The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 5 February / March 1995
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Poem for the back page.

It is the scariest damn thing It is soft and black and almost liquid I had to know it I drank it all down. I turned inside out. I never wanted to come back. It spit me out on the shore. It was three in the morning and the stars stared at me naked on that lonely stretch of sand. I walked home I looked in the mirror I looked into my eyes, deep black pools I called its name again and again I fell asleep with an ebony dewdrop in my hand.

Source: Olympia, WA


Film/video documentarist organizing mid- or late- 1995 tour of areas and sites connected to Nagualist writings; e.g., Tucson -- Nogales -- Hermosillo -- Navajoa -- Tula -- Ixtln -- Mexico City -- Oaxaca, plus other stops. Hope for 3 or 4 vehicle caravan. Interested parties immediately write Franco Mann, c/o Dale Brakhop; P. O. Box 250113; Little Rock, AR 72225-0113


We can reach the goal together Walking all of the different paths. Choosing when to sever the reins on "this" or "that". Standing not on the order of "here". Forming sense and liberty in a single perfect sphere.

Send S.A.S.E for reply to:
MALSI P.O. BOX 1218 GREENVILLE, MS 38702-1218

Free Group Discussions.

In Mission Viejo, CA. Topics include sorcery and The Adventures of Don Juan, among other things. Call Misha or Michael at (714) 768-6144.


Opportunity to spend one or more months in the Central American Jungle to do Dreaming and Stalking. Jodie B., 5775 Vinehill Rd., Sebastopol, CA 95472


There is a new BBS with full Internet access. This board will have a Forum and Conference devoted to Nagualism and the Paranormal. The Forum name is STARFIRE.

The BBS is called: NY WEBB, Inc.

NY WEBB, Inc. is in NY city. The bbs phone number is 212-647-8660.
The TELNET Address is or
The WWW is
The voice phone is 1-800-458-4660.
Snail Mail address is:
NY WEBB, Inc. 1133 Broadway, Suite 1226 NY, NY 10010
I may also be contacted now as this is E-Mail 

Those signing on now will get 10 free hours. And will receive free hours every month for subscribing to the NNL, when they sign on they can answer the extra signon questions by typing in NNL so that we will know and can credit them the hours.

We have many Dreamers and Stalkers in the conference and Forum.

There is also the Metaphysical Universe forum on Delphi, Custom Forum 162.

Editors note: I didn't notice that this BBS was a paying proposition until just before this issue was done. Normally I would have written back and asked them to create another message. But this was the last issue and there wasn't time. I'd suggest insisting that you subscribe to NNL and want the free hours even though we're gone.

Poems from the voice of seeing.

"The Nagual Dreams 
The warriors Stalk 
They remember the wall together 
Only then do they talk.

The Warriors Dream 
The Nagual Stalks 
The Eagle Cries

Out beyond the Wall of Fog

The Beacon, the Nagual Woman Waits and Flys."

12/24/94 Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and to all a goodnight... Peace to all.

White Light descends, 
Quiet the night. 
Amber light Ascends, 
The Warriors in Flight.

The Energy of Peace, 
just see the Light. 
That which binds, 
will set us Free.

Feel the pain inside Release. 
Contact is made, the wonders we find.

gwg7 Magicman

Don't worry about groups.

El Cinco Sol is not related to El. G. or her group. He wishes them well in their quest. El Cinco Sol says it's O.K. to do the work on your own and don't worry about groups. He says there are conferences going on in Dreaming with the intermediate practitioners & others where explanations are given. These are not "group" dreaming, but "conference calls." El Cinco says you may be able to dream with others in the NNL if you allow the "other" to choose partners. Do the work.

Source: The New Zone


The A to Z of warriorship (c) 1995.

A compilation of material from the first eight books by Carlos Castaneda, presented in dictionary form with extensive index. Available on disk for IBM and MAC. For information contact George White Eagle, P.O. Box 2114, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Editor: Again, I'm not sure if this is a paying proposition. I would have written to ask, but there was no time. The author claims this compilation has everything don Juan, the members of his party, or anyone else has said on the subject of Nagualism as it appeared in the first eight books. It shows exactly what was said, in which book, and on which page, with an extensive index. He will update to include The Art of Dreaming and the works of the witches. It sounded like a good way to save time searching so we printed the message.


Freedom: the wind blows where it pleases.


There is no time, there is only wind.


The wind, of whom every tree has something different to say.


Who's studying whom?

While we were studying Carlos and group, it seems that a graduate student was studying all of us, the newsletter included. She was a student of UCSB. Maybe she even went to school with the blue scout? Her name was Ruth Pohnert, and she has put together a 143 page master thesis entitled California Realities: Carlos Castaneda and Consequences. It really looks good. It's a wide scan of just about all of the literature, favorable and unfavorable. While she did it, she locked herself up and practiced the techniques. To my horor, it even mentions the newsletter, and often quotes from reader submissions.

It's as thick as a book, but she's only charging printing costs of $7, plus $1.50 postage. if you're too lazy to read all of the reference to Carlos, this will fill you in. I recommend she contact Bear & Company publishing, mentioned on page 24. I believe they might be interested. For the rest of you, write to: Ruth Pohnert, General Delivery, Santa Barbara, CA 93102.


Nagualist Newsletter/ Issue 5 February/ March 1995