The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994
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Rather than leave out any reader comments that apply to Nagualism, we have created this column as a storehouse of whatever you find out there and care to send in.

Nagual in red sports car.

... After finishing Taisha's book my husband and I were driving to a town approx. 60 miles from our home. We were going to visit a friend who is also using the exercises. On the highway a small red sports car passed us. I was drawn to look at the license plate. It read, "Nagual". I told my husband to look at the plate. As the car turned off into a small drive-in lunch grill I noticed the person driving. It was a woman with wild platinum hair and a strange hat on...

Source: Goldsboro, NC

Fun with rumors.

1. Carol Tiggs has written a book. 
2. Carlos' personality has become like that of don Juan just before he left our world. 
3. All the apprentices left with DJ's group. 
4. Toltec artists # is disconnected with no forwarding #s... 
5. My favorite possibility is that the Blue Scout graduated from a southern Cal. university this summer. CC was waiting for this event. He with CT apparently raised her as their child - now as a graduate she will be independent. Carlos and the witches are now poised to leave our world.

Source: ID

Editor: This reader wants to hear if anyone can verify these rumors. Strangely enough, at the last minute two readers have reported a lot of this, but there's no room in this issue. Quickly, Carol's book is "Tales of Energy" and ditto on the blue kid. Plus, weird stories from the group.

I was having a hard enough time believing that Carlos and group were physically leaving this world. Now I have to add the belief that they snatched a blue being from another dimension and it took the form of a little girl who has now grown up and earned a college degree. Perhaps after Carlos leaves, the blue scout will take over writing books for us, and then we'll have to not only believe the books, but believe they were written by an alien.

Scout strategy.

... I would also like to state a warning for those people who have written in saying that they're looking for scouts. Remember, Castaneda almost died because of the Inorganic Beings. It would be a good idea to objectively think about how much personal power you have and determine a strategy for after you meet the scout. I had no strategy when I saw a scout and the Inorganic Beings did not waste any time in approaching after that. Be impeccable, don't fuck around with scouts without a plan.

Source: Bowling Green, KY

Editor: This is probably a good point, but most of us are just hoping they actually exist. It's hard to think about making a plan when your still at the stage of thinking, "Well, it seems to be working so far."

Fake Naguals.

... Yes there are, unfortunately, $$ hucksters, purporting to be a "Nagual" from the "Toltec lineage", etc. One such exists in Santa Fe, NM. I've met one of (a group of 4) these individuals, and was not impressed. My attitude on any of these 'spiritual' teachers is- they've developed their own source of income, and teach as a way to give back to the universe which has been plentiful to/with them...

...I've learned a technique which when used with awareness and intent, works. Basically, when we are in a physical presence of another, we have the opportunity to capture a memory of their energy pattern. This is actually done on a non-aware basis, just as a by-product of energy interaction. This is why & how recapitulation works, because all the experiences are stored as energy capsulations...

Source: Albuq., NM

Editor: This reader described his technique in detail. It was a technique for finding a person in a crowd and may work on the same principal as the technique for finding a good "spot". He also mentioned Ken Eagle Feather (as someone did in the last issue). I forgot to mention in the last issue that Ken is somehow associated with an interview with Taisha in Body, Mind & Spirit #6, which is now listed in the Publications of Interest section. That interview is supposed to reveal what happened to La Gorda and the Genaros.

English construction techniques.

... It may be of some interest to you that there are a lot of Europeans who I know who also are involved with this view of sorcery, and the way that we deal with them as a whole reflects the awarenesses of our own cultural heritages. For example our doubles have different construction techniques and trainings; ie from the Holy Grails western mystery traditions to Celtic shamans, Nordic rune wizards, Germanic Pagans and certain oriental Martial arts societies dating back well over a thousand years...

Source: Berkshire, England

The witches on TV.

... I met Jim Redfield (author of "the Celestine Prophecy" - great book) and gave him a copy of "The Sorcerer's Crossing". He was very grateful as he told me it was the only book of their's he had not yet read. He told me that he had just returned from Sedona and that two of the women were on a local T.V. show with him! Maybe you can contact the local Sedona Station and obtain a video!...

