Carol Tiggs Chronology VI [1997 - May 1998]

January 31, 1997 - Cleargreen shareholder distribution of $137,333 from retained earnings of $596,876. (This time Talia scoops up $34,097, Kylie snags $18,758, Muni rakes in $12,419, Nyei at $10,146 edges out Renata¡¯s $10,124, Florinda manifests $9,941, Taisha blinks in $9,890, Nuri registers $7,791, Fabricio grabs $6,668, Bruce and Tracy each pull in $6,043, Zaia liberates $2,574, Tycho generates $2,201, and Grant slams down $632.) [Another accounting scrap from documents filed as an exhibit to C.J. Castaneda¡¯s motion in the probate proceedings.]

February 1997 - Interview with Castaneda published in Uno Mismo (in Chile and Argentina), "El Mundo de don Juan al Alcance de Todos," by Daniel Trujillo Rivas - translation on Cleargreen website. [When asked why are they now talking publicly about the teachings, instead of mentioning Carol¡¯s return, Castaneda responds: "What compels us to disseminate don Juan Matus¡¯s ideas is a need to clarify what he taught us."]

February 15-16, 1997 - Intensive Review Workshop in the "blue pyramid" on the Cal State University Long Beach campus. Castaneda, Taisha and Carol all speak as part of a very short lecture format. Nuri reads a chapter from the book in progress, then titled Memorable Events, describing the three beings Castaneda meets in the desert after planting the seeds -- a man who wants to become an agent, a screenwriter and a lesbian. [That chapter is not ultimately contained in The Active Side of Infinity when it is published in 1998.]

April 1, 1997 - Interview with Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau by Concha Labarta appears in Spain¡¯s M¨¢s All¨¢. [In answering the first question about why they have gone public after a long period of anonymity, the three repeated that, "The return of Carol Tiggs in 1985 marked a total change in our goals and aspirations. . . . Traditionally, Carol Tiggs¡¯ role was to guide us to make that crossing. When she returned, she automatically transformed the insular goal of our private journey into something more far-reaching. That¡¯s why we decided to end our anonymity and teach the magical passes of the shamans of ancient Mexico."] [Cleargreen maintains a translation of the interview on its website.]

April 20?, 1997 - Heaven¡¯s Gate group suicide reported. I attend a night session the same day. Later Castaneda passes out Katha Pollitt¡¯s Apr. 28, 1997, piece from The Nation entitled "Heaven Can Wait." [The piece deals with recent media attacks on "cults" versus organized religions, and questions the distinction: "The difference between religions and cults is that while both hurt many of their members, so far in world history only religions, particularly the more organized and orthodox ones, have inflicted major casualties on people who are outside them, or in the wrong branch of them."]

[June 17, 1997 - References to a letter by an "Ex-Cleargreen employee" appear on Ixtlan electronic mailing list. The letter appears to many to have been written by Tunneshende or her supporters. Excerpts say Carol Tiggs was "La Gorda," and attribute  her "disappearance" to "time she spent in a recovery facility for obese compulsive eaters." The letter also reportedly states, "No. There were no Native informants, but Castaneda embellished his data with phenomenology, Alfred Kroeber, Aldous Huxley, and others. . . . . There were no 'Indian apprentices of don Juan.' Taisha Abelar . . . was 'Josefina.' She was also 'Nanny' in Margaret Castaneda's book, the woman who read bedtime stories to C.J., the boy C.C. tried to claim as his son."]

July 19, 1997 - One-day workshop at Seattle Central Community College Student Activity Center Gymnasium. Kylie talked at length about the reality of Carol¡¯s being gone for 10 years, and claims that she and the other Chacmools "took it rather lightly" for a long time, and "did not truly comprehend the true gravity of the event." She further asserted, "Our endless categorizing and taxonomizing closes us into itself and renders us incapable of considering the possibility that someone like Carol Tiggs could go somewhere else for ten years and then return. Carol really was physically gone and she was not in this world for those years. To this day, Carol is still trying to unravel the mystery of where she actually was." [From Vini Sargenti¡¯s notes.]

August 2, 1997 - Zaia gives a talk at Midnight Special Bookstore on the Promenade in Santa Monica, with Florinda, Carol and others in attendance.

August 16, 1997 - 5 PM - Sorcery Theater Rehearsal and party at the compound on Pandora. [Felix Gutsmuths and I attend, along with most of Cleargreen. Carol plays several major roles, including the nearly comatose "guru" in a sketch with Carola (roles later reprised at the August 23-27, 1997, workshop by Miles and Brandon).]

