Background on Vincent Sargenti's conversation with Cleargreen's "Brian" (formerly Lance Billitzer)

Vini writes:
I contacted Cleargreen at their website and very directly asked them for an explanation about why they refuse to address factual, highly relevant issues with long-time practitioners.

The correspondence below, in order from most recent to initial contact, is what led to the Jan. 20th telephone conversation with Cleargreen.

Subject: Re: Questions of Relevance (contact info)

Dear Cleargreen,

Thank you for your reply to my inquiry at your website and I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you privately about these matters. I will be available here at my home in the later part of this week and will be happy to talk with you privately. In regards to setting up a time, so I will be certain to be here to take your call, allow me to set the time for our conversation at 2:00pm on Thursday, Jan. 20th.

I will be sure to be here then and would be happy to speak with someone from your organization. If the scheduled time doesn't work for you please get back to me via email early this week, or leave a message on my machine Tuesday or Wednesday, so we can reschedule. Please note that my email address has changed in the last several days since we previously contacted one another. My previous address, "" is no longer in service, you will find my new address below.

My home phone is now: (503) XXX-XXXX and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then,

Vincent Sargenti

P.S. Below you will find a record of our previous conversation, should you need it for any reason.

Subject: Re: Questions of Relevance (from site)
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 07:12:04 -0700
From: log <>

Dear Vincent:

Very few long-time practitioners of Tensegrity that you mention have actually addressed their questions to us!

In answer to your questions, we have posted on our own page and on Tango responses to these concerns which very clearly address the questions you are posing.

We would be more than happy to speak to you personally if you would like; please let us know a time and number to call.

Best regards,

From: Vincent Sargenti
To: Cleargreen Incorporated
From: Vincent Sargenti
Re: Questions of Relevance
Date: December 23, 1999

Dear Sir ,

Why does Cleargreen refuse to acknowledge the questions formulated by it's own long-time Tensegrity practitioners in regards to the obvious discrepancies between the events Carlos Castaneda elucidated in the workshops as having actually happened and the conflicting dates and times that public records indicate? Why do the public records so blatantly contradict such events and why won't cleargreen come forward and talk to their own students(/customers) about these issues?

As a paying participant in many of the workshops I would like to know: Is it true that Castaneda fabricated most of the events he depicted as true stories in the workshops? Public records seem to disprove a fair portion of what Cleargreen, Inc. sponsored in their workshops. Why doesn't cleargreen offer a more direct and forthcoming statement on the matter, since is their code to act impeccably?

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Is it true then that Carlos has indeed fabricated the bulk of the characters and events in his work, including don Juan, in order to gain wealth and notoriety?

Why doesn't Cleargreen openly address these sobering and reasonable questions with their long-time students?

Is it possible that Cleargreen knew all along about the fraudulent basis of Castaneda's work but aided and abetted the perpetuation of such a fraud because their were large amounts of money to be made and they never thought that enough physical evidence could be brought forth to prove such a fraud?

Is that part of the reason why no cameras or recorders were allowed at the workshops?

Are you aware that by not addressing these questions you are already undermining your credibility among those who have all of this information before them?

I would really appreciate someone in your organization taking the time to address these issues since they do have such an enormous amount of relevance to long-time practitioners of Tensegrity.

Vincent Sargenti