Source: Atlantic Beach, FL

Editor: I feel it's outside the domain of the newsletter staff to pursue things like this. On a personal level, we hope some reader tracks the video down and gets the TV station to make a plan to sell it by mail to anyone interested. We would post that in the Publications of Interest section. I'd really like to see that interview myself, maybe they even have a transcript we could publish, or would give permission for the newsletter to create one. Anyone out there feeling energetic?

Sex, Sex, Sex...

...(Okay, I don't want to sound like I am whining, but...) Am I the only one who is having a problem with the celibacy thing?

Not that celibacy is demanded, but there is a definite energy drain. I know that I cannot practice dreaming if I am having sex often. I either have no lucidity at all in my dreams (cannot find my hands or anything else I set out to find,) or my dreaming changes from its usual somber - slightly sad mood to something very frightful where I am convinced that I am not breathing, my heart has stopped beating, etc., etc.

Source: New York, NY

Editor: I believe that this problem resolves itself in time because of exactly what you said. What worries me more than the loss of energy, which can be recovered, is the intent behind sex. Florinda's comments about people who's true intent is to reproduce themselves again and again are very comical. It's tempting to dismiss them with the thought, "I don't want children, I just enjoy sex." The question is, what's the difference? If something as subtle as saying, "I am a dreamer" helps generate the intent of freedom, what effect does engaging in sex have?

Fertile Ground?

... A lot of people - I found - use secrecy more as a fashionable matter of personal importance and/or self-gratifying attitude than as a (sometimes) necessary condition for the accomplishment of a special task.

Forgetting what don Juan said about secrets: it does not matter what one reveals or retains for him(-her)self, what does really matter is personal power!

To me it seems a sort of short way (with the obvious exceptions.) to claim a power which one hasn't got yet... I might be wrong but this is my genuine feeling and strong impression.

What I more like of the newsletter is its potential of becoming a fertile ground for a network of people and situations (and practical "unusual" experiences) virtually linked with the Spirit! How, when and where I don't know. It might just happen.

If I can make a suggestion: why don't you deliberately ask the receivers of the Newsletter how would they like or dislike this idea, leaving a free space of possibilities of expression (in the widest sense of the word) and transforming it into an Arena where free "games" with the Spirit could be played???...

Source: London, U.K.

Editor: I was thinking in terms of dreaming groups when the first issue came out, but I got into my recapitulating and dreaming so heavily that now I think, "who has time?"

You may feel differently, so there is now a personal ad column where people can send in whatever (within reason) they want. I'm glad you wrote this, because it gives me an excuse to point out some things that concern me about the personals column.

It's tempting to think about doing things in a group with other people, for instance dreaming, but without the required energy I suspect that such attempts will only lead to disappointment. On the other hand, putting all of your effort into gathering energy produces incredible results. But that's something you have to do alone. You may even start to find consistent people in your dreaming without any effort on your own part. There are reports of this in the "Dream Visitors?" story.

As far as the secrecy in the newsletter goes, some readers have complained that there isn't enough. Some of the most interesting submissions, notes from lectures, are provided with the understanding that we won't even print the city and state of the submittor. I agree that many practitioners of Carlos' techniques get carried away and develop even bigger self-importance complexes. But that'll pass in time. For the longest time, there was either insufficient information in the books, or imbalanced emphasis. Maybe that lead to the gigantic egos. The newsletter secrecy is not in that category, it's intended to encourage submissions from people close to Carlos' group and also to discourage people who would get a thrill to see their name in print. Also, some people feel uncomfortable relating personal experiences. Not having their name next to them makes it easier. Now if your concern is with using your real name on the mailing list, that's understandable. It even turns out that some post offices will not accept P.O. box mail under an assumed name. Readers may use any name on the mailing list that they desire: none, correct, made up, or just initials.

When's the next lecture?

