Krishnamurti on 'Nonordinary Consciousness'

The following quote from Krishnamurti describes the many flashes of nonordinary consciousness he experienced during the intense training that made up his early life:

"Why should all this happen to us [i.e., peak experiences and flashes of nonordinary states of reality]? No explanation is good enough, though one can invent a dozen. But certain things are fairly clear.

1. One must be wholly 'indifferent' to its coming and going.
2. There must be no desire to continue the experience or to store it away in
3. There must be a certain physical sensitivity, a certain indifference to
4. There must be self-critical humorous approach.

But even if one had all these, by chance, not through deliberate cultivation and humility, even then, they are not enough. Something totally different is necessary or nothing is necessary. It must come and you can never go after it, do what you will. You can also add love to the list but it is beyond love. One thing is certain, the brain can never comprehend it nor can it contain it. Blessed is he to whom it is given. And you can add also a still, quiet brain." 

From Krishnamurti's Notebook, Harper & Row, 1976, p. 30.

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