Blue Scout Chronology Part III [1994  - 1995]

March 1994 - Details Magazine contains Bruce Wagner¡¯s "The Secret Life of Carlos Castaneda: You Only Live Twice." [In the article, Bruce mentions that The Art of Dreaming describes "the precipitous rescue of a ¡®sentient being from another dimension¡¯ who takes the form of an angular, steely-eyed little girl called the Blue Scout."]

April 20, 1995 - A fictitious business name statement is recorded for the Chacmool Center for Enhanced Perception, listing 12 names, including "Nuri" Alexander, Kylie Lundahl, Julius Renard, and Tycho Thal. [95-0654347].

May 26-29, 1995 - Omega Institute workshop in Rhinebeck, New York. Florinda speaks the first night, Taisha the second night, and the Chacmools speak the third night, with the Chacmools, Florinda and Taisha fielding questions (in lieu of Carol¡¯s speech, since Carol had supposedly crashed after workshop in Mexico). They talked more at this workshop about the two scouts than they ever had before or ever would again, with Florinda stating the first night that she and Carol had each given birth to one. A man asked Florinda about the impact of children on our luminous eggs. In response, Florinda claimed that both she and Carol Tiggs had each given birth to a scout, and that, "It doesn't have that much impact, except one just has to work harder or run faster. We may have holes, but it pushes us to work harder."

On Sunday night, Nyei essentially lectured about the Blue Scout, reading from a prepared statement. According to Nyei: "The Blue Scout is Carol Tiggs's daughter. Carol Tiggs gave birth to her. Her energy has a blue hue instead of the whitish one that most humans have. Castaneda found this blue-hued energy agglutination in the inorganic beings' realm. The Chacmools haven't been to that world yet but we feel its presence."

All the Chacmools assertedly sensed that the Blue Scout is "foreign." Nyei said that the Blue Scout was "the love of my life; a person and not a person." She described the Blue Scout as "brilliant, light, slim, ethereal, wolf-like and pretty. She has brilliant blue eyes, ears that hear all, and dresses impeccably but unpredictably. She is skilled at finding the most exquisite restaurant, piece of music, clothing or antique. She hones in on the truth, and is also skilled at letting you know your deepest secret or uncovering your heart's desire. She's a mean imitator of Nelida [? my notes are garbled as to the name] and can cook a mean feast."

Nyei claimed she first met Carol Tiggs and the Blue Scout at a Tensegrity workshop to which Florinda had invited Nyei. [Note: this first meeting was presumably pre-1993, before they were using the term "Tensegrity" or giving workshops. Nyei is apparently referring to the invitation-only sessions at which Castaneda taught movements later known as Tensegrity.] Nyei was told that Carol Tiggs was the Blue Scout's mother. Since Nyei had heard that Castaneda's clan was into stalking and tricking people and "saw that Carol Tiggs looked only 25 (and seems to be getting younger)," Nyei was insistent that "I wasn't going to be fooled so easily." Nyei supposedly went up to the Blue Scout and asked her, "You're Carol Tiggs' mother, aren't you?"

"The Blue Scout gets tinier as time goes on. She could be seven years old, and they estimate she might take 50 years to fully mature. She is exact, fastidious and temperamental. Castaneda says she's a pain in the neck. She angers easily, just like a seven-year-old, when you're being an asshole, but then forgets the next moment and invites you to go gambling with her to Las Vegas. The Blue Scout loves gambling, and used to bet on the horses while Carol Tiggs was gone. Now that Carol Tiggs is back, she is her mother 100%. The Blue Scout was also gone for about 10 years, from the chronological ages of seven to 17, returning about a year before Carol Tiggs did. [If Carol returned in 1985, this would put the Blue Scout¡¯s "return" in 1984, which is a pretty bogus assertion since documents show her involvement with the group from at least 1977.] During this time, Florinda and Castaneda took care of her."

