The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994
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Now's your big chance. We're out of questions! We still don't have any answers, but there's enough work to be done to keep anyone tongue tied. If any of you have burning questions to pose to the readership for issue #4, send them in. For now, we have only one question plus an administrative thing to ask.

We have received some complaints regarding the newsletter's appearance in bookstores. It seems that some readers sent in personal experiences thinking this was going to be a tiny, secret newsletter and have now seen their personal lives in print on bookstore shelves. Actually, the newsletter fell into the hands of some very good info sources as a result of bookstores, so it was a good thing. Besides, the bookstores asked for them. All of them except for Phoenix bookstore, that is. We sent a reader with a camera there, to shoot pictures for a future issue. We gave him a retail copy to show them where the picture was going and he blabbed that bookstores could receive the newsletter. Now they have it. The question is, was this cheating?

If we actually pursued bookstores in areas where lectures were given, we might gain readers with more lecture notes. As it is, this issue has only "old news" Internet notes. They are very wonderful, but they are nothing new to many of our readers. We could blanket Maui with newsletters in bookstores and get the scoop on lectures there. Or we could actively pursue distribution in foreign countries. Who knows what might show up?

It's up to the readership. Let us know what you think. Do we stalk lecture notes, or keep a low profile? We're asking for your opinion with all future submissions. If more than 10% of the readership feels uncomfortable with aggressive distribution, we won't do it.

That done, here's the question for next issue: Does anything (phantoms, the environment, etc.) interfere with your dreaming on a regular basis? When you start dreaming, does something cling to you or try to stop you? Do the phantoms act differently? Is your dreaming environment cooperative or hostile?


We received input for the sorcery pass diagram project we started in the last issue. One piece of input was from a reader who had his own personal interpretation of the pass where the thumbs are rubbed together and then stroked above the eyebrows. He said that he manipulates his hands so that he can rub both thumbs together at the same time. Interestingly enough, our artist, who had never read Taisha's book before, originally drew them that way on her own. We asked her to change them. These interpretations are personal however, neither of these parties has been instructed by a member of Carlos' group. I tried it and liked it better than my own way of doing it.

A reader, who had attended the lectures and had received personal instruction on the passes, sent in a correction to the pass on the lower right of page 4 in issue 2. We decided to print an exact copy of her letter in order to show that the diagrams used to advise us on the passes need not be complex. We have lots of readers with knowledge of the passes and we want them to know that corrections need not be elaborate. The corrections scribbled on her letter are perfect. We intend to redraw the image from issue 2 after we have further input on other passes.

A further review of Taisha's book revealed to us that other techniques, described later in the book, were referred to as sorcery passes. At this point, we do not know exactly what is taught at the seminars. Perhaps it even varies. If readers are holding off on corrections because we have not pictured the passes they learned, let us know.

In the meantime, we have some interesting input on this topic from a reader in California. She states that a sorcery pass (tensegrity-sp?) video is supposedly in the works. It will be available through the Toltec Artists. She gives the same address as in the publications of interest section, except that the city is listed as Westwood (they are right next to each other). She further states that the passes may be demonstrated by the Chac Mools or Little Cousins, or both. She speculates that if a lot of interest is expressed, the video may appear sooner. We're interested, we're interested!!! I'd like to suggest that the interest is best expressed in letter form, we regret having published their phone number.

We wrote to another reader and asked what he knew about the video and the Chac Mools, and he said that the video has been discussed since 1993 and that we shouldn't consider it a sure thing. The Chac Mools are two women who have succeeding in becoming a part of Carlos' party. Also, a Chac Mool is a mythical figure from the Toltec culture. It is the same symbol used on the Toltec Artists business cards and stationary.

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994