The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 5 February / March 1995
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In The Fire From Within, in the chapter entitled The Assemblage Point, don Juan drew Carlos a diagram of a ball of jack cheese, using it to illustrate the form of human beings when seen. Thanks to a reader, we now have a chance to see how that diagram looked. This reader wrote:

Hello NNL:

A couple of days ago, I just found the notes containing the diagram of the luminous being exactly as drawn by Carlos Castaneda in 1983 at Cal-State Univ. Los Angeles, mentioned in issue #4, "Encounter With Carlos".

I would've sent it to you earlier, but I couldn't find it.

It may be of interest to the staff and readers of NNL so please feel free to publish it if you wish...

Source: Los Angeles, CA

Editor: Here are the captions for those of you still without a magnifying glass:

"Emanations that fall within luminous shell. Dot is assemblage point. Glow of awareness surrounds assemblage point. Man's band of awareness."

"The luminous egg is a ball of cheese with a darker disk of cheese in the center. Disk is man's band of awareness."

"Egg surface. A shift into the interior of band."

"This is the assemblage point lighting emanations one at a time across the interior of luminous egg."

"When assemblage point shifts inward a concavity is formed. If the shift is great, a large depression is formed in man's band of awareness."

"When assemblage point streaks across the interior and lights all emanations at once, it diffuses the outer shell and inside emanations extend to outside ones producing the Fire From Within and fusing to emanations at large."

Nagualist Newsletter/ Issue 5 February/ March 1995