The clan allegedly found out that the Blue Scout had returned when they went to Mexico to see Florinda Grau ("Old Florinda"). "Castaneda brought the Blue Scout back to Los Angeles where he enrolled her in school. The Blue Scout was very upset by this development and didn't move or change position for 24 hours--a sign of her extreme anger." At the end of this period, however, she supposedly simply smiled and asked, "What do I have to do now?" Nyei claimed she had been in school in rural Mexico [others who, like Nury, went to school in La Verne, California, would probably object to this characterization], but didn't know how to read or write. "They enrolled her in junior college, because the high school year had already begun [and maybe because she already had her high school equivalency certificate from continuation school in La Verne?]. She is now working on her Ph.D. in social sciences--and somehow assimilates academic material using a totally different process than ours. "The Nagual [meaning Don Juan] took care of her during her early years. Where she went [into the Second Attention] she received a strange training that makes her naturally very commanding. As Castaneda says, the Blue Scout 'doesn't sweat.' Wherever she was, they must have pampered her to no end. She can change her speed very fast, and we sense that her speed is accelerating."

"Although she is working on a Ph.D., she is still like a young girl [yeah, but chronologically 37 years old at this point], and develops terrible crushes on actors. One of her favorites is Bruce McComb from 'Kids in the Hall.'" Knowing how much the Blue Scout likes this guy, Castaneda introduced himself to him when he happened to run into him somewhere, and told him, "You have given us endless hours of pleasure." The actor pulled out the "Z" page from his address book and autographed it "to Scout." When Castaneda looked at the autograph, he saw that the man had signed it "Kevin McDonald" (i.e., another comedian from the show that Castaneda had mistaken for Bruce McComb). "Scout gets very involved when watching TV and, for example, will scream at a character to 'Go, go, go!'"

"When not pleased, the Blue Scout can be a horrendous creature. Her true nemesis is the Orange Scout, with whom she often fights like crazy. The Blue Scout loves to take everybody to Disneyland and uses it to disentangle her filaments. She has affected the group energetically, often throwing 'energy darts' and then retreating. The Chacmools don't see or speak to her for months, and then she comes in and changes things, and shakes everything up." Nyei told us that the following images, which Nyei warned "might seem dissociated," were inspired by the Blue Scout: "The Blue Scout helps us become more durable and more disciplined. She knows other assemblage points and moves us there. She is a flaming blue arrow, and you must gain her trust." Nyei also read the following passage about the Blue Scout, "Meet me at the cafe, just beyond the border, just beyond the sky. . . . . You must speak and your silence must only protect your own love and not your heart, which has been given to her already." [At this point, Nyei was visibly overcome by emotion and her eyes welled with tears. She paused for a moment to collect herself and continue.] "Strange beloved, agitation of an unknown memory. You dance a tango through our blood. Our blue dream, our butterfly who belongs to no one. For you, intent of everything."

Nyei concluded by saying that the Blue Scout had given herself the name "Claude."

Renata, also reading from a prepared statement, claimed: "Castaneda found the Blue Scout in the universe of the Inorganic Beings. She had fallen prisoner there and couldn't leave. He did his utmost to free her, a blue unit of energy, that transformed interpretation of her into that of a seven-year-old girl. Castaneda nearly died as a result of the energy expended in freeing her. Carol Tiggs and don Juan brought him back, guided by the Blue Scout. What Castaneda didn't know at the time was that there was another unit of energy behind the Blue Scout--the Orange Scout--that was also trapped. Castaneda's effort freed her as well. Don Juan was very concerned, knowing that Carol Tiggs would have to give birth to free the Blue Scout. The matter of the Orange Scout was even more difficult, however, because no one wanted to help. Finally, Florinda said, 'Fuck it! I'll do it.'" She also claimed that the Scouts wouldn't "allow the Chacmools to teach the public, either, unless people pay them, since their energetic view is, ¡®Unless people "pay" through the nose, they won't "pay" attention.¡¯"

