Carol Tiggs Chronology Part IV [1994 - May 1995]

March 1994 - Details Magazine contains Bruce Wagner’s "The Secret Life of Carlos Castaneda: You Only Live Twice."  

In the article, Bruce quotes Castaneda as saying, "There is someone who goes into the unknown and waits for us to join her. She’s called Carol Tiggs -- my counterpart. She was with us, then vanished. Her disappearance lasted ten years. Where she went is inconceivable. It does not yield to rationality. So please -- suspend judgment. . . . . Carol Tiggs went away. She was not living in the mountains of New Mexico, I assure you. One day I was giving a lecture at the Phoenix Bookstore and she materialized. My heart jumped out of my shirt fomp fomp fomp. I kept talking. I talked for two hours without knowing what I was saying. I took her outside and asked her where she had been -- ten years! She became cagey and started to sweat. She had only vague recollections. She made jokes. The reappearance of Carol Tiggs opened an enormous door -- energetically -- through which we can go. . . . . Her return gave us a new ring of power; she brought with her a tremendous mass of energy that allows us to come out. That’s why we are available at this moment."  

Taisha is quoted: "We felt Carol Tiggs on our bodies when she was gone. She had tremendous mass. She was like a lighthouse, a beacon. She gave us hope -- an incentive to go on. Because we knew she was there. Whenever I would become self-indulgent, I felt her tap me on the shoulder. She was our magnificent obsession." Bruce asks: "When they spoke of ‘crossing over,?did that mean with their physical bodies? [Taisha] replied that changing the Self didn’t mean the Freudian ego but the actual, concrete Self -- yes, the physical body."  

Bruce concludes, "Before I met [Castaneda] a final time, I was scheduled to see the mysterious Carol Tiggs for breakfast. Twenty years before, she had ‘jumped? with don Juan Matus’s party into the unknown. Unimaginably, she had returned, somehow triggering a veritable road show of sorcerers. I was feeling more and more uneasy about our pending appointment. Each time the Large Question loomed (‘Where the hell were you those ten years??, it evanesced. I felt like I was on the tracks; Carol Tiggs was waving from the caboose."

1994 - After Taisha’s lecture at East West Bookstore in January 1994, there were no further workshops or lectures in the U.S. until Castaneda’s appearance in Sunnyvale on Dec. 3, 1994. [A hint as to what might have been happening is suggested by a source from Milwaukee printed on p. 13 of Issue 4 of the Nagualist. This person had asked Tracy Kramer’s secretary why no further workshops were being offered at the time and was told, "They were surprised to find the new nagual as fast as they did." This person was further told that the group had all returned to Mexico and that no further workshops were being offered in 1994. This would seem to coincide with the group’s increased involvement with Tony Karam, the head of Casa Tibet in Mexico. Tony was the one who had captured the Flyer photo ?displayed by the group at several workshops in 1995 -- at an event involving the Dalai Lama that Tony had organized.]

Fall? 1994 - Carol Tiggs takes members of Cleargreen to Tula, where she puts them into dreaming, according to subsequent accounts by Reni and others at workshops the following year.

July 22, 1994 - A fictitious business name statement for Elemental Films is recorded [document no. 94-1369443], listing The 300 Movies Company as registrant (Bruce Wagner, President); and Toltec Artists as registrant (at 183 N. Martel, LA 90036), signed by Muni Aranha Alexander, Florinda Donner Grau, Tracy Kramer and Bruce Wagner.

November 1994 - Magical Blend #44 contains Merilyn Tunneshende’s first piece, "Dreaming within the Dream." [Merilyn is billed as "of the sorcerers?party of Carlos Castaneda." Merilyn concedes, "Carlos, Florinda and Taisha have presented excellent accounts of their instruction, and good explanations of the goals of the training." Tunneshende claims she is the original Nagual woman, and still involved with la Gorda ("Maria Tena, who I call Butterfly Woman"), the Genaros and doña Soledad.)]

March 14 & 16, 1995 - Philosophical Research Society-sponsored workshop at John Marshall High School women’s gym in Silverlake.

The first night, the Chacmools were asked why this information was being made available to the public at this time. The response was that "energetically the movement of Carol Tiggs returning after ten years in the Second Attention had opened up new possibilities and the energy is now moving totally differently from the way it moved in don Juan's time." 

The second night, Reni began by saying she wanted to clarify a point about Carol Tiggs she had been asked about individually after Tuesday's session. She said she had been asked why they had said there was so much energy available since the return of Carol Tiggs. Reni explained that Carol is basically the death defier, having absorbed the death defier's energy in the ten years she spent in the Second Attention. She further explained that in recent months the three of them had seen Carol Tiggs in Tula. She took them into a dream while they were all awake, "another example of Carol's tremendous energy."

