Response to Cleargreen's Dreaming Workshops Annoucement
By Jeremy Donovan

The italicized material is taken from the announcement of the next series of Cleargreen workshops from the Cleargreen website

This one they did a little better job on, but I'm still taking a critical approach...

Dreaming is an art, discovered by seers of ancient Mexico,

Right. Like anyone could really know who discovered dreaming. (They still argue over who discovered America).

in which we suspend our ordinary interpretations, allowing a

new way of responding to the world around us.

That's fine, yet it is important to see that there are a large number of "arts" which allow that, in one way or another. Science, and Art, and meditation, for example, allow that.

Don Juan Matus, cultural heir to those seers, told his four students-Carlos Castaneda, Taisha Abelar, Florinda Donner-Grau and Carol Tiggss-that dreaming can take place whether one is sleeping or awake.

Yup. And funny--I know that too, even though I haven't reached the first gate of dreaming and am not the cultural heir of anyone but a bunch of damned liars. Steven LaBerge knows that. Dan knows that. Carl Jung even knew that. Lots of people know that. But the real question is: what is it really about? In answer to this question, you will not truly investigate openly, but will merely repeat what you've been told.

To dream, he said, is to perceive more than we believe is possible to perceive, and to act in ways that are beyond our usual capabilities. The dreaming attention, he maintained, is forged by in our waking hours,

Hey, typo there. Not good to release public bulletins with typos; I used to offer to proof for these people all the time.

In The Art of Dreaming, the dreaming attention is forged by doing dreaming. One acquires extra energy allowing one to begin and maintain such practices by taking care in one's daily affairs. Or that's the way the story used to go--geez, this is your doctrine, you know...

by intending a new sense of purpose and awe in our thoughts and actions -the hallmark of what seers call heightened awareness, or dreaming-awake.

I never thought I'd live to see the day when even the idea of a valuable effort like "intending a new sense of purpose and awe" would sicken me. Strange days. I guess it's just that I fucking CAN'T DO THAT within the context of all the bullshit and pain and separatism you people set up. I'm having to admit to myself that this experience has seriously wounded me emotionally and "spiritually", and until it is "cleaned up" somehow or totally abandoned and forgotten (at least, within myself), I personally cannot initiate any such optimistic mood. In any case, it would now be impossible for me to "intend a new sense of purpose and awe" in the context of this stuff, and I believe there's a good chance I speak for hundreds of former practitioners. Yeah, like you care...

(Put that in your integrity pipe and smoke it)

Dreaming, and dreaming-awake, he said, are not learned; they are intended,

Like so many other things, they are both learned AND intended.

meaning that they are accomplished by awakening our natural link with the vibratory force of intelligence in the universe that seers call the active side of infinity, or intent.

Perhaps. But as noted, lots of people can do those things, many of whom do not hold beliefs even remotely similar to yours, and who certainly do not have to put up with the ridiculous lies you people have propagated. There are many belief systems built around aligning with some universal intelligent force in the universe.

In these workshops, apprentices of Carlos Castaneda, Taisha Abelar, Florinda Donner-Grau and Carol Tiggs will guide participants to perform activities that enhance our awareness of the intent that drives our actions, and to practice magical passes that reawaken our link with the vibratory force of intent through the vibration of sound.

Magical passes are bodily movements, positions and breaths

discovered in dreaming by the seers of ancient Mexico,

Yeah, right. They were more likely "discovered" on Qi Gong websites, on exercise videos, and in Howard Lee's Kung Fu classes, etc.

and practiced for their remarkable effect on vigor, well-being and awareness. The modern version of these movements is called Tensegrity: a combination of tension and integrity, the driving forces of the magical passes, and of dreaming. Tension, in the case of dreaming, refers to the intense concentration and purpose, as well as the acquiescence, that it requires.

Hmmm. Acquiescence certainly has its place, but it could easily be seen as almost the antithesis of tension.

Integrity is allowing the intent of infinity to permeate all of one's actions.

Perhaps. Righteousness is allowing God to dictate one's life. Etc. Statements like these are well and good, unless used to justify any conduct no matter who gets hurt --- but integrity has a more down-to-earth ethical side, which apparently you people don't have a clue about. For one thing, integrity means that you avoid the practice of bettering yourself at the expense of others.

The magical passes, don Juan told his students, can bring the mood of dreaming into our daily actions, and the energy to listen to the vibration of intent itself--what the dreamers of ancient Mexico called the voice of the seer within.

All in all, not bad. This one was better than that last crap at the recent Pomona Workshop about the "first gate." Have fun with it, kiddies.

P.S.: Naw, that's not all--there's a bonus today--just because I'm so generous by nature, I'm going to tell you Cleargreen people something very important which you haven't fully figured out yet. We're going to start by giving the benefit of the doubt and assume that you really do have a secret tradition going back thousands of years --- which you probably really don't have. But we're going to pretend, and I'm going to tell you THE REASON why you are trying to change your course these days and why you're having such trouble. You seem to intuit that you need to change course, and even are ... somewhat, but you are changing the wrong things, and I see no evidence that you really understand WHY changes are necessary. It's pretty simple too.

The first thing to notice is that the separatist crap residual in your doctrine (leave your family, leave your friends, don't have relationships, etc.) stems from the idea that this path, traditionally (haha) was always REMOVED from society. It would HAVE to be that way to stay secret, of course.

