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Before we received these lecture notes on the Maui workshop, we received a letter from one of our favorite sources explaining the reason for the lack of hair in strategic places on the sorcerers of don Juan's line. We certainly had no problem accepting the claim, but it's not the type of thing you would want to tell your friends who were just beginning to take an interest in Nagualism. That reader was commenting on issue #4, where another reader was asking about "youthful appearances":

Youthful appearance? "Youth" is only an outer reflection, something the viewer perceives. Re-read Taisha. But why do you want to get an idea of what they look like? To pin them down? I heard this rumor that Carlos has trouble because of so many people speaking out his name. Only his name, mind you! And that's the reason why he - and the witches too - have very short hair. Oops. Now you have me revealing something. But I don't tell you this to give the impression of the Navigator looking like a hedgehog you can grab. Remember the ape and let go of your imaginations - you don't want to hurt yourself grabbing a hedgehog, do you? They have their hair cut short because our hair is like an antennae, an "antennae for social shit", as they say. They can smell this. People are getting pulled at their hair by society and the social order, and are finally pinned down. And they stink of social shit. Ladies too. So maybe it's time for the barber...

This topic hasn't come up in any previous lecture notes, but it is verified in these Maui lecture notes which we are pleased to present.

Aloha from Hawaii!!

...It's great to see so many people with the courage to go it alone. I have a few notes that hopefully will clarify some issues/questions from the newsletter.

The Maui workshop went much like all the others I've read about in NNL. There were some points stressed in Maui though that have gotten little attention in NNL. In Maui the recap received the most emphasis, with one small difference. The notes from other workshops have little to say about finding the pattern of our lives. People are very boring, repeating the same patterns over and over in every situation. The most complex people will have at the most only three different patterns. Most of us have only one. Finding the theme through recapping is essential to increasing our energy. If we can find the one thing that we do repeatedly, then stop doing it, our energy for intending sky rockets. For example the pattern I notice most is the need for others' approval. We go through all sorts of maneuvering to get rewards from others. These maneuvers require untold amounts of energy and can sap us of the little we have. We all want to be important in some way and will manipulate others to reward us with their love, respect, sex, etc. If we could just stop repeating this our energy would be freed for intending.

DJ and friends are stuck in the second attention. A critical mass is required to intend them out. That is why CC and the witches began the workshops. The more people working for freedom, the more energy for CC to tap into and free DJ.

With regard to sex -Good news- it's not all bad. When asked if married couples should stop having sex the answer was no with a condition. It seems sex is only bad if there are strings attached. What drains us of energy is using sex as a way to gain something else like self worth or sense of belonging. Sex must be totally unconditional - no secondary gains. Cannot want anything from your partner and use sex as a method of receiving it. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Must examine sexual motives very carefully. It's easy to get trapped by that three thousand headed monster.

Did any else notice the length of the witches hair? In Maui it was short. I mean very short. Their explanation was that hair is like a web that traps and holds past crystallizations of energy. When we cut off our hair, we cut ourselves off from those vibrations. Before you all run to the local salon you should know that much more energy is held in your memories, so recap first. All other energy must be freed before the hair becomes important. The witches are wanting to free every last bit of energy from their past. Hair length didn't come up until much after the recap. Remember, "If you want to chop down a tree, you don't start with the leaves."

Just some personal notes. The finishing breath done after you've retrieved your energy from an event is to cut yourself off from the thing being recapped. Energy flows on the breath, and when you sweep the scene without breathing it's a way of saying "No More! I will not accept or give energy to this anymore."

Seeking reward is the major energy drain. Doing things for personal gain is a mistake. Must do things because that's what intent directs, not so you can feel important. Must be very careful with self importance. It is ruthless, cunning, patient, and sweet. It will trip you at every step. Even an accomplished warrior like la Gorda was not immune to its power. Must not be attached to outcomes or rewards. To find ultimate freedom one must also let go of the desire for freedom. Otherwise you will be enslaved by your desire. Freedom is a reward also. I'm sure there are those out there who, way in the back of their minds, feel superior because they're on the path, judging those with less energy. Must act in the eyes of death. You have a very small chance of escaping death. How many of you want freedom because you fear death? How many want spirit to bless them with freedom? You MUST let go of the reward to make it. Please examine all your motives carefully. Self importance is tricky and it loves rewards. CC went through years of frustration before challenging self importance. Can you really expect to skip right to dreaming and handling intent, without handling your own tonal first? Please do not try to go too fast. Must perfect the tonal before witnessing the Nagual.

Source: Hawaii

Editor: This reader also mentioned Dr. Wayne Dyers new tape series "Freedom Through Higher Awareness" in which he talks about Florinda's book Being-in-Dreaming and gives some new perspectives on Freedom.

Besides this input from Maui, we also received a letter from someone who spoke with the organizer of the Maui lecture. This reader stated that the organizer of that lecture reported that the members of Carlos' group were exactly as one would expect them to be, they gave every indication of living the life they described.


Another Maui Lecture!

In issue #46 of Magical Blend you will find an advertisement for the next lecture, to be held in Maui. The lecture will concentrate on teaching the Tensegrity movements, using people taught by Dr. Castaneda (as they named him in the ad). The lecture will be March 24-26, 1995. you can make arrangements by calling Axiom presentations at: 1-800-76 AXIOM (U.S.A. only) or (808) 572-2733 (direct number)


Nagualist Newsletter/ Issue 5 February/ March 1995