The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994
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A new column created by popular demand.

Either everyone got the same idea at the same time, or a lot of people were thinking this way from the start and waited to see what the newsletter looked like. At any rate, the requests to post messages in a personals column started coming in just after issue 2 was complete. The result is this column, a place where you can post your messages.

Although the newsletter belongs to the readership, some type of management must prevail. We have created the following guidelines for messages:

1. Keep them short enough to take up less than 1/2 column.

2. You must provide your own mailing address for responses, the newsletter mail traffic is too great for forwarding and we do not want to give the impression of endorsement. We will not print your name or phone number. You can present those to your respondents if you desire.

3. No mating rituals or business ventures.

4. Try to specify an expiration date on your mail location for your own protection.

Because this is the first appearance of this column, we want to state the following: Although we believe there are various groups practicing Nagualism, not all with the same goals, we do not have an opinion on these situations and it is not our place to investigate and endorse or condemn such groups. Also, we feel that dreaming groups must occur by themselves. We welcome your valiant attempts to start them, but success or failure may be something outside the realm of our own desires and efforts. My personal opinion on this is a mixture of optimism (I hope you succeed) and pessimism (You can't start a dreaming group with good intentions, you have to do the work first).

We have received a lot of poetry and until now have had no place to put it. Frankly, poetry embarrasses me. I've felt guilty not printing it and am relieved to have a place to put it. From now on, if you want to send poetry you will have to specifically request placing it here and you must keep it very short. I don't encourage it, I'd prefer to see the newsletter filled with stories of hairy gorilla's arms coming out of bedposts. But then, I'm male and dense. Most poetry is written by the personal self, and is therefore the opposite of Nagualist pursuits. Poetry written in dreaming and snatched into the real world is a different matter. Unfortunately, no one here can tell the difference. I've always wondered how a dreamer manages to keep a pencil and paper in his hands all night.

For those of you embarrassed by poetry, I offer my apologies. For the rest, put on something black, grab a cup of cappuccino, and enjoy.



I currently practice recapitulation, stalking and dream work, and am studying with a Nagual, and will attempt to answer sincere correspondence if possible: P.O Box 4032, Davis, CA 95617



Within my spirit a Fire burns 
it burns my heart 
it is my soul 
the Fire is endless pain and unbound strength 
it destroys me 
it creates me 
like the phoenix 
ever ancient and forever young 
without the Fire I would be nothing 
With it I am Eternal 
it is the yin, the yang 
it is my balance 
it is the Fire that warms others 
and caresses the blazing stars

Source: Bowling Green, KY. For Carlos.


Postcard with Kittens

Hi, I'd like to tell you I'd like to see future issues without seeming nosey. What I have to say is my heart and soul reside in the land of posey. So here's the Crystal Sea to thee. There's a crystal in a sea sending radio vibes to me. The sea in the crystal as big as eternity comes into my head when I dream. Since its saying What I believe to be the truth I'll repeat the statement disband unuseful energy & let love transmute. Blessed Be!

Greenville, MS


New Ixtlan mailing list address on Internet!

See publications of interest section.



Wandering and drifting year after year, 
I fall 
and face death; 
I journey into my psyche and emerge whole. 
From this place, I see that my path continues; 
I walk on, 
searching for the final great teaching.

a bright redness speeds with enormous force toward me.....


Thrust forward, 
I hurtle through warps of realities and depths of 
psychic darkness, touching an unconscious that 
spans millennia.

Diffuse and ethereal mists swirl around me; 
Confused and without ground, 
I wrench in agony and terrifying fear. 
Desperately, I reach out --------- 
Nothing can hold me. 
Nothing can stop this forward momentum

I am shattered.

A primal scream of terror spues from within me 
and is carried by the vastness into forever.....

There is no one but myself.

I am alone in the blackness of my soul.

Bleeding and in shock, 
I slowly rise, 
only to stumble again and again.

Trembling and dirty, 
filled with tears and apprehension, 
I try to lift myself up.


I finally stand,

and face

The Teacher.




Beginning in this issue, we are using initials for some readers. The first request was made by a woman, and we thus felt obliged to honor it, since we have much less input from women. We are extending this policy to include men, but only in cases where statement of location poses a real threat to your own secrecy. We have been warned by readers in the know that some of the fake Nagual groups are very protective (of their assets in the form of student suckers) and are actually dangerous. I doubt if this is of concern to any readers, but if you want to use your initials for this or any other secrecy reason, state this fact in your submission. Be sure to repeat it with each submission. You may also use "source withheld". Also, if English is your second language, please state if you want us to remove the traces of your native language from your submission (recommended).

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994