Carol Tiggs Chronology Part VII [June 1998 - 1999]

June 6, 1998 - One-day workshop in Los Altos at Foothill College Gymnasium. [Renata kicked off the workshop by asserting, "I belong to Carol Tiggs."]

June 13, 1998 - New York City one-day workshop in basketball gymnasium at Hunter College. Rylin DeMaris introduced as "the newest energy tracker."

June 19, 1998 - Los Angeles Times¡¯ obituary of Castaneda appears on page 1. [Obituary appearing the next day, June 20, in the New YorkTimes detailed how Castaneda¡¯s putative adopted son, C.J. Castaneda, was responsible for making the death public.]

   - Until they leave the telephone unanswered, starting at around 2 PM, Cleargreen staffers give different responses to callers asking where the Witches are. Some people are told "they are traveling," others are told "they are in the Second Attention."

June 22, 1998 - Cleargreen website puts up Cleargreen¡¯s official statement, which includes the following assertion: "For don Juan, the warrior was a being . . . who embarks, when the time comes, on a definitive journey of awareness, ¡®crossing over to total freedom.¡¯ Don Juan described this option to his apprentice: ¡®¡­warriors can keep their awareness, which is ordinarily relinquished, at the moment of dying. At the moment of crossing, the body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge. Every cell at once becomes aware of itself and also aware of the totality of the body.¡¯ Carlos Castaneda left the world the same way that his teacher, don Juan Matus did: with full awareness. The cognition of our world of everyday life does not provide for a description of a phenomenon such as this. So in keeping with the terms of legalities and record keeping that the world of everyday life requires, Carlos Castaneda was declared to have died."

July 31 - August 2, 1998 - Ontario Intensive Workshop, Ontario Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A.

Carol spoke on the 2nd, beginning, "I am Carol Tiggs. I was the only one energetically available for this evening." She advised that sorcerers stuff themselves with experience before they leave, and described Castaneda as having "left the world saturated with awareness." She discouraged people from the notion that they could join or catch up with don Juan or Castaneda. "They are running and we are running behind them. It is now impossible to stay like we were. Just do the work." She also purported to speak for the other two Witches. This was Carol¡¯s last public appearance.

October 11, 1998 - Interview with Miles Reid, "Learning about Ancient Wisdom," by Blanca Robleda, The News in Mexico City. [Miles claims, "The three female students of don Juan Matus: Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs, will supervise the instruction and development of the magical passes [for the workshops]."]

November 1998 - HarperCollins publishes Castaneda¡¯s The Active Side of Infinity. [There is no mention of Carol in the book, despite the fact that a moving chapter from it about Carol¡¯s "return" was read at the Nov.-Dec. 1996 Pasadena workshop. Could Castaneda have left it out because he was angry at Carol¡¯s decision not to depart with the other Witches upon his death? Or did Carol have a hand in removing it, knowing that a quick check of public records would reveal that she was not physically gone for ten years?]

November 25, 1998 - Crossroads School special Tensegrity session for a dozen former Sunday class members. [Most of Cleargreen is on hand. Miles makes statement about Castaneda having "set up" all of the workshops that are to follow, and asserts that the Witches are supervising things, but that they probably won¡¯t attend the workshops so as to avoid a "guru" mentality from setting in.]

February 23, 1999 - Cleargreen website¡¯s "Magical Passes Practitioners¡¯ Log" repeats statement read by Rylin at the Pomona workshop: "The three female students of don Juan would like us to read the following to you: . . . . The three female students of don Juan said it¡¯s fabulous to see what these practitioners, these apprentices are doing. You are apprentices, if you choose to be. There¡¯s no group -- what there is is an agreement on the art of attention. This is in full evidence today."

April 1999 - Interview by Concha Labarta (Barcelona workshop promoter) with Darien Donner, Gavin Allister and Brandon Scott in Spain¡¯s M¨¢s All¨¢. [When asked "What is the situation at the moment of Carlos Castaneda's cohorts, Florinda Donner Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs?" Darien responds: "The female students of Don Juan are here to supervise our efforts. We can say that they are our advisors. They want to see if it is possible for a group to pursue an abstract goal, and not follow a guru or a leader."]

