General Statement: Exploring New Avenues
by David Worrell

There was an interesting post to Tango [editors note: Tango is a mailing list devoted exclusively to discussions of Tensegrity and the Tensegrity workshops] the other day. The poster was saying that there really are a lot of signs here that this may well be just another new-age troupe of performers making a living from the gullibility of others. The person made the point that Castaneda is just another source of information which can be used to help one make some changes, as one moves toward the elusive goal of living "impeccably." And I agree, because, in one form or another, that is what EVERYONE on any kind of "path" is trying to do.

This person almost seemed to be saying that it's okay if they are just another bunch of performers. If you get something out of it that really helps, fine, and if you do not, fine.

While I think this approach is interesting, perhaps even admirable, in this case I would go a bit further regarding these "Showmen of ancient Mexico." But first back to what this other person said, because they did take it a little further, in the very same direction I would travel. They also said . . . that it didn't really matter that much to them where information comes from, as long as it . . . helps.

Now, that is my own idea of "sustained action," currently. It no longer has anything to do with Castaneda, or with being a "warrior." It is a much more "general" goal: sustained action toward improving the quality and depth of life.

Like the person who posted to Tango, I would be inclined to draw from a large number of sources and practices. I would be inclined to take what I wish from Castaneda, and from anyone else.

Given all the information which has recently come to light, and particularly, given the manner in which, even with video tape existing and bearing on the matter, Cleargreen still refuses to say anything more about Carlos Castaneda's demise other than their vague little statement. I would say that these people, at minimum, need a serious wake-up call. And it is my belief that they are going to get one.

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The people on Sustained Action seem to be looking for a way to "continue." And I say that there is a clear way to continue. It involves simply taking whatever we want to use, from whatever sources that seem to be of interest and relevance, and going our own way. I say that, properly seen, our goal would at this point have nothing to do with being "warriors" or forming "parties" of "warriors" in the dubious tradition we have been handed. Nor would it entail forming a "mass" which simply practices whatever Cleargreen doles out. Rather, it would involve turning our backs on people who plainly refuse to "come clean," and using EVERYTHING which seems necessary to become more fully and totally ALIVE. Perhaps certain aspects of what we might choose to do would be parts of that "warrior's way" or tangential to it, and then perhaps many other aspects would not be. It would be up to us.

The bottom line is: let's decide it for ourselves now. To hell with Cleargreen. I say that anyone who has any guts at all will be walking at this point. I mean, what more do you want? The man is gone. You got passes. You got recapitulation. You got dreaming. You got umpteen books. And you've got a giant pile of lies as well. So . . . you want to keep going back and paying your hundreds of dollars a pop just to get the latest little fine tunings and a lot of wild stories you have no earthly idea whether or not you can even believe?

I'm just as tired of arguing about Cleargreen as everyone else probably is. I do not even think it is particularly relevant any more. That's why I openly asked GGS a while back to post his own practices here. THAT is the sort of thing that can ADD to our knowledge and to our options at this point. If you think about it, we could all even get together and "practice" various things --- share different forms of "knowledge," learn different things. We could do this, just for having been caught up in this thing together once. A true non-group. A "group" not belonging to ANY "tradition," whose general purpose could be simply actualizing our highest potential in life, whatever that may entail. To me, besides the sharing of information, and besides individual "practice" (which of course goes on forever in whatever form) this is about the only way anything truly "constructive," in terms of "group action," could ever come of "Sustained Action." It might be a way of getting together a group of people who are ready to go beyond needing ANY leadership, ANY questionable "mythologies," etc. Sort of an anti-cult cult if you will. In any case, I'd say the best thing to do at this point is to take back full responsibility for choosing the elements of our own path, and in this way go beyond the "game" of these "Showmen of Ancient Mexico" who previously led us.