Blue Scout Chronology Part IV [1996]

January 1996 每 Cleargreen begins publishing Castaneda*s The Warrior*s Way: A Journal of Applied Hermeneutics. Four issues are mailed to subscribers before the journal is terminated in Spring 1996. Castaneda proudly informs the Sunday group that Nury is primarily responsible for the design and artwork on the Journal, although the design credit contained in the journal itself is "Journal design by Elaby Gaethen." This is clearly a pseudonym for Nury. The second and third issues, for February and March, each contain a poem authored by "the Blue Scout." The March poem is entitled "Angels* Flight." The February poem, entitled "The Conception of a B.F.," reads as follows:

"She was made in an Arizonian trailer,
after a night of playing poker
and drinking beer with friends.
His foot got caught
in the torn lace of her nightie.
She smelled like a mixture of tobacco smoke
and Aqua Net hair spray.
He was thinking of his bowling score
when he found himself erect.
She was wondering how this life
could possibly last a lifetime.
She wanted to go to the bathroom
when she found herself pinned down.
He stifled a belch as she was conceived,
but luckily for her,
The two were in the desert,
and at that moment,
a coyote howled,
sending a chill of longing
through the woman*s womb.
That chill was all
she brought into this world."

January 21, 1996 每 Sunday session with Castaneda.

Castaneda repeated that the Blue Scout was opposed to his doing the Sunday classes, so that we were not to mention them to anybody. "People call Cleargreen, and the Blue Scout sometimes works there. They'll call up and say, &I know Castaneda is giving a class on Sundays, in Santa Monica.* The Blue Scout will say, &I knew it!* and close us down. She is very powerful, and I walk an energetic tightrope fending her off. Because she could always spin and leave."

"She loves to go to Disneyland, because she loves the speed. She'll get on a ride, going very fast, and it can take her away. She drives fast too. So she'll say to me that if I don't want her to stay, just give the word and she'll spin." He told us that his group "got very upset with me for referring to her as a &bitch* at one of the sessions. I adore her, but she's very tough. She also does mathematics, geometry, calculus (I can hardly add, that's not my thing), and she gets straight &A's* but she doesn't know how she does it."

He warned us that "She knows something's going on. I finished working on the next issue of the Journal, and Nyei and I stayed up all night editing it. The Blue Scout changed things around and offered to print out a clean copy. She told me she was going to bring it by this morning. She called around 9 AM to say it was taking a little longer. At 9:30 AM she was saying she was having formatting problems, so it would be 10 or so. At 10 she blamed it on something else, and said, &You're not going anywhere are you?* When she asks things like that in person," as he demonstrated with one of us, she would stand an inch or two away and stare into his eyes. Castaneda responded "No." Finally she showed up at his house at 1 PM (obviously, he indicated, to see if he was still there, or was leaving for class). He told us that was why he had been late to the class (showing up about 1:20 PM, instead of 1:00 sharp as usual).

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January 26-28, 1996 - Mexico City Workshop in large ballroom at Centro Asturiano in Chapultapec Park. Castaneda lectured Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night.

Castaneda was asked, in Spanish, "What*s for sure about the Blue Scout?" He responded that it was "my fault" that she entered don Juan's world, because don Juan always told him not to hang out in the inorganics* realm, but he went, and saw the Blue Scout there "as a 7-year-old child that looked a lot like my father." She said "help me," and he gave all his energy so she could leave. The inorganics had trapped the Blue Scout for exploring. "Carol Tiggs brought her to life. She's now the daughter of Carol Tiggs. This girl is our epicenter! She can do many things, but otherwise is normal . . . almost . . . The appearance of this explorer is confirmation of the extinction of don Juan*s lineage."

February 4, 1996 每 Sunday session with Castaneda.

Castaneda ended the session by claiming that when the Blue Scout was trapped in the inorganics world, she was in a position similar to human beings who are trapped here until we die. "She has this longing, which isn't a nostalgic kind of longing, but a longing to be traveling and to lose herself voyaging out there. We came from somewhere, and we should continue the journey. The Blue Scout just so much wants to go off."

March 1-3, 1996 - Women-only workshop on "The Female Energy Body," at UCLA. Carol, Taisha, Florinda, Castaneda and Nury all spoke.

Nury read two chapters from Castaneda*s upcoming "Memorable Events" book. In introducing herself, Nury commented, "My parents told me that I came from a far-away galaxy. However, I myself am not preoccupied with that." Nury gave her name, part of which was "Nuli." Then she talked about two kinds of love--love based on the social order and the kind of love that sorcerers know. She also talked about the sorcerer's path as being one of solitariness (not to be confused with loneliness).

Passes supposedly given to the Witches and Nury by the members of don Juan*s party were taught at this workshop.