Nyei next elaborated on a previous question about parallel worlds, saying she knew it was a very confusing concept. She explained that the Witches don't share subjectivity with us, so it is difficult for them to describe phenomena that are so much outside our awareness. In Nyei's words, she said they were "all recently pulled into a weird darkness, at the center of which was Carol Tiggs." She described it as "a mysterious, subtle place," said that "Carol is beautiful, young, funny, delightful, and the most enjoyable person you could imagine," and claimed that what they experienced with her in Tula and again recently was nonetheless "awesome and very hard to describe." She said she had known Carol for many years, "but I feel I don't really know her at all." Because Carol merged with the death defier, they entered into a dream that the death defier maintains. The death defier "holds the root of another Carol Tiggs of endless mystery and darkness and beauty," and "if one is willing to suspend judgment something happens that can't be described." In the recent experience, she said the three of them all heard a song or tune that pulled them into a "beautiful mystery." At that point, in response to a questioner who interrupted to ask who the death defier was, Nyei explained the death defier's traditional involvement with don Juan's lineage and that when Castaneda met with the death defier, Castaneda didn't want the death defier's traditional gift in return for the Nagual's energy. As a result, when Carol Tiggs subsequently met with the death defier, they merged so that the death defier "rides" on Carol Tiggs. Castaneda also merged with the death defier in the period of nine days described at the end of The Art of Dreaming. Carol assertedly merged with the death defier for ten years, and when she returned she was "both." And she's continuing to "uncover" and to "merge" more since her return.

March 24-26, 1995 - Maui Workshop [According to J.J.’s notes, Florinda said that Carol Tiggs came back after ten years and that Carlos had found her in a bookstore when he was giving a lecture. When he saw her at the lecture, Castaneda reportedly just stood there babbling as he looked at her. So Castaneda gave a few lectures in that bookstore (the Phoenix Book Store in Santa Monica, now defunct) to pay them back. The notes further state: "The return of Carol Tiggs, the nagual woman, brought a new mood to the group. During his lecture, Carlos saw Carol's glow in the back of the store. She had returned after ten years! For two hours he just babbled through the lecture, so shocking was this development."]

April 20, 1995 - A fictitious business name statement is recorded for the Chacmool Center for Enhanced Perception, listing 12 names, including Nuri Alexander, Kylie Lundahl, Julius Renard, and Tycho Thal. [95-0654347].

April 21-23, 1995 - Colorado workshop at Raintree Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Longmont.

Carol recounted her first encounter with Castaneda and don Juan, when she was 19. She said she had been in Mexico City studying art history. She described herself as a spoiled girl who spoke with a pronounced lisp she thought made her adorable. One night, when walking alone in Alameda Park, she noticed an old man and a young, short, stocky man both staring at her from a short distance away. They looked like "coarse Mexicans" to her. She started to walk fast in order to distance herself from them, but they kept approaching. The young man came up close to her and she heard the old man say, "Don't let her get away. Grab her by the leg if you can." The young man was at a loss as to what to do. He said, "Are you an American? What's your name? How old are you? Do you have a boyfriend?" Carol was truly panicking at this point and threatening to scream for the police, when the old man let out a tremendous belch. She found herself frozen to the spot and announced, "My name is Carol Tiggs. I'm 19 years old and I don't have a boyfriend." The young man (Carlos) "was revolted by my lisp," she said. She told them where she was staying and they visited her while she was in Mexico. By the time she returned home, "a fog had closed in around the memory of those two men." Upon her return, she told her parents about her vague half memories of being accosted by two Mexicans and her inability to remember what happened after that. Her parents thought she had been drugged and molested. They sent her to a psychiatrist. She proceeded with her life as an art history student in college. Carol also said she and Castaneda had dreamed together the preceding week.

May 19-21, 1995 - Mexico City Workshop at Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel with Carol, Florinda, Taisha and the three Chacmools. Carol spoke Friday night.

