The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 1 June/July 1994
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Reader submissions make first issue a success.

Reader input to the first edition was greater than expected.

Welcome to the first edition of the Nagualist Newsletter. Judging from your input, some of you have mixed feelings about the purpose of this newsletter. Nagualism is often confused with shamanism, or worse yet, it is often associated with individuals who pick and choose elements to suit their own purposes.

The purpose of this newsletter is to explore and investigate the possibility of participating in the practices described as modern Nagualism.

At the present time there is no single place where interested parties can share information and pose questions relevant to their own practices. Those interested in reading articles by Carlos, Carol, Taisha, and Florinda find themselves having to search the magazine racks of witchcraft and crystal shops constantly for fear of missing an interview in an offbeat magazine. This newsletter will, among other things, serve as a place where you can report anything you come across. In exchange, you can see what others have found. You can submit questions which will be read by other readers. A reader may get the opportunity to relate your question to a member of Carlos' group. Readers have already submitted information about encounters with the female warriors of Carlos' group.

Although reader's experiences tend to be mild, they indicate an emerging trend of participation.

Although reader's experiences tend to be mild, they indicate an emerging trend of participation. Issues 40 and 42 of Magical Blend magazine indicate an implied change in the potential relationship between Castaneda readers and Castaneda's group. There seems to be the possibility of joining up with their goals at some level. This view is also supported by reader input to this newsletter. There are reports of workshops and public appearances sponsored by the female warriors of their party.

In addition, there seems to be a growing response in the community at large. The newsletter has received word from a group which meets to discuss Nagualism and share insights and experiences. There may be others. This trend seems to be a result of the recent series of books which go into greater detail in regards to the practices themselves. Many feel there is now sufficient information available to make participation a practical possibility.

In regards to participation there currently seem to be two avenues of approach. There are those who choose to participate in private, probably constantly ridiculed by those with "common sense". And there are those who have formed their own groups for better or (more often) for worse.

The staff of this newsletter hopes to offer a third possibility. We feel that the availability of information collected and shared freely among readers will provide a base for your own decisions to participate at whatever level you choose. It is not our aim to endorse or encourage your practices. Instead, we encourage you to think carefully about the type of life changes that might occur from your practice. Nagualism produces drastic results that would not appeal to most. We encourage you to report both the good and the bad in your submissions to this newsletter.

This newsletter will report what you submit.

While we do not agree with all printed in this edition of the newsletter we can assure you the input was genuine and the experiences described were not made up. In some cases we have edited or reported submissions rather than printing the original text but you will probably be able to spot these occurrences. We will attempt to keep our own interpretations to a minimum (something proving to be difficult). We appreciate any suggestions you have for improvement. You may be as blunt as you desire.

Eventually the readership may grow large enough that it does not become possible to include everyone's comments. This is not the case at this time. This newsletter includes the input of all correspondence received up to the time of publishing with the exception of those letters which contained content not directly related to Nagualism.


This newsletter will only be successful if a wide variety of experiences is provided by its readers. Please send your stories and insights. Money or stamps are unnecessary.

The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 1 June/July 1994