Reni further claimed: "The Blue Scout used to tell us she was caught in the Inorganic Beings' realm by her curiosity, whereas the Orange Scout was caught as punishment for her duplicity. But the Blue Scout is also a cosmic thief, even stealing roles and personas. In Phantom Theater, she once stole the role of Jesus and played it to the hilt. A dreaming emissary told them that both the scouts were stuck in the Inorganic Beings' world as a result of their duplicitousness. The Orange Scout just has to be bold in her thievery, because otherwise the thing in question will be taken by the Blue Scout. . . . . The relationship between the two scouts is complicated and intense. When they first see each other, they kiss and dance around together. In the next moment, they may be beating each other. We think they have been doing this for thousands of years. The Orange Scout is younger than the Blue Scout on this plane. Don Juan used to say they were both about 7000 years old or more."

Kylie also confirmed, "The scouts won't do anything unless they're paid, saying it's the nature of the universe (although it doesn't matter the amount--whether many dollars or a penny)." She further explained: "The scouts write and direct the skits. The Orange Scout's skits are very bawdy, raw, irreverent and funny, while the Blue Scout's skits are sophisticated and ethereal. The Blue Scout, a great actor, writes great skits for Carol Tiggs, who is also a good actor."

A man asked whether the Chacmools knew where the scouts came from. That question seemed to stump the Chacmools, so Florinda came up to answer, followed by Taisha. Florinda asserted that the scouts "are both, in a weird way, our beacon." She claimed, "They act from total egolessness; even their appearing to fight with each other is a great delight to us, since the scouts know they can't live without each other." [Apparently they found a way, though, when the "Orange Scout" was "let go" from the group in 1997.] The group believes they have some energy from "way beyond." She further claimed, "We don't know who the scouts' fathers are." [So she¡¯s admitting here that Castaneda wasn¡¯t the father of the Blue Scout?]

A man asked Florinda how she manipulated her energy to have the Orange Scout born through her. Florinda responded, "The way we do it in the world." The Orange Scout was in Florinda "energetically." The process was very much directed by the Old Nagual ("not that he was there at the time").

In response to a later question about Castaneda having a son, and the impact of children on one's edge, or having children causing a hole in one's luminous egg, Florinda claimed that a child, especially the first born, "does take the edge. This does make it harder [to pursue the sorcerer's path], but not impossible. Castaneda never had a son. He was given a boy to raise, but that child was taken away from him when the child was six years old. And Castaneda contributed a great deal of energy to the birth of the Blue Scout." [So now she¡¯s saying he was the father? Or just that he "contributed a great deal of energy" to her "rebirth" as the Blue Scout?]

August 22, 1995 - Irma Elena Arriaga (presumably the one-time "fourth Chacmool," also known as "Ariceli Zafra," a professional baker who had been cast out of Castaneda¡¯s inner circle prior to 1995) files a fictitious business name statement for a "Blue Scout Bakery" [Doc. #1370404]. The bakery does business for a time from a storefront on little Santa Monica Blvd. in West Los Angeles.

September 11, 1995 - First session of what became the "Sunday group," from 1-4 PM at a large dance studio at 1711 Stewart Street, in West L.A.

?1995 ¨C Castaneda formally adopts Nury Alexander as his daughter. Castaneda¡¯s then lawyer Deborah Drooz (now executor of his estate and trustee of the Eagle¡¯s Trust) told me in 1998 that she had handled this proceeding for Castaneda "a few years before." She jokingly remembered how the judge, when confronted by the appearance of several women with extremely short hair and otherwise similarly dressed in his courtroom, asked her sharply, "Debbie, what¡¯s going on here?" [California is one of the states that permits adoption of adults, and no consent of other living parents is required.]

November 10-12, 1995 - Workshop at Culver City High School Cafetorium. Theme was "Intersubjectivity." The speakers are Castaneda, Carol, Florinda, Taisha and Nury, in her first speaking appearance at a workshop.

