Blue Scout Chronology Part V [1997  - 1998]

January 31, 1997 - Cleargreen shareholder distribution of $137,333 from retained earnings of $596,876. (This time Talia scoops up $34,097, Kylie snags $18,758, Muni rakes in $12,419, Nyei at $10,146 edges out Renata¡¯s $10,124, Florinda manifests $9,941, Taisha blinks in $9,890, Nuri registers $7,791, Fabricio grabs $6,668, Bruce and Tracy each pull in $6,043, Zaia liberates $2,574, Tycho generates $2,201, while Grant slams down $632.) [Another accounting scrap from documents filed as an exhibit to C.J. Castaneda¡¯s motion in the probate proceedings.]

February 15-16, 1997 - Intensive Review Workshop on the Cal State University Long Beach campus. [Nury read the chapter from the book in progress, "Memorable Events" (published in 1998 as The Active Side of Infinity), detailing Castaneda¡¯s encounter with the three inorganics in the desert who ask him for a ride. In it, Castaneda described the three as "a writer, an aspiring agent and a lesbian" (but strangely failed to connect up these descriptions with the obvious current counterparts of these "inorganics": the three whom he had previously referred to as "cyclic beings" in other workshops¡ªBruce Wagner, Tracy Kramer and Zaia Alexander¡ªwho had first known each other in grade school. [This chapter was not included in the final, published version of The Active Side of Infinity.]

February 1997 - Interview with Castaneda published in Uno Mismo (in Chile and Argentina), "El Mundo de don Juan al Alcance de Todos," by Daniel Trujillo Rivas. (A translation has been available for months on the Cleargreen website.) [Castaneda is asked, "Besides your three cohorts, the people who attend your seminars have met other people, like the Chacmools, the Energy Trackers, the Elements, the Blue Scout . . . Who are they? Are they part of a new generation of seers guided by you? If this is the case, how could one become part of this group of apprentices?" Castaneda responds: "Every one of these persons are defined beings who don Juan Matus, as director of his lineage, asked us to wait for. He predicted the arrival of each one of them as an integral part of a vision. Since don Juan's lineage could not continue, due to the energetic configuration of his four students, their mission was transformed from perpetuating the lineage into closing it, if possible, with a golden clasp. We are in no position to change such instructions. We can neither look for nor accept apprentices or active members of don Juan's vision. The only thing we can do is acquiesce to the designs of intent."]

May 28, 1997 ¨C Nuri¡¯s father, Marion Partin, passes away, having had no contact with his daughter for 20 years.

June 8, 1997 - Special performance of Theater of Infinity given to the Sunday group. Skits include the "Alien Invocation" (Nury, Zaia and Halley).

August 2, 1997 - Zaia gives a talk at Midnight Special Bookstore on the Promenade in Santa Monica, with Nury, Florinda, Carol and others in attendance (caught on tape by Greg and Gabi).

August 16, 1997 - 5 PM - Sorcery Theater Rehearsal and party at the compound on Pandora. Felix Gutsmuths and I attended, along with most of Cleargreen. [Nury played several roles including that of a helpless inorganic worrying about imagined disasters likely to plague Taisha in "Globus and Phoebus Save the World" with Carol; "Space Pyrates in Search of the Golden Behind" with Zaia and Halley; "The Burden of Decision-Making," a brief dialogue between two self-absorbed roommates trying to get advice from each other on their outfits for a party, with Zaia; "Man¡¯s Best Friend," a skit about two hunters encountering a flyer, with Kylie; "The Proper Spirit," a rather precious piece featuring a floating head and spiritual mediums, apparently written by Nuri, with Erin and Darien; and "Love Among Insects," with Halley.]

Aug. 23-27, 1997 ¨C Intensive workshop, L.A. Convention Center. [In her litany of the supposed professions and degrees of the Cleargreen contingent, Florinda states, "The Alexanders are Nuri and Zaia--both currently pursuing Ph.D.s." Nuri also appeared in a few of the Sorcery Theater skits on August 27, including "Alien Invocation, or Ode to Air," "Love Among Insects" (which she performed with Halley), and "Space Pyrates," in which she, Zaia and Halley performed stereotypical gay male characters, with a taste for rather decorous and unlikely S&M.]