April 17, 1999 - Cleargreen website bulletin responds to selected questions. The final question and response are: "Why did the female students of don Juan stay here? Are they going to appear at workshops?" Answer: "The three female students of don Juan Matus are here to supervise the efforts of the Tensegrity instructors in making one of Carlos Castaneda's most cherished dreams a reality: the dream of a unified body of individual practitioners of the magical passes resuming their interrupted journey of awareness. For the moment, they are not going to appear personally at the workshops because they want this dream to take wings. For Carlos Castaneda and for them, it is a dream in which a group of practitioners is focused not on a person or a group of persons, but on the abstract purpose of freedom of perception."

June 5-6, 1999 - Barcelona Workshop.

Miles, in his intro, explained that the "remaining three disciples" had remained, in the same way that Florinda Matus had remained to complete the instruction of Castaneda and the Witches, to make sure the vision of a unified body of warriors became a reality. Gavin said that the spirit of the times dictates that today we no longer need Naguals or gurus to help us on the Warrior¡¯s path. 

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In Q&A, in answer to a question about one¡¯s relationship with one¡¯s family unit, they encouraged people to "be on the best of terms with our parents and have respect for what they have done for us." When asked, "How can one be with your group?" they were told, "You are part of our group. There is no advantage that we have over you." There were also Q&A¡¯s in different languages. Rylin and Reni handled the English session. When asked, "How do the three witches teach you? Do they teach you directly, in dreaming, how?" one of them responded, "We don't call on them, they call us. We may get a phone-call, we have meetings before workshops. They let us get on with it, they supervise us from afar." In the French session, Nyei responded to a similar question: "How is your relationship with the female sorcerers?" Nyei reportedly said, "The female sorceresses follow the energy. They are always here to help us to teach magical passes. There is no way to forecast when we are going to meet them. It is up to us to make decisions. They give us direction but no orders."

When asked about the death defier and where he/she is, they responded, "The death defier is here but he is not energetically available. He chooses freely to be in this world. His gift to Carlos Castaneda was that Carlos could leave the door open for anyone who wished to enter the warriors way to freedom." Someone else¡¯s notes said that the death defier was present in the seminar in some abstract form. "She feels her looks are too awesome for people to witness and so she prefers to remain in other realms." They also said that it was "greatly due to the death defier¡¯s instigation and energy that the passes were taught publicly, and that it had been her gift to Castaneda that he could leave an energetic door open for anybody who follows the warrior¡¯s path to go through it."

June 23, 1999 - First version of this chronology is posted to Sustained Action list.

July 2, 1999 ¨Cleargreen website posts the following statement: "Recently, we have received a number of reports and queries from practitioners of the magical passes concerning the emergence of a renewed interest in the personal history and data of Carlos Castaneda and his colleagues. [The statement then repeats a statement Castaneda had issued a couple of years before on the webpage attempting to deflect interest in his personal history.] Seers, the nagual told us, rather than trying to pigeonhole their fellow beings, prefer to dream them. They know that they have very little time in this organic form, and they want to spend it stuffing themselves with awareness, rather than with useless data. Many times people would make great efforts to meet and talk with the nagual, only to ask: ¡®Where do you live?¡¯ ¡®How old are you?¡¯ ¡®Are you married?¡¯ and the like. These are not the real questions, he told us, though they seem to be. The real questions are the ones we should ask ourselves, such as: ¡®What are you doing with your life? Are you following a path with heart?¡¯ If it is not a path with heart, he said, then we should have the courage to drop it, and find something that is, before our short  time on earth runs out. [They then quote a passage from Castaneda¡¯s introduction to the 30th anniversary edition of The Teachings of Don Juan, claiming that warriors can¡¯t be concerned with "everyday matters" because "the only thing that matters is their encounter with infinity."] For don Juan, this was an energetic fact. Like don Juan, and the seers of his lineage, Carlos Castaneda spoke in terms of energetic facts: conclusions arrived at by those seers based on their ability to see energy directly as it flows in the universe. In describing those energetic facts, Carlos Castaneda's effort was to make a bridge - for his apprentices and for all the practitioners of the magical passes - between the cognitive world of everyday life and the cognitive world of the seers of ancient Mexico. He told us he had brought us to that bridge, but that crossing it would be the voluntary decision of each of us individually. For those interested - let's do it!"