August 23-27, 1997 - Intensive Workshop "The Not-Doings of the Sorcerers of Ancient Mexico," at L.A. Convention Center.

Taisha described their "shamanistic unit" of ten women and six men, saying some had been brought in by Carol Tiggs ten years ago, when she returned from her absence, while others had been brought in as few as two years ago. Carol said that because we have been brought up and socialized as members of western civilization we always place the blame for things on somebody else. We do not take responsibility for our actions. She said this is the price tag of being at the mercy of energy and awareness other than our own. "All of our social molds have been taken from Bobby. As a result, we have become just like him; petty, sluggish, lazy and unwilling to take responsibility." Carol talked about Castaneda¡¯s recent "breakthrough to a new vibratory level," saying that the implications were "staggering" and that they may "not be able to formulate what exactly it means for some time, if ever." Carol then related something Carlos said to her recently that was "the most exquisite thing I had ever heard." He had grabbed her by the arm and said, "I never thought I'd live forever . . . let's do it!" [Note: A 1996 John Woo film entitled "Once a Thief" depicts two members of a secret police unit pausing in front of a high rise window, which represents the cops best chance of escaping pursuing mobsters. Before they crash through the window, one of the cops turns to the other and asks, "Did you expect to live forever? Let's do it!"] 

Q&A period - "What made it possible for you to go public?" Florinda responded that their going public had to do with the return of Carol Tiggs. That event had made energy available to them that would not have been otherwise.

Sept. 1997 - "Of Sorcery and Dreams: An Encounter with Carlos Castaneda," by Michael Brenan published in The Sun. [Author had, at age 16, been in a LaBerge lucid dreaming study. He attended the second Oakland workshop. In setting the background, the author writes that Carol¡¯s return had "ripped a hole in the fabric of the universe. Castaneda, Donner-Grau and Abelar were thoroughly disconcerted by the implications of this event. In the end, Tiggs persuaded her fellow travelers to adopt a radical new approach to their work: for the first time, they would present the teachings of don Juan openly . . .."]

September 23, 1997 - $536,000 worth of income is distributed to Cleargreen, Inc., shareholders (including $70,786 to Muni, $71,536 to Florinda, $70,536 to Taisha, $66,925 to Nuri, $70,786 to Talia, $71,536 to Fabricio, $14,480 to Nyei and Reni and $17,680 to Kylie.) [Again, only an incomplete scrap of Cleargreen financial information, per documents filed by C.J. Castaneda in connection with his motions in the probate proceedings.]

October 11 & 12 - Workshop at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York [Miles says, "Thirteen years ago, Carol came back from being away for ten years. She decided to teach the magical passes to anyone interested . . . No! To anyone with the guts to go through the door of perception." Zaia explained that for a man and woman to practice the not-doings together, they must be egoless, without competition or the need for control. Currently only she and Miles were able to practice the not-doings as a male/female team. She also explained that it was not possible for Castaneda and Carol Tiggs to have as harmonious a relationship as she and Miles because Tiggs would dominate Castaneda.]

October 22, 1997 - Castaneda signs a will witnessed by Patricia Essig and Brian T. Mayeda. In it he states that he "legally adopted Nury Alexander as my daughter," and intentionally omits Adrian Vashon (C.J.). His estate is to be given 50% "to those of Tisha [sic] Abelar, Florinda Donner Grau, Muni Alexander, Nury Alexander and Haley Van Osten who survive me, in equal shares," and 50% "to those of Kylie Lundahl, Talia Bey, Naya [sic] Murez, Maria Guadalupe Blanco, Zaia Alexander, Carola Alexander and Fabiana Pompa who survive me, in equal shares."

December 14, 1997 - Muni Alexander receives certification of having completed 18 hours of continuing education from Samra University of Oriental Medicine in a course entitled, "Tibetan Ayurveda for Acupuncturists." [From materials filed as part of C.J. Castaneda¡¯s motion in 1999 probate proceedings.]

January 1998 - Harper Collins publishes Castaneda¡¯s Magical Passes: The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico. [The only mention of Carol Tiggs in this book is on three occasions listing her as one of the four disciples of don Juan, along with Castaneda, Taisha and Florinda, and in connection with the womb passes that were given to Carol.]

February 7-8, 1998 - Not-Doing Workshop at Pomona Fairplex Convention Center.

