Erasing Personal Integrity and other ‘Sorceric Techniques?br> By David Worrell

The important practices we will be discussing kind of go hand in hand, so I'm going to name them up front, so you can intuitively begin to see how they fit together. The main practices for discussion will be: erasing personal integrity, avoiding responsibility, being available and unavailable at the precise turn of the ego, and worshiping self-importance.

While I foolishly have enough confidence in my fellow humans to imagine that just upon hearing these important terms they will already know what they mean, I am going to briefly spell them out anyway, as to how they interrelate, and in the end it will be obvious how all these traits combine in the "perfect practitioner" to make up the "mood of a warrior."

Erasing Personal Integrity

"Morals" are not the concern of a warrior. In other words, there is nothing which should ever be considered "good" or "bad" conduct. The only concern is with energy, with one's own energy, that is. Whatever you may do --- intentionally or otherwise --- to other people is in no way your concern, just as long as it doesn't get you down or hang you up in any way, energetically. Remember, a warrior is like a pirate, using people, taking everything they want. And so if anyone has a problem with anything you do or with you just taking anything you want, well, fuck 'em. :-)

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Of course, lies don't matter. You lie to get what you want, and to make sure that you get what you want, no matter what. Simple. Now, you might think that this could cause problems with people getting angry with you (if they find out what you're really doing, and hey, they may not because you are never to be open or up-front about your activities)--but people getting angry or hurt is not a problem, because if you have no personal integrity, no explanations are ever needed. Let 'em get mad. Let 'em be hurt. Big fucking deal. If your lies and deceptions and hidden actions cause other people to have problems--if others waste enormous amounts of time trying to figure out what you are deceptively hiding, or lose ground following trails you left to mislead while in the process of getting what you want--well, it's not your problem is it? It's really so darned simple: you get what you want, you take what you want, and if anyone has a problem with that, then fuck 'em. Above all, no one pins you down. If someone else gets "pinned down" in some way as a result of your actions, well that's their problem isn't it?

Avoiding Responsibility

It kind of goes without saying that if no one knows what you are really doing, then people are going to have one heck of a time trying to hold you responsible or accountable for anything. So you don't have to worry about it at all! Isn't that great? :-) Little by little you must create a fog around yourself, so that no matter what you do, no one can catch up with you to do anything about it or make you answerable for your actions. So of course you must leave everyone who knows you well, or tries to get close to you, and you never reveal what you really do, not to anyone. Sure this may hurt the hell out others and it may cause them all manner of problems and inconveniences, but no one can ever cramp your style again, and that's all that matters.

Being available and unavailable at the precise turn of the ego. See, once again, the important thing to remember is that it's always, always about YOU. So you come and go as you please, and simply (wimply) vanish whenever it suits you. You get what you want, do whatever you want to do, and then you get out of reach. Yes, this means that most of the time when others may need or want something, you are simply not there, but that's no big deal of course, because ... it's always, always about YOU.

Worshiping Self-importance

It should now be very easy to see that everything in a warrior's life has to do with their own precious self, and nothing but their own precious self. Not only does a warrior not give a shit about friends, or relationships, or love, but a warrior doesn't waste time on crap like how people live in this petty little world--the schools, the political systems, the environment, etc. none of these things can be allowed to take one second of time from a warrior's primary concern: themselves. As a warrior, your own energy, your own journey is literally ALL that matters. It doesn't matter how much you cheat, or lie, or confuse, or even fuck other people up--it doesn't matter who or what gets ignored or discarded or trashed or abandoned or used, as long as you keep increasing your energy for your precious journey.

As promised, the mood of a warrior should now be totally obvious, and can be very succinctly summarized. The mood of a warrior is: Selfishness. It is like the selfishness of a very young child, except that it is natural and beautiful for a very young child to be selfish, and as children grow they naturally develop the ability to empathize and harmonize with the perspectives of others around them. Thus, in an adult, the "mood of a warrior," the total selfishness and concern for oneself to the exclusion of everything else is really a hideously regressive pattern, developmentally equivalent to the moral sense of ... oh...about a two-year old.

"I cling to nothing..., therefore I have nothing to defend"

I.e., I build nothing in the world for anyone but myself, therefore I have nothing to defend (except myself of course).

I am committed to no one, therefore I have nothing to defend (except myself of course).

I have accomplished nothing worth fighting for, for anyone but myself, therefore I have nothing to defend (except myself of course).

In fact, I don't give a shit about ANYTHING but myself, therefore I have nothing to defend (except myself of course).

I cling to "clinging to nothing" and other "enlightened slogans", yet still say I have nothing to defend, but what I really have to defend (besides myself of course) is ... my non-moral morality slogans and my self-image as a big bad warrior.