1999 First Annual Sustained Action Convention
By Geoffrey Sands

Suggested seminar topics


Special Guest Appearances by wannabe's Lance Billitzer, Marcos Connell, Nina Blake and Lorena Anastassopolis, with opportunities for autographs, photos and personal history questions. A Tar-and-Feather Reception will follow.

On a more serious note though, there has been some discussion and interest among the few people I still keep in touch with (on a personal, completely non-warrior, basis) of getting together on a social basis. Like face-to-face as opposed to all this annonymous email.

Maybe Linda will be kind enough to make her special biscuts for everyone and we can wash them down with some of John's Blue Tea. We can dub it the "Surviving Castaneda Club" and following the traditional practice of the sorcerers of ancient Mexico, everyone chips in just enough to cover the cost of the room.

Replica Watches  Replica Watches

I think it might be especially beneficial to those of us who were more directly involved to have a chance to sort of debrief, have a some fun, and laugh at ourselves a little so people can maybe finally get over this whole thing and move on. I think seeing each other in an informal mode might prove quite theraputic and magical in it's own, unexpected way.

Then I had a naughty thought that we could plan such a rendezvous in the same hotel of the next North American tensegrity workshop. Sort of take up all the rooms and party till we wake up some of those oh-so serious warrior wannabes with the youthful vim and vigor of a mass of beings who are going to have some real fun before they die. We could all wear conspicuous T-shirts with slogans like:

Oh...I'd better stop before I hurt myself (or someone decides I'm having too much fun and beats me to it).

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