March 31, 1996 每 Sunday session with Castaneda

Castaneda explained the delay in the manufacture of the "paperweight"
devices he had mentioned earlier for "attaining inner silence." He told us we should be getting them in two weeks. He referred to Talia as "the Master of Bored Fucks." He told us she had asked him if he wanted the paper weights in three weeks, and he excitedly said yes. So she went to the Blue Scout (who apparently was doing some kind of design for the paperweights) and told her that Castaneda wanted them in three weeks so they needed her art work that day. "The Blue Scout won't comply with that kind of a deadline, and refused." So Talia went back to Castaneda and said that the Blue Scout wouldn't work on that kind of deadline. So Castaneda said he didn't want deadlines. But, Talia came back with, "Do you want it in three weeks?" "Yes, yes!"

April 12-21, 1996 - Second Oakland Workshop, at the Oakland Convention Center.

Florinda distinguished don Juan's group from theirs by saying that don Juan's had a lot more mass--there were 16 of them. Don Juan's group also had the purpose of training others to continue their lineage. "But the five of us don't have that mass." [People were surprised when she said "five," but the fifth, we gathered from her next statement, was the Blue Scout.] She claimed that the Blue Scout "is very talented and can just go off" in an instant. She was asked to clarify why she had said five. She responded, "Oh, did I say five?" Then she looked down at the group in the first two rows and said, "Well, you count." She then explained that the five were "the basic group," the students of don Juan.

April 28, 1996 - Sunday session with Castaneda

Castaneda advised us that we could learn a lot by watching the Witches and Carola. He asserted that the Blue Scout is "also very weird," but she*s "too strange to get anything from. She will fly into an anxiety fit instantly. And she can take me or pull me anywhere, because she*s so strong. But her humanness is paper thin."

May 1996 - Los Angeles Magazine publishes Bruce Wagner piece, "Don Juan Takes a Meeting." Bruce describes himself surfing alt.dreams.castaneda: "Upcoming workshop gossip. Speculation about possible attendance of Blue Scout, a stellar wild child introduced in 1994's The Art of Dreaming."

May 12, 1996 - Sunday session with Castaneda

Castaneda referred to Zaia Alexander, telling us that sometimes he would yell, "Where is she? She*s such an idiot!" He said he wanted to show her how to move from "here to there," and then when he looked around, she was already "there." "How does she do that?" When she is with the Blue Scout, as her "sidekick, they*re a scary team. I don*t even know what the Blue Scout is. She is scary."

May 19, 1996 每 Sunday session with Castaneda

Castaneda told us that there was "someone in my life who means so much to me, but I can*t be just another human with her." He urged us, "If there is someone you really care about, you can*t just act like a human. You have to &trim yourself down.*" He told us that if he were to "just be human with the Blue Scout, it would destroy me. I have to &trim myself* in order to help her."

June 2, 1996 - Sunday session with Castaneda

Castaneda told us that "Carol had wanted to come" that day, but "she couldn*t." Later on he explained that the Blue Scout had not been feeling well, so Carol was looking after her. Castaneda said that it "really gets to me," since these are both powerful, independent women. "They both could leave anytime on their own," Castaneda explained, claiming, "the Blue Scout could go incredibly far, unimaginably out there," and "Carol too can go where she wants. They are both so strong." But when the Blue Scout is not well, Castaneda explained, she asks for, "Mommy, Mommy." When "she*s feeling well," on the other hand, she will say things to Carol like, &Why do you have such a fat ass? That*s disgusting! You*re too fat.*" But the "little girl" [the Blue Scout] and "the big girl" [Carol] are "just amazing." He told us that he had watched Carol "fussing over" the Blue Scout, wiping her face, and that because they are each so strong, independent and capable, "this kind of tenderness" between them just broke him up.

Later, Talia, Kylie and others distributed to each of us one of the leather paperweights they had created, inspired by a paperweight that the Blue Scout had found that they had agreed was "the perfect weight and nature to induce silence."

July 1, 1996 每 Cleargreen, Inc., files its required annual "Statement by Domestic Stock Corporation," listing "Nuri" Alexander as one of the corporation*s directors, along with Muni Aranha and Talia Bey.

July 20-25, 1996 - Intensive Tensegrity Workshop at UCLA*s Pauley Pavilion at which Castaneda, the three Witches and "Marie Alexander" (the Blue Scout) all spoke.

Nury performed a "snake" long form with Zaia, both of them wearing skin tight outfits, black gloves with silver thimble tips and wrap-around sunglasses. During the course of the workshop, Nury (then "Marie") also read two chapters from Castaneda*s manuscript that became The Active Side of Infinity: first a chapter about one of Castaneda*s professors (in the book, "Professor Lorca"); and the second about Castaneda*s preparing to jump from the mesa immediately prior to don Juan*s departure, and the three people whose valuable life lessons he needed first to review and acknowledge.

