Cleargreen's statement 'responding' to questions regarding Carol Tiggs

Late on October 21, 1999, one day before the Mexico City Workshop was to begin on October 23, Cleargreen issued the following statement--the first official "response" of any kind to the material made available on this website--through the two private e-mail mailing lists they control: Tango and Tigre. As of today, October 31, 1999, they have yet to post this statement to their official website. Nonetheless, over 700 subscribers to the two mailing lists have already received this supposed "explanation" of how Carol could supposedly be "gone for 10 years into the Second Attention," while at the same time attending acupuncture school in Los Angeles, getting her degree and license here, marrying a fellow student after graduation in 1980, and only getting divorced in 1985, the same year that she "returned" to Castaneda and Company. Since non-Tango or Tigre members may never have a chance to read this on Cleargreen's website, Sustained Action presents it here as a public service.

22 Oct 1999 03:20:54 -0000
Subject: Segment #1 of Tango Interview

Dear Tango Readers:

We would like to open our responses to your many good questions with the following, which most clearly expressed a group of questions that were posed for this interview:

Please, we feel that you have to make a stand about the rumors on the internet. We have evaluated the content of the "information" presented and we think that it falls into three categories: One, those that are simply subjective value judgements. Two, conclusions that seem inaccurate, based on statements taken out of context, and Three, those that rely on objective personal data. Could you please help us deal with those personal data questions, such as the implication, for example that Carol Tiggs was "gone" for ten years, when the personal history data shows that she was actually "gone" for a different number of years.

"Over the years, don Juan and other members of his party had tried to make me aware that we can be in two places at once, that we can experience a sort of perceptual dualism.

"As don Juan spoke, I began to remember something so deeply forgotten that at first it was as if I had only heard about it. Then, step by step, I realized that I had lived that experience myself.

"I had been two places at once . . ."

The Fire from Within?quot;The Journey of the Dreaming Body"

"Don Juan said that the nagual Elias was an Indian from the state of Oaxaca, . . . a very conservative man who cherished his privacy. And yet he was a famous healer and sorcerer, not only in Oaxaca, but in all of southern Mexico. Nonetheless, in spite of his occupation and notoriety, he lived in complete isolation at the opposite end of the country, in northern Mexico.

" . . . He (Elias) was able to create and project what sorcerers know as the dreaming body, or the Other, and to be in two distant places at the same time. With his dreaming body, he could carry on his business as a sorcerer, and with his natural self be a recluse."

The Power of Silence?quot;The Knock of the Spirit"

Carol Tiggs left, and was gone for ten years, anchored somewhere else in infinity. During those ten years, a projection of Carol Tiggs would sometimes return here to live in the world we know. It took Carol Tiggsóthe being who was goneóten years to return here, to reintegrate her energy body (dreaming body) and her physical body into one being.

Carol Tiggs described some of her journeys in the sea of awareness in the lectures at the workshops on Tensegrity. Carlos Castaneda told us that it takes a ton of energy to live such experiences, still more to become aware of them, and more yet to describe them in a coherent manner. And it goes without saying that it takes enormous energy and awareness to hear them. Needless to say, the tales of Carol Tiggs were relatively few in the workshops on magical passes.

When confronted by an angry workshop participant who said that the stories he told couldnít possibly be true, that he was exaggerating, Carlos Castaneda told him, and the participants of the workshop, that if anything, he had watered his stories down. If he told the raw truth, he said, "it would fry your mind."

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The nagual used to tell us: We find whatever we are looking for. If we are looking for trash, we find trash. He said that the daily world had a feature he called the river of gargoyles, and that many of us, in our daily awareness, spend most of our time there, delighting in running someone else down. Sometimes, weíve had enough, and we get out of the river, somehow, for a moment. The only problem is that itís cold outside of the river, and we begin to long for that warm, familiar ooze. Hence the popularity of tabloids.

Warriors arenít looking for trash, and they donít long for the comforts of that warm river. They are looking for freedom of perception. The quest for freedom is a solitary journey, one that cannot be stopped, if one has unbending intent. If not, the slightest insinuation that perhaps you are a fool for trying to be free is enough to set you off the quest. We are trained to despise looking stupid, to always appear in a good light. In order to follow this path, there is no way to avoid looking stupid. We will never outsmart infinity, no matter how much data we have.

The nagual and his female colleagues used to tell us that he was already gone before when met him. "Iím not here!" he would say. This would baffle us endlessly. "But he is here," we would think. "There he is, eating a steak." Some of us didnít really want to hear it, since it gave us a vague feeling of unease, first, because we couldnít understand it, and we didnít like hearing things we didnít understand; and second, his statement seemed to imply that whatever part of his awareness that was here wouldnít be here for very long.

A simple lunch appointment was for him an appointment with infinity. He had to travel across inconceivable worlds to appear at the fish restaurant. It was and is the same for his colleagues. For them, and the seers of don Juanís lineage, and for anyone who wants to dream the way seers dream, there couldnít possibly be time to run anyone down, or to indulge in the labyrinthical workings of our daily minds. If the nagual saw that his presence was not helping whoever was in front of him to be free from those workings, he retreated. "Iím removing my presence," he would say, "but my affection is forever." That affection could create an abstract link for whoever wishes to follow itóan opening to infinity.

That seers can be in two places at once does seem preposterous to our linear minds. If this is unbelievable for some, that is not surprising. That it stops them cold from their journey of awareness is a travesty. This is why the nagual said the warriors?path is not for everyone. There are other paths; it takes guts to choose your own.

Thank you all for asking, and if we were given to wishing, we could wish that we had answered this sooner. But wishing is not our predilection, and it has taken us until now to have enough energy to describe all this coherently. You have helped us to do it, and so we can truly say that we are navigating together.

The instructors of the magical passes

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