Castaneda is asked: "What can we do to help make our children more fluid?" He replied something like this: "Nothing. It is kind of a meaningless question. Our children as they grow up as young children become just like us: If the parents are fluid there children will be fluid. Look at my daughter! (He points to the Blue Scout.) [So now she is his daughter. Wonder why "they didn¡¯t know for sure who the father was" at Omega in May.] She was raised by us and she is as fluid as us. So leave your children alone! If you are fluid they will be fluid! But maybe it is too late for them. You should love them, take care of them, and treat them with respect, but that's as much as you can do. Leave them alone."

Nury reads selections from "my father¡¯s" poetry. Some of the poems supposedly went back to the beginnings of his apprenticeship with don Juan while others were relatively recent (such as the poems "Syntax" and "The Other Syntax," that later appeared at the beginning of The Active Side of Infinity). She told us she wanted to read them to us because she claimed she had rescued them from Castaneda¡¯s attempt to destroy them.

Nury at first seemed rather shy and nervous. She referred to Castaneda and Carol as her father and mother. She also stated that her name, supposedly given to her by don Juan, was in don Juan's native tongue (Yaqui?). Her first name, assertedly, was "Nuli," which meant "permanent." Her second (something like "Alik"?) and third names, when translated from Yaqui, meant "blue scout." She described herself as "a very restless being, which is why I am so slender and unable to put on weight." She also referred to a solitary energy emanating from a galaxy between Cassiopeia and Corona Borealis that don Juan had indicated had something to do with her origins. She commented on each group of poems and related elements of the poems to the theme of intersubjectivity. In one, Castaneda referred to the devastatingly "sad hum" of the Hollywood freeway.

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November 18, 1995 ¨C At that day¡¯s Sunday session, Castaneda talked about the Blue Scout, who was not present, claiming she was "always alert and used words with maximum effect." He told us she argued with him a lot as to how he should be using his energy (i.e., that he should be "storing it up to make the leap"), and told us she did not approve of him meeting with our group "all the time." Castaneda told us, "I do not say anything." Now, after the November 1995 workshop, she had supposedly suggested to him to get the group together on a Sunday "so that she can read something to you." Castaneda claimed that he acted like he was not meeting with us anymore, supposedly responding, "Uhh, Kylie can probably dig up their numbers to call them together again." Castaneda then looked for Adam and Michael Salter to specifically ask them not to say anything to the Blue Scout about the Sunday sessions [since they often saw her around UCLA where they lived].

December 3, 1995 ¨C Sunday session with Castaneda.

Near the end of the session, Castaneda told us to telephone only Ellis to find out about the Sunday sessions. He explained, "Cleargreen doesn't know what we're doing, and we want to keep it that way. If the Blue Scout, who is very suspicious that something's going on, found out about it, she would shut it down." He claimed that the only one among the senior members of his group that knew it was going on was Florinda.

He further explained that the Blue Scout was focused on wanting them to leave. They claimed that they all "want to go now," except Taisha, who was "indifferent." But he could see that "something is happening" that required him to be there with us. "But you must take care to keep the Blue Scout from finding out about the sessions. Someone called into Cleargreen saying they knew there were Sunday sessions happening on top of the workshops. Fortunately Nyei grabbed the telephone from the Blue Scout and just denied it. The Scout asked questions of them as though she knew, to trip them up." He asked rhetorically, "Why can't we just keep this among ourselves? Concealing something shouldn't be a burden. It's a pleasure!"

He also mentioned that the two "Scouts" had made an "energetic link" that had "allowed" the workshops to happen.

December 17, 1995 ¨C Sunday session with Castaneda.

Castaneda told us that the Blue Scout "could tell you stories that would make your hair stand on end." He claimed that she would try to tell him things and expects him to "get it" on the first telling. When he didn't understand or asked her to repeat, she would get frustrated and give up. Castaneda claimed that "Her stories are so foreign, so strange because she has a dual subjectivity, one blue and one human."

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