Readers often ask to be informed when the next lecture by a member of Carlos' group will take place. The purpose of the newsletter is to collect and share information submitted by readers. Occasionally, we request information from specific readers, but we never go out and pry into anyone's business, including that of Carlos' group. That doesn't mean we don't want readers to pry. Please, pry away if you feel so inclined. We do have feelers out, if another lecture takes place I would say we have a 50/50 chance of finding out. That seems to be the best anyone not close to Carlos' group can hope to achieve. On top of that, we have people in our reader list who may have even better info. If we find out, we'll send out special postcards. In the meantime, rumor has it that there won't be any more formal speaking appearances until next year.

Stalking yourself.

Just having had the opportunity to read your first two newsletters, I would be glad to share with your readers an exercise one can do that has a profound effect on the internal dialogue. For a period of one month, starting with the new moon, set aside 15 minutes each day in which you write down your entire internal dialogue. Everything. This calls for discipline even for such a short period of time. Just write it down without going back and reading what you wrote. This will prevent you from creating another internal dialogue about the one you're recording. When you've finished, forget about the whole thing until the next day when it's time for your 15 minutes. At the end of the month you can review what you've written. This is a shocking experience for the individual who wishes to have more control over their energies and eliminate some of the tremendous drain involved in a boring and repetitive internal dialogue.

How's this for a definition of discipline? To do what needs to be done, at the time it needs to be done, whether you like doing it or not...

Source: Otisville, NY

Editor: This exercise sounds like a good variation on the suggestions from Taisha in the lecture notes printed in this issue. My own approach was a "just do it" method, where over the course of about 15 years I slowly learned to shut it off by simply forcing it on myself. It was unpleasant and there was little noticeable progress for a long, long time. I'm curious to know if this stalker's method causes a reduction in the internal dialogue or if it provides a realization that makes learning to shut it off easier?

Carlos buys land.

...In the last year I've read all of Carlos' books again + Taisha & Florinda's. After that I heard from two different sources that Carlos was in town, buying property, hanging out - It was someone else posing as Carlos. (Ha)

Don't you wish there was a school for sorcery? I do. It just seems to me that the spirit must pick those fortunate ones even though all of us have the ability within the human body.

Source: Colo Spgs, CO

Editor: The spirit gave us the books and the lecture series. We're lucky to get to do the rest on our own! Every inch of progress you make is something you can count on, unlike knowledge gained through someone else's energy.

The Carlos story is funny because just before we received this letter, I was thinking to myself that Carlos is such a heavy image in the minds of so many people, that escaping that pull to leave the world must be quite a feat. Maybe the fake Carlos types (there are others) are doing the real Carlos a service by taking over the gigantic responsibility.

Dead and buried.

... Muktananda interview. The name of the book it was published in is "In the Company of a Siddha", 1978. Claudio Naranjo was the guy who introduced C.C. to Muktananda, and the meeting was some kind of a disaster. C.C. Reports on this in the interview with Graciela Corvaln. And from what C.C tells about the meeting with Muktananda it's hard to believe that the interview with this "shitty Baba" took place the way it is reported in the book mentioned above...

Source: Withheld

Editor: I let old Mukty bob me on the head with his magic feather. He died sometime later. I've heard of other interviews, between Muktananda and the head of another movement, which ended in trouble. For those of you not familiar with Muktananda, he believed that magic dust (shakti) was transmitted from master to disciple and could produce enlightenment. He emphasized that the stuff also concentrated in one's underwear as a result of meditation and that it was important not to change your underwear more often than every 6 months. He might be why Carlos made his "red underwear" remark. Other readers should note that this reader's "shitty Baba" comment was actually a clever pun based on another of Muktananda's books.

Refrigerator plays music.

...One of the principals I like and am utilizing more & more is breaking the barrier of perception. When perception becomes a barrier in spite of its accuracy or relevance it's nice to be able to break it by allowing imagination to be superimposed, or whatever it is that takes place. I am reminded of something I read once in some of the CC books, that a sorcerer's changes are dictated by need. I mentioned the first time I wrote that my refrigerator plays music. Well, it is a low ringing sound that fluctuates in pitch and in an irregular pattern and I can't actually make out any words, so maybe it's not music, but it is a very interesting sound...