September 23, 1997 - $536,000 worth of income is distributed to Cleargreen, Inc., shareholders (including $66,925 to Nuri, $71,536 to Florinda, $70,536 to Taisha, $70,786 to Muni, $70,786 to Talia, $71,536 to Fabricio, $14,480 to Nyei and Reni and $17,680 to Kylie.) [Again, only an incomplete scrap of Cleargreen financial information, per documents filed by C.J. Castaneda in connection with his motions in the probate proceedings.]

October 22, 1997 - Castaneda signs a will in which he states that he "legally adopted Nury Alexander as my daughter," and intentionally omits Adrian Vashon (C.J.). His estate is to be given 50% "to those of Tisha [sic] Abelar, Florinda Donner Grau, Muni Alexander, Nury Alexander and Haley Van Osten who survive me, in equal shares," and 50% "to those of Kylie Lundahl, Talia Bey, Naya [sic] Murez, Maria Guadalupe Blanco, Zaia Alexander, Carola Alexander and Fabiana Pompa who survive me, in equal shares."

January 1998 - Harper Collins publishes Castaneda¡¯s Magical Passes: The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico.

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On page 84, introducing the five magical passes supposedly originally taught by don Juan and his party to the Blue Scout, Castaneda asserts: "The value of the Blue Scout¡¯s magical passes resides in the capacity of each of them to give the womb the hardness that it requires in order to arrive at its secondary functions, which can be easily defined, in the case of the Blue Scout, as the ability to be alert without pause." [Note: When don Juan and his party supposedly "burned from within" in 1973, Patricia Lee Partin and her "hard womb" were fifteen years old and attending school in La Verne. Maybe her class got to go on a field trip to Mexico?]

February 7-8, 1998 - Not-Doing Workshop at Pomona Fairplex Convention Center.

Florinda introduced the team of Miles and Zaia as "Awareness through Harmony," and the team of Nury and Halley as "Awareness through Sameness." Then she claimed, referring to the latter team: "We believe the ancient sorcerers knew of such an occurrence, but don't think that don Juan or the 27 generations of sorcerers before him ever saw it. The effect of these two is so powerful that we guarantee that everyone will feel the effects of the not-doing passes because of them. If not today, then after you leave the workshop." Florinda¡¯s written remarks further claimed: "Even Carlos feels the impact of Nury and Halley leading the not-doing passes. When he is with them," they "take him and smash his head into the ceiling again and again until it goes into the attic and he reaches a new level of awareness. He has gone into fits of rage over their effect on him because he's too old to be affected by these young people!"

Nury and Halley taught their sections of the Not Doing passes wearing sunglasses (a stylish measure to counter the harsh lights directed on them that allowed the video camera to display their image on the six large video screens set up around the hall). Nury introduced the first segment, asserting that the Elements and Energy Tracker's primary motivation was the enhancement of awareness. She claimed that everything else in their daily lives was secondary to this single-minded pursuit. It was their purpose. "This is how we live. We don't do one thing and say another. This is our life." She then led the instruction of The Legs Rule Vitality.

In the evening, Nury introduced the Running Man series by claiming that it delivered a "weird, mysterious punch." After demonstrating the series a few times, Nury asserted that, in ancient times, the Running Man series would sometimes be performed to sounds, "whether sounds of nature, such as wind or rain, or the sound of music. The speed and rhythm at which the passes were executed would be determined by the sound. The execution of the passes would then become non-volitional," she claimed, "dictated by the sounds of nature or whatever music was being played."

Nury told us that we were going to do The Running Man series one last time to the music of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons." She asserted that the feet do not often have a chance to experience "joy and freedom," and that they would end the Running Man series on the penultimate piece, so that we could listen to the last piece in silence and "let our feet exult!" She also claimed that it took her a long time to realize that vitality and awareness are the only things that matter. She asserted that the only thing that sustains the Tensegrity instructors is Tensegrity. She also urged that the Running Man passes should be done "as if there is no tomorrow." She sang a little song: "There is no ¡®tomorrow¡¯ today."

