The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct. / Nov. 1994
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Depending on how much you give yourself to intent, is how much you will get back.
Give yourself totally, it will take care of you totally. Without doing.
This is the end of the whole lineage.
We have to do it ourselves. Our only guide is the energy body.
I intend that your energy point move, the books intend it. Just allow it.
If something is here for you, do it.
           - Taisha Abelar, Berkeley 1993

What about Merilyn?

Interview reads like the truth!

Newsletter information is often tainted by its source. We heard about Merilyn Tunneshende several months before her magazine interview was published and had the impression that she was at odds with Carlos. That may or may not be the case, but we feel that we owe her an apology. We're sorry for misspelling her name, and we're sorry about the wording of the advertisement we placed next to her interview. It read like we were poking fun at her. It said, "No Naguals here!"

Now we see that her interview had a ring of truth to it. I was especially impressed with the concept of energy vortexes of "other dreaming". Unlike concepts expressed in the works of other authors, which usually sound childish and made up, this one sounded childish and true. It sounded like a better view of fourth gate dreaming! Carlos never did elaborate on that. Plus there are a few bonus gates left unexplained.

Merilyn also described a technique of seeking out specific things in dreaming: Stalking through dreaming. We were trying to set up something similar here with our "find the hidden newsletter" challenge, but no one bit.

We wanted to provide better info on Merilyn for this issue, so we wrote to someone who might know, via his contact with Florinda. Here is what this person had to say (with a tiny bit of editing):

... I must admit that I don't know anything about her, except her article in Magical Blend... Florinda never mentioned her, but that doesn't mean anything. To me she sounds sincere and some things she said are true, for example the things she said about Dreaming. She seems to know very much. And she also knows something Florinda mentioned to me a year ago - that Soledad is mercenary. Florinda told me that Soledad is working in Hollywood and that her motto is "Money for Movies". On the other hand, Florinda claimed that Gorda died in 1985, and Carlos on another occasion told the same story. Now Tunneshende talks as if Gorda is still alive and she calls her "Maria Tena". Graciela Corvaln, the woman who did the 1979 interview with Carlos, had several contacts to Gorda, and she says that her name is "Maria-Elena". She hadn't any contact since late 1984 with Gorda, so that she could imagine that Florinda's and Carlos' stories about her death are true, but she doubts it.

A speculation on this: Maria-Elena (Spanish version) - Mary-Lyn (English version) - Merilyn. Let's quote: "... Although if she ever did, I'm sure she'd do an excellent job of it." Different names for different occasions, like Florinda says. And for me it's no question who that John Black Crow really is or this dreamy Florentin. And even if she isn't Gorda, it's more than logic that Don Juan and cohorts looked for a new Nagual (woman) for the old group since they had the time to look for new members for the "wrong" Nagual Carlos. At least it would have been fair. But keep in mind that this is merely my conclusion. Draw your own...

For not knowing anything, this reader sure had a lot of good stuff to tell! I'm very intrigued by the "Money for Movies" motto. I'd hate to think that Soledad was doing adult movies in Hollywood, especially since she's got to be over 80! Or maybe she's behind the wave of 60s TV show movies. Just in case Soledad gets hold of this newsletter, my motto is, "Money for interviews".

Merilyn Tunneshende is also welcomed to provide interviews for the newsletter. And until her book is released, I hope she sleeps well and has pleasant dreams.

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994