit meditating, attentive to my breathing, until an event or a person surfaces and follow it until it attains a strong energetic presence. When the event is particularly juicy - full of energy - my breathing and head motion seem to be extra charged: volition based on the energy rather than on my direction. A really juicy event will jolt my whole body as my head turns towards my left shoulder (breathing in).

Source: Grass Valley, CA

Nagualist Newsletter/ Issue 5 February/ March 1995