April 4, 1998 - Workshop at Santa Monica College Gymnasium, 2 - 9:30 PM. [Florinda, Taisha and Carol were all on hand, and Nury and Halley taught part of the Wheel of Time series of passes. This was Nury¡¯s last public appearance.]

Introducing the Wheel of Time leg passes in the early afternoon, Nury began by recounting the information about the Wheel of Time from the end of The Eagles Gift. She then gave a definition of space and time, explaining that what scientists think of space and time differs from what the view of shamans. (She was reading from cards, and the words sounded to observers like those of Castaneda.) In practicing the wheel of time passes, she said, the goal is to make the body resemble a ball. The passes help one to manipulate time and space. The ancient sorcerers identified time with intent and space with infinity. Time is a product of intent and cannot be defined. Modern man retains a small portion of intent and it can be "redeemed." Space, or infinity, "is the sum total of man¡¯s endeavors and is more accessible to us." She stated that these concepts were not abstracts, but are "actual, workable units."

She described the wheel of time as "a tunnel of infinite length and width with an infinite number of furrows. To be in that furrow meant to live that furrow. The goal was to make the furrow turn. One can gaze into any furrow. When gazing into a furrow one gazes back and forward in time." This, she said, "is an energetic fact." With this capability "sorcerers are able to foresee the flow of time." In doing the passes the body turns into a ball and in the furrows "one has the distinct sensation of seeing the flow of time." She asserted that the passes had to be taught and learned in a "slow, patient manner" and that they could not be learned in one session. She indicated that there were over 60 passes in the series, of which they taught that day a total of 12. "The Running Man opens the gate. The other passes fixate your awareness and the Wheel of Time conducts you through awareness."

Halley introduced the evening session. She began by talking about her name, explaining that it was given to her by Nury and asserting that both of their names were very ancient. She also asserted that she and Nury "are exactly the same in every respect except for one, Nury has always known her name and I haven't. But that doesn't matter at all because I couldn't now imagine being anyone besides Haley Alexander Van Oosten." Halley then talked about the impeccability of don Juan's party of sorcerers, attributing this to their perfect performance of the passes. She also explained that just going to the movies with the Witches was a daring act. They demanded "total attention and total recall." But when they were kidding around they demanded "total kidding around." Don Juan¡¯s party, she indicated, was more serious. She recounted that Castaneda had described in awe how he had seen 16 shamans "burn with a bright light" and then disappear.

April 18, 1998 - Video shows new cars and van parked outside of the Pandora compound being packed up by Fabricio, Brandon and others between 5 and 6:30 PM.

April 23, 1998 - Castaneda signs six-page will leaving his estate to be channeled through the Eagle¡¯s Trust, established by a Trust Agreement signed the same day, and specifically disinheriting C.J. Castaneda and Margaret Runyan. The will also recites, "I have legally adopted Nuri Alexander as my daughter. I have no other issue." Castaneda also signs a quitclaim deed, apparently on the house, to the Eagle¡¯s Trust, Deborah Drooz as Trustee, which is recorded on April 29, 1998 [98-0715277], along with a quitclaim deed to First American Trust Company [98-0715276].

April 27, 1998 - Castaneda¡¯s death certificate, signed by Angelica Duenas, MD, reports his death at 3 AM that date, his cremation on that date by Spalding Mortuary in Culver City, and the disposition of the remains to Talia Bey on April 28. [Death certificate lists immediate cause of death as metabolic encephalopathy for a period of two days, triggered by liver failure for a period of two weeks, due to hepatocellular cancer for a period of 10 months--i.e., since July ¡®97.]

Late April 1998 ¨C Nury Alexander departs Los Angeles, along with Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar, Kylie Lundahl and Talia Bey, for points unknown. All of their telephone numbers are disconnected on the same day.