Controversy in Mexico
Questions Asked and Unanswered

Last fall, the following questions/comments were collected and submitted to Cleargreen for a response from members of the Mexico City Tensegrity practice group. Cleargreen's non-response to these questions apparently played a role in the departure of the editor of the former journal published by that practice group, La Senda del Guerrero. Remaining Cleargreen loyalists quickly replaced this publication with a new publication, Fractalum.

Instead of responding to the following questions, Cleargreen provided written responses to some of the written questions they received during the Mexico City workshop. Most of those responses are pretty boring--the same kind of thing Cleargreen has put up on its website lately. But a few responses--including one regarding celibacy and the sexual act--are of some interest, in light of our current discussion here (and was omitted from the excerpts on Cleargreen's website). It appears below the questions from the Mexico City practice group.

The following translations are by Alejandro Drago:

Practitioners' general questions/comments.

1. Cleargreen is perceived as a religious citadel.

2. All through CC's work we can notice a lot of deceptions and energetic hooks, designed for him by don Juan. Maybe CC did the same with the whole mass of practitioners?

3. Is Infinity's proposition a concept or a possibility?

4. Much of what has been said cannot be sustained anymore. Why stick to the manoeuvre instead of focusing on the real, practical philosophical proposition?

5. Many practitioners feel that the format of the seminars lacks intensity and is repetitive. We can understand that the same format is presented in many cities. What is incomprehensible is that it is repeated in the same cities.

6. Those who have read the materials issued on the Internet were especially shocked by the testimony from people who were physically and mentally abused.

7. Cleargreen members are considered inaccessible and rigid. Many practitioners are looking for people who don't hide their human nature, and who dare to acknowledge various situations.

8. Others perceive many of the new movements as choreography, that no longer has anything to do with energetic passes, still less with ancient shamanic knowledge.

9. The parallel merchandising within the seminars was always felt as a little stone in one's shoe.

10. It is considered that the Internet announcements were issued based on Cleargreen directives and ignored the feelings of the mass. Don't confuse this with sentimentalism or complaining.

11. Please don't consider all the previous remarks as just "wallowing in excrement," they point to real things that cannot be passed over.

Excerpts from Cleargreen's response to Fractalum.


a. We know that celibacy as a task is an individual one, but are there magical passes or breath passes capable of facilitating a change of direction when hormones become unbearable?

b. Those among the male practitioners who are strongly atracted by "young babes" would like to hear more comments on this theme and about how to leave [our] socialization behind.

Because of their similarity, we are going to answer these questions jointly. The Nagual told us there is no way to get rid of our longings, and that we won't be able to give up our socialization either. We avoid them, but we also use them for our profit. Why not work together as men and women for increasing our awareness, instead of keeping confined to rigid roles and behavior patterns that impede our dreaming?

The challenge of interacting with each other without mutually trying to control or own each other is much greater than the challenge of following the beaten track of courtship. It requires much more imagination.

Seers recommend celibacy to the young practitioners because we are trained to face sexuality from an investor's point of view: "I do this for you if you do that for me." Or: "I love you madly and forever until you look at another person." Carlos Castaneda considered this a parody: Can we mix the best of our energy with another being as an investment? No, he said. For seers, the only way to have sexual union with another being is from the position of total affection, without expectations. He used to say this requires an iron will, and that it is not for 'baby warriors.'

There are in the sexual act energy lines; lines of affection that arise between the partners. If both of them are not empty of personal expectations, these lines break and cause a tumult in the body, especially for the woman. Add to this two, three or even more sexual partners and you'll have a true problem there.

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All the magical passes help us to be more aware about the nature of our longings, most particularly the series named "The Code of the Shamans of Ancient México," which we are going to present and practice in this seminar. These magical passes give us the awareness of the fact that everyone of us has a "mommy" and a "daddy" inside of us. They [the Code passes] help us leave the pattern of a bored conception, the being that looks outside of himself for the vitality that he already has, but doesn't employ. Scientists tell us we make use of a very low percentage of our DNA, less than 5%. What happens with the remaining 95%? Why not find out what's there?

Q: Many people feel that the interest in doing business overpowers the interest in sustaining the Nagual's premises, especially the search for freedom outside of the social order; that money dominates over life.

A: The Nagual told us: The only enterprise for a warrior is freedom. So we are not tied to any policy of making money nor to any other policy. We follow energy as it flows in the Universe. At present, the opening to present the magical passes and bring to light all that Carlos Castaneda taught us--tasks we have only begun to undertake--is through seminars about the magical passes. To present a seminar entails some expenses.

The Nagual told us, as well as many practitioners, that he was teaching the magical passes for free for some years. Nobody practiced them. They took them as a novelty, nothing more. He found out that when people paid to learn the magical passes, only then did they pay attention. People began to practice the magical passes with eagerness and form practice groups. To follow the warrior's path became something different from an isolated and secret effort or a desire that seemed impossible to realize. This marked the beginning of a new age: a unified body of practitioners.

Q: Some people are upset by rumors that maybe the Nagual deceived us, that some of what he told us about his apprenticeship was not true. What can you say about this?

A: The Nagual said to us that one of the things that keeps us away from the magic of seeing energy directly is the wish of verifying everything from our linear point of view. He describes the absurdity of this in The Active Side of Infinity, in the chapter entitled "The Measurements of Cognition." He tells us about a teacher, a professor of his, who wanted to submit to the test and document the seers' cognition.

Don Juan told Carlos that his teacher wouldn't find anything in his tests, because the seers' cognitive world has no equivalent in the everyday world. Moreover, his efforts to arrive at linear interpretations and descriptions won't help him in any way to face his inevitable appointment with infinity.

He told us that if we want to know if there is validity in the description he gave of don Juan's world, we can verify it by learning to read energy directly. That's done by devoting one's whole body to the search. "What are you keeping yourself for?" he used to ask us when we vacillated, waiting for the moment when everything would be for certain.

He told us about one of us who wanted verifiable certainty that entry into the seers' world was "safe." "Jump!" the Nagual told her. "Suspend judgement! Jump to the other side of the river!"

"But if I do it," the woman asked, "how do I know that I'm going to find my guaraches on the other side?"

"You'll never know", he told her. "There is no way of investing in the seers' world, nor of seeking guarantees. That's the excitement thing--not to know what's on the other side."

Response to Cleargreen's Mexico Answers