Source: Greenwood, SC

Editor: Sounds like a good Not-doing to me. This reader is also interested in applying the techniques and ideas of Carlos' group to the subject of drug addiction. Personally, I feel that would work. But you should keep in mind Taisha's warnings that people shouldn't do this half-way or else they will be worse off than before. And don't forget that some drugs (particularly Crystal Meth) produce semi-stable alternate positions of the assemblage point ("schizophrenia"), which might be worsened by a technique that makes this point more flexible. If you want to pursue it despite this, there is a personal ad column where you could see if anyone else is interested by sending an inquiry for the next issue.

Power beer.

... My college roommate and I were in a bar getting soused on beer. Finally came time for that first pee. I leaned against the wall over the stainless steel trough. I was looped enough to be fading in and out. When I finished, I moved forward without hesitation. I flashed through the wall and up to the empty chair at the table where my friend sat waiting for me. He looked up from his mug of beer. Did I imagine he reacted to something? Without speaking, he ducked his head back down. I tried to speak. I had no voice. I tried to sit, but could not budge the chair. I became aware that I had left my body in the restroom. I zoomed back and found it still leaning against the wall, dick in hand...

Source:Withheld by request

More power plant opinions.

With regards to your question about power plants, I believe you are both right [referring to the column "Psychedelics or not?" in issue 2]. It is a long and interesting subject, but briefly: I believe psychedelic plants (psilocybin and peyote) have played important roles in the evolution of humans. My own teacher states that the builders of the ancient pyramids in Mexico were inspired by a vision from mushrooms. He himself does not take them, and believes they weaken you and hurt your chances at finding freedom. I believed for a number of years that Carlos himself was taking heavy doses of datura or mushrooms, and was covering it up by describing something as bizarre as being slapped on the back. It was only after experiencing my own teacher shift my awareness in that fashion, and witnessing him do it to others, that a lot of the things Castaneda described began to make sense to me.

I think it is natural that your newsletter will attract people interested in psychoactive plants. There are probably already newsletters for that interest. I would encourage you to de-emphasize psychedelic drugs or plants (without preaching) and offer encouragement and support for those interested in doing the hard, and often discouraging work, of reclaiming the totality of the self.

I am leaving tomorrow for 9 days in New Mexico with my teacher and a group of apprentices.

Source: Davis, CA

Editor: This reader is the one who sent the notes from a lecture by Taisha in issue 2. He has his own leader who uses the Toltec techniques.

He's correct in warning against preaching, but I'd like to say that my preaching is more like the kind you'd get from a long time member of alcoholics anonymous than like the kind you'd get from a Pastor. I'm no angel. I wasted nearly 20 years because of power plants and wouldn't like to see the same happen to anyone else. Even so, power plants are fascinating (though harmful without a Nagual) and I would very much like to hear from those readers who have a leader emphasizing power plants. It would be interesting to hear the technical details from an assemblage point perspective, something Carlos never really got into.

Save your soul, avoid the seeds!!!

...I had taken some seeds of Datura (I know that was stupid, but I had to try them once.) After performing a Hermetic style protection ritual, I ate the seeds. Later that evening, I was sitting against the wall in my room looking at the red power light on my stereo, when it began to move around the room. After a minute or so of this, I began to feel sick, so I got up to turn the stereo off all the way. When I went towards the light and tried to touch the stereo, I couldn't! An invisible wall stopped me from touching the area surrounding my stereo. This, naturally, shocked me. I tried to rest my hand upon the table in my room, but it went right through the top of the table! I could not perceive of my light as tangible either. Giving up, and deciding that I needed to lie down, I turned around, only to see my sleeping form in the bed! Directly after that, the night was very vague. I had sensations of being other places and having the same trouble with objects, but it was a fleeting memory...