Carol again described when she first met Castaneda at the Alameda Park in Mexico City and how don Juan hooked her first with a loud "burp" and then with his eyes, and let her know that she was a "double" woman and that Castaneda was energetically the same as her. Then she talked about her disappearance for more than ten years from this world and said that for her it had been like a dream but that time lost its significance during that event. According to notes, Carol said, "When I was back from this place I found myself in Tucson, Arizona, ten years later. It was hard for me even to recognize the place but I'm sure that don Juan knew beforehand that this was going to happen because he made me hide plastic packs with money in different parts of this and other towns which at the time seemed to be absurd for me but at this moment I understood perfectly. So I went and retrieved one of these packs and with this money I went to L.A. and lurked there for awhile in a zombie state until I found out that Castaneda was going to give a lecture at the Phoenix bookstore at Santa Monica. I went and Castaneda saw me and he talked for two hours without knowing what he said because he was astonished at seeing me there." According to another notetaker: "She then told the story of how she had been gone for ten years ‘which seemed like ten hours?to her. She returned to Tucson, went looking for her old house, which was gone, realized that something was wrong (ten years had passed), found her secret ‘caches?of cash (that don Juan had told her to hide) and went to L.A. and found Castaneda giving a lecture at the Phoenix bookstore." Carol also reportedly stated, "Energetically Carlos and I have been very distant for the past three years. Some time ago Carlos made an energetic jump and maybe this is what has kept us apart (energetically), but three weeks ago I again woke up in this strange world." Carol also revealed that Castaneda was writing another book, and stated that "Carlos is naming a chapter of the book he's now writing ‘The Return of Carol Tiggs.?quot; [That chapter, later read by Nury at the 1996 Pasadena workshop, was ultimately omitted from the published version of Active Side of Infinity.]

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May 22, 1995 - Likely date of Carol Tiggs's "top secret" speech and tour for Cleargreen insiders at Tula

May 26-29, 1995 - Omega Institute workshop in Rhinebeck, New York - The third night, the Chacmools, Florinda and Taisha fielded questions (in lieu of Carol’s scheduled speech, since Carol had supposedly "crashed" after the workshop in Mexico).

Florinda claimed she and Carol had each given birth to one of the scouts. "Carol Tiggs disappeared for ten years, reappearing at the Phoenix Bookstore after trying to find the clan for months. . . . . Carol Tiggs lately is absorbed by recollecting." Nyei: "The Blue Scout is Carol Tiggs's daughter. Carol Tiggs gave birth to her." Nyei said that she first met Carol Tiggs and the Blue Scout at a Tensegrity workshop [note: this first meeting was pre-1993 presumably, before they were using the term "Tensegrity" or giving workshops] to which Florinda had invited Nyei. Nyei was told that Tiggs was the Blue Scout's mother. Since Nyei had heard that Castaneda's clan was "into stalking and tricking people," and saw that Tiggs "looked only 25 (and seems to be getting younger)," Nyei was insistent that she wasn't going to be fooled so easily. Nyei went to the Blue Scout and asked her, "You're Carol Tiggs' mother, aren't you?" Nyei also claimed that the Blue Scout was "gone for about ten years, from the chronological ages of seven to 17," returning about a year before Tiggs did. During this time, Florinda and Castaneda allegedly took care of her.  

Kylie: "Tonight Carol Tiggs couldn't come." She made it to Mexico City, but really wanted to come to Omega to use this workshop as an "echo chamber," to explain where she’d been during the ten years that she was gone. "Carol Tiggs hadn't wanted to go to Mexico -- where she needed translation for material that depends on subtlety. But she went there to practice telling the story of her experience. She manifested there, and didn't return as the Carol Tiggs we knew. That's why we are all working to bring her back." Kylie also explained: "For 30 years the disciples of the old Nagual remained in isolation. The only one who spoke was Carlos. Carol Tiggs returned, which she wasn't supposed to do, since, according to tradition, the rule called for the Nagual Woman to go with the previous nagual's group, and to remain on the other side to help the new nagual's group across the void. But Carol came back instead of waiting to help them across. This changed everything dramatically for them. The old Nagual's disciples were now alone in the world, and they opened this world. Tensegrity is a result of that opening."  

A man asked an astrological question about the Mayan calendar and Castaneda's group's role in "planetary evolution." Taisha responded that they didn't think there was a correlation between what they do and Earth cosmology; that the energy or power they draw on is "beyond that," in her opinion. "Our discipline is much vaster than the standpoint of ordinary earth and human interpretation. For example, where the Scouts come from is way beyond human imagination, like places that have two or three rotating suns. The only answer for us as to what is happening now in our world is because Carol Tiggs returned. A woman asked a question about the death defier and Carol Tiggs. Florinda responded that the death defier "is riding Carol Tiggs. On one level, she is Carol Tiggs." In fact, after the Mexico City experience, they said, "we don't know at the moment whether she is the Carol Tiggs we have always known. We're trying to bring her back in dreaming, which is very hard when we have to be so much in the world, delivering a workshop for four days."  

Taisha responded to a question about Carol Tiggs and the death defier by saying that Tiggs's merging with the death defier was explained in the Art of Dreaming, because of the gift of nagual energy Castaneda made to the death defier. But something even now has changed. "We don't know right now if there is a Carol Tiggs. Every time she takes us in a dream to old Tula, she changes. On this recent trip to Mexico, she changed further. She's in transition -- re-dreaming or reorganizing energetic units into something else, we don't know what yet." Carlos and Carol always had the same energy, as don Juan said, but what the death defier caused was some kind of total merging of this energy.

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