True Believers believe in ‘Energy?br> By Daniel Lawton

The thing that separates a "true believer" from someone looking for the gems is the belief in "energy." At least that's what I've observed.

But I claim there's no such thing, that the term "energy" was just a term Carlos created to control his followers.

Let's examine how you can tell if you have more "energy," according to what we've been taught and observed around Carlos. You have more energy if:

  1. A nagual or witch tells you that you have more energy.
  2. You've lost weight.
  3. You look "better."
  4. You've followed all instructions and truly believe.
  5. You regularly attend group practice.

Note that #4 and #5 are "apprentice" ways of telling. Carlos neither endorsed nor didn't endorse group practice. He also didn't put much stock on following instructions or believing. He regularly picked out members from his own group to rag on, claiming their energy had fallen. He tossed out long time members, after many years of believing and following instructions. So, #4 and #5 are not valid ways of telling if you have "more energy." They are probably only useful to defend your feelings when confronted with someone who isn't a "true believer" and is trying to get through to you.

We can't trust #3 because there are so many exercise fanatics who look great. There's a woman on TV in the morning who has big fake breasts and lip implants, and hosts an exercise program with lots of big muscled or big breasted workout types. They all look like they're in great shape. They talk continuously about energy and power. But they can't also have more energy, they live in diametric opposition to Carlos's instructions. Then there's Jack LaLane. He exercises regularly, has managed to preserve his health into his late 80s. Carlos talked about how great he looked, but he never said he had more energy. So looking better is no measure of having energy. Besides, as we've seen from reading about cults and their members, people often look better after joining a cult, it's a psychological effect stemming from the sense of community and family.

We can't use #2 as a criteria, because anorexic people would therefore have more energy. Besides, Carol Tiggs's weight goes up and down. Inside Cleargreen Grant used to have a small weight problem, by Carlos's standards, and he seemed to be one of the most sincere and honest members. Too bad he's no longer working there. I wonder if he learned something he shouldn't have learned? No, #2 isn't reliable. It's just an obsession of tensegrity practicioners because the nagual made such a big deal out of it.

You also can't use navigating as a criteria for having more energy. I regularly do all kinds of strange things, reading off the wall, traveling in dreaming, seeing energy. But as anyone in Cleargreen can tell you, my energy has fallen really low. Whatever I do is just an ego fit, a fantasy of my flier's mind.

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So the one and only way to tell if you have more energy is to have Carlos or a witch tell you so. There's no other way to tell. You can't go by what you feel: drugs, exercise, love, religious belief, all make you feel very good. You can't go by navigating because your navigating isn't valid unless

Carlos or a witch tells you so. Otherwise it's only ego. You can't go by what someone who isn't a nagual or witch tells you, how would they know since they can't "see" energy. What you feel, what you do, what other people tell you, all invalid. Only Carlos or a witch can tell you if you have "energy."

Now, ignoring that fact that Carlos died a horrible death of sickness, all the while preoccupied with hiding that fact from us, we have to keep in mind that only Carol Tiggs remains. The other experts of "energy" are all gone.

So except for Carol Tiggs to guide us, there's no way anymore to tell if you have "more energy" or not. You can practice all you want, but even eating a few grapes with your cottage cheese can blow that. A slight attitude problem can send it crashing down.

Bottom line is that "energy" nowadays is whatever Carol Tiggs says it is.

So watch Carol Tiggs closely. See how she looks. See if you want to have "more energy."