Source: Moab, UT

Editor: If all experiences with power plants were like this, I'd be advocating their use. If you could repeat this reliably, you could probably learn something from it. The trouble is that this experience is a gem among a mountain of garbage. Besides that, it is very common to go into a coma after eating Datura. There are sound reasons for this, there isn't much of a safety factor when using Datura. The dosage that produces a decent high is close to the dosage that produces coma or death, and plant strength varies dramatically. That's why don Juan selected a plant for Carlos from his own strain and taught Carlos to grow them and eat only from their descendants. Also, don Juan added a dosage test which he called "the first portion". Trying to take it on your own is extremely reckless, especially now that we know Carlos' group says there is no benefit. If there are readers out there who are insistent on taking the power plant detour, take a course in Mycology and go for the mushrooms. Or buy a copy of High Times magazine and order some spores to grow your own. At least your chances of killing yourself are greatly reduced.

This reader also has an interest in ritual magick, and sees much in common between that and Nagualism.

Sorry for the title of this entry. After that advice not to preach, I just couldn't resist!

Sorcery pass emphasis.

... As I understand it, the lectures given by the witches concentrate on this aspect of the tradition [the sorcery passes]. Participants apparently have a difficult time remembering what transpired, and what is remembered by one may be different than that of another. Abelar's book refers to these sorcery passes as a boost to recapitulating and storing energy...

Source: ID

Editor: We started the sorcery pass project in issue 2 as a result of this letter. Since then I have become convinced that the sorcery passes work after one has recapitulated for a while and that the details aren't any big deal. When they do work, it's very noticeable, especially the ones that stimulate the energy points. Intent seems to be the key, not the movement itself. Even so, we will continue to try to get as much input on the pictures as possible.

This reader also mentioned that based on what he read in the Details Magazine interview and other sources, he feels that Carlos may be leaving this world very soon. Taisha has promised another book and Carlos has too (in the author's note of The Art of Dreaming), so I hope your suspicion is premature.

But is it shamanism?

I have always understood the suffix "-ism" to be a pejorative term that means something limited or false. You never hear the expression Christianism. For that reason I do not use expressions such as Taoism or Mohammedanism. The same people who associated us with the devil called us Nagualism.

In the first NNL you said that the Nagualist tradition is different from the Shamanic tradition. It is not clear to me how it is different and I would appreciate your elucidation. Tom Brown Jr. and Lynn Andrews, who I consider to be more Shamanic, seem to use materialization to confirm the validity of a vision which Nagualists do not seem to do. Apart from that I don't see much difference. Both operate in the dream time...

Source: Louisville, KY

Editor: Shamanism seems to be a crude term used to lump together many practices which involve the manipulation of awareness. To try to find the difference between Nagualism and another "shamanistic" practice would be like trying to find the difference between hamburgers and soup when the question was "aren't they both food?"

It's more interesting to look into why this question comes up in the first place. I believe that people who have always wanted to learn what Carlos learned, and frustrated at the lack of teachers, have simply decided that it's the same as something else and have gone off to learn the something else. On the flip side, people eager to cash in on the popularity of native religions have linked themselves to Carlos as a public relations ploy. And let's not forget Carlos' detractors, who alternate between "Indian medicine men don't behave like don Juan", and "That's nothing new, it's just shamanism."

Yes, Nagualism is shamanism. But other forms of shamanism are not Nagualism. I was recently reading a copy of a magazine dedicated to "Shamanism" and noticed a couple of tributes to dead shaman leaders. One had lived a very long time, 110 years! The atmosphere seemed to be that his life was a remarkable embodiment of the principals he espoused and that he was a powerful and successful man. But if a practitioner of modern Nagualism were to die and leave a body for burial and memorial, there would be discussions by his peers as to what had gone wrong. The goal of modern Nagualism is to physically somersault into the inconceivable, leaving this world, body, boots and all. It's such a preposterous claim that I haven't seen any other groups making it. Besides that, practicing the techniques in Carlos' group's books leads to a very particular view of awareness, the personal self (ego), and the manipulation of one's world in order to enhance and develop that awareness. It's an extremely spartan, solitary, and specific practice that I haven't seen anywhere else. There are bits and pieces here and there, but not the whole enchilada. Unfortunately, as time passes and people decide to cash in, we'll likely see more and more groups "exactly" like Carlos'.

Wave of sadness?