In the same way, the deceptive crap residual in your doctrine (don't talk about your history, lie about the past, invent artificial situations for fooling others, etc.) stems from the fact that to profess weird beliefs like these in days past could get your ass killed. So "sorcerers" of the past HAD to keep it secret, and HAD to manipulate daily life so as to appear as something they were not.

Replica Watches  Replica Watches

These were and are the chief factors which make your path "antisocial" in nature, and it was very plain that Carlos Castaneda was NEVER able to fully leave the idea that this path is fundamentally "antisocial" in nature--and he spent hundreds of hours knocking the social order and everything in it, as if determined to make sure that this SEPARATIST ANTISOCIAL element remained a major part of this way.

However, for him to do that was totally insane.

For one thing, most of those factors are extraneous elements, having next to nothing to do with the KNOWLEDGE itself. But that isn't the main reason... The moment you opened this way of life to public consumption and started selling it in workshops, you MADE it SOCIAL in nature. And there is not one damned thing wrong with that, not really--EXCEPT, that you very foolishly RETAINED most of the antisocial elements, which are now almost completely unnecessary. Worse than unnecessary, they are destructive.

No one is going to burn you at the stake anymore. There is religious freedom, with millions of utter whackos professing all manner of far out shit roaming every town. This world is now like a lunatic asylum of belief systems all of which are PROTECTED by law, and you are just one little drop in the bucket.

For you to have REALLY had an "open ended explosion" you had to DROP all the antisocial elements of the path. And you did not do that adequately. Castaneda was incapable of it.

This is common. Most cults never wise up. They keep telling people to leave their families and friends and lovers (you are not unique in this respect). What they should be doing instead, to succeed in a SOCIAL context, is letting anyone who wants to just fucking leave, and telling everyone who stays to INVITE their families and friends and lovers. Bring them along!

If you really do have the truth about life, then everyone should want that, and you should want everyone to have it. That would be the attitude to take, and the attitude to focus on. Castaneda's attitude was that only a few very special people are ever going to "get it", and he always made that totally clear. Wrong! Deadly. The leader is virtually expecting most people to fail, and as anyone knows the expectations of leadership have a major effect on outcome.

Castaneda focused on the negative, negative, negative--trash talking everyone under the sun, instead of just continually pushing the positive aspects of the methods, and pushing the idea that these abilities are inherent and potentially accessible by every human. Instead, CC trashed even his own closest people, and would tell people they weren't going to make it and that the spirit had left them, and so on. It's always a mistake to focus on the negative beyond the bare minimum it takes to avoid it and correct problems.

You should DOWNPLAY the madness in the social order, and PLAY UP the discovery of the true nature of man and the universe. Always!

Don't discourage sex, love, and friendship. Sexual relationships between men and women could just as easily be seen as establishing beneficial energetic connections between the sexes which could HELP them travel TOGETHER into infinity, instead of being seen as "tying the women down". Familial energetic connections, and any other ties of affection can be seen exactly the same way. Isn't this obvious?

Instead of acting like it's US (getting free of the flyers) vs. THEM (all the flyer ridden zombies out there), your emphasis should be on the fight being between MANKIND and the FLYERS. Put everyone on YOUR side instead of divisively creating the feeling of a special elite up against the insane mass of humanity. Wrong way to play it, totally!

(It's almost like cult leaders unconsciously give themselves away by taking an US vs. THEM viewpoint on everything--it's like deep down they suspect that everyone will realize they are lying and manipulating and hate them for it--so they isolate themselves and attack humanity at large, for in truth they FEAR hunanity, and JUDGE humanity because they fear being judged by humanity. No wait, we're still pretending your path is all true, let's continue ...)

If seeing, dreaming, and intent are natural abilities that all humans have, then it's about time you people starting ACTING THAT WAY, and take down all the fences--all the "Us and Them" shit--all the "we're the special people and they're the phantoms" nonsense--the stuff that CC obsessed on until his cancerous little ass was dust.

In a way of life being offered in mass to the public, the focus should not be on "personal power" for the individual (not even with the stunning new age popularity of this idea). In a social context, to focus on "personal power" is to CATER to self-importance, not to fight it. The focus always needs to be, EQUALLY, about power for humanity, about power for one's fellow man, for one's friends, family, lovers. You fucking empty-hearted paranoid egotistical assholes need to get the concept of SHARING any gains which are made. In THIS context, your role would be that of helping every human being arrive at the true nature of life and the world, and in such a context there is NO need to lie, NO need to run, NO need to hide, NO need for egotistic separatism, NO need to endlessly run down the social order, etc.

You placed this path in a social context, and if you REALLY want it to succeed in that context, you must now remove all the unnecessary antisocial protectionist and separatist aspects with which the path is still riddled, which are still regularly damaging the lives of people becoming involved in this way of life.

And very gradually you have been moving in that direction. You just didn't know why, and how far that way you still need to go, if you want to truly succeed.

(Now, isn't it a shame that we are only pretending, and that most of your way of life is actually bullshit? :-) Yes, it REALLY is a shame. I don't mind telling you all this, because I firmly believe that--even having been told--you will still fail, because you have NOT really arrived at the truth. But someday, when the truth about life actually IS found, it may well BE a lot like I've depicted above, and it will move through the world like wildfire. There just won't be anyone around telling tales about it which begin with: "The Sorcerers of Ancient Mexico discovered that...)

P.P.S. --- I also never thought I'd live to see the day when I was the advocate of an exclusively social context. A most unlikely spokesperson. :-) Strange days indeed.