Another technique
By Daniel Lawton

Here's a new technique to try to get dreaming. If you practice getting silent a lot, you'll probably notice some thoughts that aren't really your own. They don't seem to be your own because they run intermittently but continuously, like a story, with no effort on your part. In fact, to pay attention to them you have to stop making effort, become silent. These voices sometimes show up when seeing energy too, so I take them to be the same type of voice the Nagual used to talk about. I believe it's also the same as reading off the wall, the voice shows up as writing. The nagual used to say that it was a stream of consciousness which could manifest as writing on a wall, or a voice, or as pictures. He said that don Juan used to sit around talking and laughing to himself, in his room, to the point that Carlos thought he was crazy. That voice is just like that, an intimate friend.

I discovered that you can get dreaming help by becoming silent enough to "allow" that voice to run. I can't tell you how to allow it, I don't know myself. Just look for it. When you're going to sleep you're at an advantage anyway. The technique consists of the relaxation of the mind necessary to both follow the voice and to visualize the scenes it describes. Itís a real technique that you could learn through practice, but there's no way to describe it.

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If you get lucky enough to encounter this dreaming voice, then pay attention to it. It seems to give out dreaming advice, not general advice, but very specific for the moment. For instance, on Friday I was doing it and the voice was saying stuff like, "See that girl walking there. Stare at her back, attach yourself to it. You're stuck here, you need to get pulled into the dream. Keep staring, just like you do to change dreams..." The real words weren't so concrete, they were halfway abstract, so a translation like that is misleading, although that is exactly what happened. Here's a closer, more abstract translation of something else that was said, how I got to the point of viewing the girl in the scene: "See the scene, look, trees! Roll the brown edges! It folds around like vapor... the scene's more clear! Feel that drop, you're pulled. Look down through there! Sink . . ."

Along with the flow of words was an accompanying picture, appropriate to what was being said. I was able to follow instructions like that for a good 10 minutes. It didn't really pan out, I never got fully into the dream scene like the voice kept urging me, but it was interesting. I believed at the time that one could learn to turn that voice on at will, and use it as an aid, but I haven't been able to prove it. The voice doesn't disturb, like someone who snuck into your room. Rather it sounds like your own thoughts, running without effort, revealing in an intimate way things that are pleasingly surprising, things you hadn't thought of. It's like your closest personal friend that you don't remember talking to because it's so much a part of you. Just something to try.