Centers of Energy: Or, Believe This
By David Worrell

Castaneda only spoke of these "vortexes" in the body as being kind of like "storage areas" for different kinds of energy, without ever really describing anything about how they "function." He certainly did not describe them as being centers of perception.

Castaneda says there are these "centers," these vortexes of "energy," centers for this and that, here and there. But HOW do these even relate to perception or action? What is the relationship, for example, between how the assemblage point assembles our world when we have no energy in the adrenal area, and how the assemblage point assembles our world when we do have energy in the adrenal area? In what way does this energy actually come into play in our activities? See, there is just no detail of any kind. You just have these blobs of energy man, they are under the ribs and . . . wow man, it's just good to have a lot man, and you just act with this energy see, and there's this vortex see, it's up by your neck, you know, and like . . . cool, this is what you use to make decisions, you know. HOW? What is the connection between "making a given decision," and this alleged "vortex of energy" at one's neck? Don't ask. I'm consciously being a bit unfair above, but . . .

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He could have said almost anything. He could have said you have luminous bubbles coming out of your butt which account for how you move around in the world (and someone on Tango would be feeling them by now). In fact, while you may find this quite unbelievable, let me assure you, this is the reality of the mystery of movement. It is an energetic fact that butt bubbles are the true means of locomotion. How do I know this? I know, because I have vanquished my mind (clearly). Seers have seen that most human beings have only a few very large bubbles coming out of their butts, and so they typically move rather sluggishly. Sorcerers, on the other hand, come to have many smaller bubbles continually streaming out of their butts, enabling them to move around, in any world, conceivable or inconceivable, with great vigor and speed. This is why the sorcerers of ancient Mexico would not, under any circumstances, let anyone fool around with their butt.

Now you could claim the "cynical" is being approached, but I would prefer the term "satire," and while it may be funny I am getting at a serious point. . .)

You think he couldn't have said anything? Just recall the old "Blue Scout" story for a second if you doubt. Ask yourself . . . "I believed that?"

Castaneda's "centers of energy" somehow affecting the way we perceive sounds like an analogy for the way the different organs of sense, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the skin, the nervous system, etc. all feed sensory data into the brain. All of this input from "various centers" has not only been shown to "flow" to the brain, but exactly where each type of perception is being processed in the brain has been mapped. And none of this mapping process to date has anything to do with nebulous vortexes of energy near the liver, adrenals, etc.