I've been making good progress in my recapitulating and dreaming but have now run into some kind of problem. I find myself extremely sad most of the day. I can't tie it to anything in particular, at least not anything in my life. It's more like a knowledge that the universe is temporary, sort of like the sadness a dying person would feel on looking at the beauty of the world. It isn't anything to joke about, I feel like crying most of the day. When it goes away, I feel quite high and happy, which is a result of my recapitulating. My mind is nearly blank a lot of the time and my senses are keen. The only possible solution I can figure is to cut out more unnecessary things from my routine to try and save a bit more energy. Maybe that will make the sadness go away. Can any of the readers with contact with Carlos' group provide an answer?

Source: Withheld

Editor: Maybe you've tapped into Carlos' sadness wave that exists in the universe. He didn't imply it should be something that lasted that long. Also, consider this: Don Juan once said that most of our Neurosis are the result of something we have put into our mouth. Aside from that, we have a reader who has her own benefactor. This is what her benefactor had to say:

"There is a profound sadness sometimes that comes from our universe from within and without. This isn't always necessarily bad. A direct brush with the Spirit can sometimes bring on this mood. Sit with the sadness, be still, it will pass, and those that feed off sadness, will move on."

Her benefactor also had comments with interesting insight into The Art of Dreaming, but this issue was full when they were received. We'll print the comments next issue.

Absent minded.

As a result of recapitulating and dreaming, I find that I deliberately focus my attention a lot less than I used to. A lot of the time, I'm kind of absent mindedly gazing at things, using my peripheral vision more than I used to. It feels like I'm lost in reverie, but actually the number of thoughts I'm having are less and they are more abstract. One interesting side effect of this is that some part of me isolates unusual things in the environment. For instance, while driving to work today I was thinking about something vague when I realized that I had been looking at something on the mountain. I paid attention to what I was looking at and saw a pink balloon, gently landing on the top of a mountain, quite a distance away. I had been watching it without realizing it for some time. The balloon was so far away that if there had been another person in the car with me, I doubt I would have been able to point it out to them so that they could find it. Yet my subconscious found it all by itself. Later, as I was wondering about this, I realized I was again looking at something. This time my attention turned out to be focused on the face of a radar gun of a motorcycle cop, hiding on a side street, quite a ways up the road. Normally, if I had seen the cop I would first have seen someone on the side street, wondered who it was, looked to see, and figured out it was a cop. Then I would have noticed the radar gun. This wasn't like that, my attention was right in the middle of the part of the gun that shoots the beam without any premeditation on my part. I guess that at the very least I can look forward to less tickets as a result of practicing sorcery!

Source: Brea, CA

Editor: It's not always that glamorous. Today at lunch the person I was with said, "Aren't you hungry?" and I realized that I had been staring at the ceiling fan for 5 minutes and hadn't eaten a thing.

Things that go Bump.

I got a real kick out of the fellow's story on page nine of issue two. Here's my humble opinion--WOW!! Perhaps, just perhaps that mysterious apartment door knocker is the Spirit itself. If the still, small voice doesn't get you, why not a loud booming bellow. It sure got his attention--mine too!

I liked theory 7. --Demons from Hell ... In profound movement of the assemblage point, things can become quite Demonic.

The nagual or Nagual can come on a great wind--a wind, I have been told, that moves in all directions at once.

I'm sure In-N-Out Burger is still open.

Source: El.G.

Editor: There's a sequel to the "apartment door knocker" story in this issue. It's called "Uninvited Guest". We could only print half of the story because this issue was full. The other half will be in the next issue. It's nice and spooky!

Recapitulation like Yoga?

Yoga Meditation is almost like using the Box!

Source: Kettle, KY

Editor: Taisha has recommended meditation as a method of shutting off the internal dialogue. When the internal dialogue shuts off, strange things can happen. During meditation, this results in visions of events which resolve themselves as one watches them. Some groups call this "unstressing", others attribute it to "samskaras"; impressions in one's consciousness. Some get completely carried away and call some of these visions "past life experiences." These experiences can simulate the effects of recapitulation, but a recapitulation is a systematic sweep of everything we have done, quite a difference.

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994