After a lunch break, on the second or third day, Nury briefly took the stage to deliver a blistering attack in response to a few people who had apparently come up between sessions and pestered her with questions about what it was like to come from another galaxy or another dimension. Her essential message was "Deal with your own shit!" She also stated, rather convincingly, that her lack of memory about her life prior to Castaneda's freeing her from the inorganic's world had to do with the fact that memory depended to a large degree on one's physicality. She claimed that in her prior existence, she had not been "bi-pedal" like a human being. Thus, any memory she could muster would have to be somehow converted to one that we--and now she--could understand within our "bi-pedal" experience. This brief, but memorable outburst had a pretty strong stifling effect on questions at all subsequent workshops regarding Nury*s "pre-birth memories" of her existence as an alien energy "scout."

October 1996SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE publishes "Journeys with Carlos Castaneda*s Tensegrity," by Elizabeth Kaye McCall. [She describes the November 1995 Culver City Workshop: "A slim young woman who said she lives in two worlds introduced herself as the Blue Scout. She explained that it is hard for her to keep weight on because she*s restless; as a scout, her role is the one who goes ahead. In this world she is the daughter of Carol Tiggs and Carlos Castaneda, the woman said. Then she read poetry written years before by her father that expressed the thoughts and feelings of a man who traded the academic life for the sorcerer*s world. The Blue Scout*s own poetry emerged this year in Carlos Castaneda*s Readers of Infinity (formerly The Warrior*s Way), A Journal of Applied Hermeneutics, which is published by Cleargreen Inc."]

October 30, 1996 - Cleargreen shareholder distribution of $447,411 net income [another incomplete scrap of financial information, per documents filed with C.J. Castaneda*s motions in the 1999 probate proceedings]. Of 102,864 shares, Muni, Taisha, Florinda, Nury, Talia and Fabricio each have 12.9618% of the shares. Kylie, Nyei, Reni, Darien, Zaia, Erin, Haley and Gavin each have 2.7775% of the shares. Tracy and Bruce have 5 shares each, or .00149%. Somehow these percentages translate to payments of $28,497 to Talia, $9,799 to Muni, $9,658 to Kylie, $7,321 to Florinda, $7,270 for Taisha, $5,171 to Nuri, $5,048 to Fabricio, $2,696 each to Bruce and Tracy, $2,504 to Renata, $2,331 to Nyei, $2,227 to Zaia and $1,854 to Tycho (also known as "the Orange Scout").

November 3, 1996 每 Sunday session with Castaneda

Castaneda told us he used to fish for information about Taisha and Florinda from don Juan. Don Juan would say something like, "Florinda is having a strange time with her father," and Castaneda, his ears pricking up, would respond, "Oh, yes? What*s happening?" But don Juan would not fall for it; he would just point out to him, "You*re fishing." But the Blue Scout, he claimed, "is an artist at getting information like that, because she &sees.*" He said she would come to him and synopsize something that was happening. She would put out so many details that were right that he just assumed that she knew, so he would say a little bit more about it. Then she would get horribly angry and say, "Why didn*t you tell me!" Then he would realize she "didn*t know, that she just got it out of me," and he would not believe he had fallen for it again. "But it happens all the time. She mesmerizes me."

He claimed that she "mesmerized me when she was seven years old." He asserted that he took care of her for awhile when she was seven and did the same thing to him.

November 29-December 1, 1996 - Pasadena Workshop at the Pasadena Center Exhibition Building.

Castaneda, Florinda, Carol and Taisha spoke, and Nury read the chapter from the book in progress, "Memorable Events" (published in 1998 as The Active Side of Infinity), about Carol Tiggs*s return. [This chapter was not included in the final, published version of The Active Side of Infinity.]

December 4, 1996 每 A night session with Castaneda and most of Cleargreen.

Castaneda told us that he "and Florinda and Taisha and Carol are all going to leave. The Blue Scout will come with us too, or maybe she won*t. Who knows? And certainly Renata is going to come with us, and Nyei. So people who aren*t ready to leave when we*re ready to go--[people] who say, &But I can*t go now, I just got a new floor put in.* Or &I just got this door fixed and now it opens really nice.* Or &New carpeting!* Or &I just got this new television and now I can watch all these great programs.* What, the same programs that you watch every day? Those terrifying things? I watch a little TV and I*m scared; what have they done to us? It*s very scary--horrifying."

December 7, 1996 每 A night session with Castaneda and most of Cleargreen.

Carol spoke briefly, reporting that the Pasadena workshop was "very strange" for them. She explained that the three Witches "didn*t have the energy; there was a hurdle, and we didn*t get across it. But thanks to the Blue Scout, who is not here tonight, but who opened the way, we crossed the barrier and are now with the Nagual." Carol further explained that when she had to say or present something, "generally the Blue Scout is not there, which you may have noticed, because we have this peculiar relationship." Carol claimed, "She*s definitely my daughter, but [and she sort of hung her head for a moment] Nuri is also my mother. And yet I*m also her mother, and in the world of the sorcerers there are these complex and inexplicable relationships."

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