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Carlos Castaneda

The Teachings of Don Juan. 1968. 
A Separate Reality. 1971. 
Journey to Ixtlan. 1972. 
Tales of Power. 1974. 
The Second Ring of Power. 1977. 
The Eagle's Gift. 1981. 
El don de Aguila. 1985. Mexican version of The Eagle's Gift with special appendix by CC. 
The Fire from Within. 1984. 
The Power of Silence. 1987 
The Art of Dreaming. 1993.

Interview by Theodore Roethke (1968) $9.95 Can order from: AUDIO-FORUM, Suite L9, 96 Broad St. Guilford, CT 06437 (203) 453-9794 or (800) 243-1234 
Don Juan's Teachings: Further conversations with Carlos Castaneda. Tape of Carlos speaking in Berkeley shortly after The Teachings was published. Order from Millenia Press, #207-1005 View Street, Victoria, B.C. V8V 3L7 Canada. $15.95+$1.50 shipping. Phone: 604/389-0404 May also be available from Sound Photo Synthesis, P.O. Box 2111, Mill Valley, CA 94942 U.S.A. (800) 815-7999. The following tapes are Available from TEN SPEED PRESS, P.O. Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707 (800) 841-2665: 
The Teachings of Don Juan 
A Separate Reality

Psychology Today Dec. 1972 ("Sorcerer's Apprentice", by Sam Keen.) 
Seventeen Magazine Feb. 1973 ("Mysterious world of Carlos Castaneda" with CC and G. Cravens.)
Time Magazine cover story, March 5, 1973 
The National Observer early 70s by Bruce Cook. Magazine now defunct? Anyone with specifics? 
Psychology Today, Sept. 1974 (same as 1972) 
Penthouse Magazine, mid 70s, "The sorcerer's apprentice" by John Wallace. We don't have the date. 
High Times Apr. 1977 "Carlos Castaneda-Fact or Fiction?" 
Psychology Today Dec. 1977 (article by CC) 
Interview with Swami Muktananda (1978) In The Company Of A Siddha: Interviews and Conversations with Swami Muktananda. Address in last issue defunct, but bookstores might be able to order it. 
L.A. Weekly Oct. 4-10 & Nov. 15-21 1985. "Carlos Castaneda the Witch of Westwood." and "Castaneda Postscript" by Michael Ventura.
Magical Blend Issue 14 & 15 (1986) from interview by Graciela Corvalán, translated into English. 
Magical Blend Issue 40 (older reprint) 
Details Magazine March 1994. (Very good) 
New Age Journal March/April 1994 
Seeds of Unfolding vol 1, #4 and vol 2, #2 (better translation of Spanish for interviews in Magical Blend 14&15. Seeds of Unfolding is 212 area Code, NY) 
Voices and Visions by Sam Keen (book with reprint of Psychology Today 1972). Also in The Awakened Warrior, by Rick Fields. 
Yoga Journal, Nov 1984 #59 reprint of same interview as in Seeds of Unfolding. 
Yoga Journal, March 1994 #115. Article only, no input from Carlos or group.

Harpers Magazine Feb. 1973. Gwyneth Cravens writes about her encounter with CC, "Talking to Power and spinning with the Ally." 
Harpers Sept. 74 
Der Weg der Tolteken--Ein Gesprach mit Carlos Castaneda. Book in German from a 1979 Spanish interview by Graciela Corvalán. Published by Fischer 1987. Same as Magical Blend, issues 14 & 15. 
Magical Blend #5. Comparison of Aleister Crowley and Carlos Castaneda. 
Village Voice Jan. 25, 1973. "Upward and Juanward: The Possible Dream" by Ronald Sukenick. A book review which also accounts meetings with CC which were arranged by literary figure Anais Nin. 
New Age Journal June 1985 "Searching for Carlos Castaneda" by Rick Fields. 
Powers of Mind by Adam Smith (pg 324) 
Conversationes con Carlos Castaneda. Madrid (Spain), 1991. A book created by Carmina Fort from interviews with Carlos and Florinda, about 130 pages! Published by Héptada Ediciones. 
Fate Magazine Sept. 1991. "Shapeshifting - American Style" by Wanda Sue Parrott. Wanda says her Cousin Margaret married CC and she met him as a result of their relationship.

Carol Tiggs

Magical Blend Issue 42, Apr. 1994.

Taisha Abelar

The Sorcerers' Crossing. 1992.

Dimensions magazine, "Canada's New Age Monthly,", Apr. 1992, Vol. VII No. 9. Address: 3 Charles Street W., Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1R4, Canada.
Magical Blend Issue 40, Oct. 1993. 
Magical Blend Issue 42, Apr. 1994.

Florinda Donner (-grau)

Shabono. 1982. 
The Witches Dream. 1985. (out of print?). 
Being-in-Dreaming. 1991. 
Ser en el Ensueno. 1992. Spanish version of Being-In-Dreaming with special forward.

Body, Mind & Spirit #6, 1992. What happened to La Gorda and gang! Interviewed by Ken Eagle Feather and Carol Kramer. 
Magical Blend Issue 35, Apr. 1992 
Magical Blend Issue 42, Apr. 1994. 
Dimensions magazine Feb. 1992 (Canada)
Conversationes con Carlos Castaneda. (see Carlos Castaneda ACCOUNTS).

One Time Mention

Castaneda's Path of Knowledge by Donald Lee Williams. Described by a reader as Jungian analysis. 
The Farm on the River of Emeralds by Moritz Thomsen. A book with interesting stories about a man who chucked it all to go farm in the jungles of Ecuador. No mention of Carlos that I am aware of, but a reader found many of Carlos' concepts amidst the stories. One interesting incident where the voice of seeing spared the man from being bitten by a Coral Snake. 
Freedom Through Higher Awareness by Dr. Wayne Dyers (tape series). Dr. Dyers discusses Being-in-Dreaming and gives some new perspectives on Freedom. 
Exploring the Ways of Mankind by W.R. Goldschmidt. 2nd edition, pgs 187-195 has references. 
"An Ally for Castaneda", Exemplars, pgs 188-218. 
"Carlos Castaneda," New York Times Book Review and Literary Supplement. Article including picture of very young Carlos. Portrays him as sincere and tricky.


Toltec Artists, 183 N. Martel, #220, Hollywood, CA 90036. This is a place where you can write to Castaneda and the rest of his clan.


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