Florinda began by explaining how the Tensegrity workshops came about. It all started when Carol came back and changed everything. Her return was an unprecedented occurrence in the lineage of the sorcerers up to that point. She had apparently left with don Juan's party ten years before, thus fulfilling her role as the Nagual woman of Castaneda's party. Carol's sudden reappearance was quite a shock and "threw open doors energetically for all of us as far as what was possible." It also confirmed once and for all that the four of them -- Florinda, Taisha, Carlos and Carol -- were in fact the end of don Juan's lineage. Carol's return is what gave them the energy and motivation to publicly open up and reveal the secrets of the sorcerers' world which they had been so meticulously taught by don Juan and his party of warriors. Carol's return meant there was no longer reason to keep their knowledge of the magical passes veiled in secrecy.

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April 4, 1998 - Workshop at Santa Monica College Gymnasium, 2-9:30 PM. [Florinda, Taisha and Carol were all on hand, for the last time. Carol seemed positively giddy. At one point she fell over a woman who was standing with her behind the "bookstore."]

April 23, 1998 - Castaneda signs six-page will leaving his estate to be channeled through the Eagle¡¯s Trust, established by a Trust Agreement signed the same day, and specifically disinheriting C.J. Castaneda and Margaret Runyan. He also signs a quitclaim deed, apparently on the house, to the Eagle Trust, Deborah Drooz as Trustee, which is recorded on April 29, 1998 [98-0715277], along with a quitclaim deed to First American Trust Company [98-0715276].

April 27, 1998 - Castaneda¡¯s death certificate, signed by Angelica Duenas, MD, reports his death at 3 AM that date, his cremation on that date by Spalding Mortuary in Culver City, and the disposition of the remains to Talia Bey on April 28. Death certificate lists immediate cause of death as metabolic encephalopathy for a period of two days, triggered by liver failure for a period of two weeks, due to hepatocellular cancer for a period of 10 months -- i.e., since July ¡®97.

May 2, 1998 - Workshop at Santa Monica College Gymnasium.

Carol spoke briefly at beginning, mentioning how Old Florinda had stayed behind for them. She expressed her thanks, and appeared tearful. Mood was somber, and I had sense that something had happened. Carol spoke only 10 minutes instead of scheduled 30. Carol said that after don Juan¡¯s party left, an "event" occurred that caused them to decide to teach the magical passes to the public. She said that "big" Florinda, who was called that because she was "so tall and elegant and packed an incredible wallop," was left behind after don Juan¡¯s party left to "fine tune the four of us." [Note: If Carol left with don Juan¡¯s party per the books, she should not have been around to get further training from Old Florinda, who should herself have been gone before Carol¡¯s "return" in 1985.] (Her voice broke, but she recovered quickly.) She said one of the reasons they had brought Tensegrity public was to search for something big Florinda had foretold before she left. She had said that if the four of them had enough "gall" to continue to pursue the path of the warrior with all they had that someday a time would come when the mood of the ancient sorcerers would be completely removed from the passes. Instead of being heavy, cold and detached, they would find a new mood, one that was light and very precise. "That time has finally arrived," she declared. "It occurred right here in this room last month at the last workshop." She claimed she had witnessed it for herself, and ascribed it to a combination of the energy of the participants and the instructors. She said that a new mood had begun and would prevail from now on. Later on Zaia said that "giving it their all" in instructing us was their way of saying thank you for all the help they had received.

May 7, 1998 - Cleargreen issues an unsigned letter to Munich workshop registrants saying that "due to an energetic shift that could not be foreseen, none of [the three female students of don Juan] will be available to lecture at this seminar," and that instead, lectures will be conducted "by the members of our German team of shamanistic instructors, each of them an apprentice of Carlos Castaneda, Taisha Abelar, Florinda Donner-Grau and Carol Tiggs." Because of the change, they reduce the price to $275.

May 8, 1998 - Castaneda¡¯s will filed with L.A. Superior Court.
                     - Letter signed by Fabricio as CFO announces that the Friday night lecture for the Mountain View workshop has been canceled.

May 23-24, 1998 - Munich Workshop. [Again, no mention of Castaneda¡¯s death or the reason for the Witches¡¯ pulling out of the workshop, even though probate filings have been made and notices sent both to the heirs and the specifically disinherited.] Darien described how she had asked the Witches for help with her talk, saying that only Carlos had answered, telling her it was a task she had to do by herself. She was also given the advice that each word a shaman pronounces is a promise to infinity. (Carla Luciani¡¯s notes report that when she asked Fabricio why the Witches hadn¡¯t come, he told her "Oh, but they¡¯ll be at the Ontario workshop in August.")

Carol Tiggs Chronology part VII (conclusion)