Inorganic Life
By David Worrell

I'm not sure that "inorganics," as perceptions in our dreams, aren't just something we manufacture in our dreams.

Now that you mention it, I question the usage of the terms "organic" and "inorganic" life, which does not make sense when you get right down to it--and I'll explain why. Castaneda said about a jillion times that our real body is a luminous sphere, a sphere of energy, the same sort of "invisible" energy he's always talking about, yes? So . . . what the heck is supposed to be "organic" about that? And Castaneda said that the world we ordinarily perceive is a result of a certain assemblage point position. So . . . what's "organic" about the assemblage point, or about the "emanations" it assembles? We just noted that there is no known connection between whatever scientists can observe about the life processes of the body, and the assemblage point's assembling emanations. I submit that by Castaneda's own model, there is no "organic life" to begin with, just an assemblage point position which . . . somehow . . . gives us perceptions of life processes (which we label "organic") compared to perceptions of other forms and structures we label otherwise.

Back to our ordinary world. There is life and there is structure. Organic and inorganic, we try to make this division. See, the way it is ordinarily defined, I believe, "organic" is just another word for all carbon or hydrocarbon-based forms. So it is also regarded as another term for that which is "living," or perhaps all "carbon-based life forms." But as mentioned above, according to Castaneda, we are not really "carbon-based life forms" at all, no sir, we are luminous beings. Castaneda is stretching the term "inorganic" to a "non-carbon-based life form," but isn't that pretty meaningless if we are not fundamentally "carbon-based life forms" to begin with? If one wishes to describe how the process of life may be entirely different between two different kinds of "energetic life forms," wouldn't it be best to use words other than "organic" and "inorganic" to describe the actual difference? He should have called them "first band," and "other band" beings, or something like that (to reflect some characteristic of what he said the true differences were, in the Fire From Within).

And you think you're picky. . . :-)

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