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Kathleen "Chickie" Pohlman as a high school senior
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Carol Tiggs
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"Carol Tiggs went away. She was not living in the mountains of New Mexico, I assure you." (Carlos Castaneda, on Carol¡¯s ten-year departure, in March 1994 Details Magazine)

"Our endless categorizing and taxonomizing closes us into itself and renders us incapable of considering the possibility that someone like Carol Tiggs could go somewhere else for ten years and then return. Carol really was physically gone and she was not in this world for those years." (Statement by Kylie Lundahl at July 19, 1997, Seattle Tensegrity workshop)

"Uh, well, sorcerers can be in two places at one time." (Cleargreen shareholder Nyei Murez, in April 1999, responding by telephone to Linda Zoontjens¡¯s questions about Carol Tiggs being married when she was supposed to be in the Second Attention.)


If "the hinge of sorcery is the mystery of the assemblage point," it¡¯s a fair summation of Castaneda and Co.'s repeated explanations that the "hinge" of the public teaching of Tensegrity was the mysterious "return" of Carol Tiggs after supposedly disappearing "bodily" into the Second Attention ¨C from 1973 to 1983. But whereas Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar produced books that tell us a lot about what they claimed to have experienced and learned from the sorcerer¡¯s world, all we know about Carol Tiggs¡¯s experiences are some rather contradictory stories in three of Castaneda¡¯s books, and a limited sheaf of surprisingly contradictory stories from several workshops.

Carol, unlike the others closest to Castaneda, decided for as yet undisclosed reasons to remain on the scene in L.A. after Castaneda¡¯s death on April 27, 1998. (In May ¡®98, during a telephone conversation, Carol told me that despite an original plan that she should leave with the others, "a non-decision decision kept me here." She also did not expressly confirm Castaneda's death, but stated vaguely that Castaneda was "in one place" and that the other five, including the other two 'witches,' were "elsewhere, looking around.") Nonetheless, in the last few months, Cleargreen (the for-profit organization Castaneda founded to organize the Tensegrity workshops) seems to have gone to some lengths to lump Carol in with the other witches (who left town at the end of April 1998) in describing how Castaneda¡¯s "remaining apprentices" receive messages and instruction from "the Witches" in some sort of cloak-and-dagger routine involving P.O. boxes. By causing Cleargreen to lump her together with the other two in their official statements, is Carol just trying to set the scene so that, once she gets the Cleargreen crew on their feet as instructors, she can take off to join the others? Or does she simply want an "out" to avoid the onerous duty of actually having to show up at future workshops?

The following attempt to begin to address these questions is in the form of a chronology relating to Carol Tiggs, based almost exclusively on statements made at Tensegrity workshops, in the books and at interviews, along with facts gleaned from documents that are in the public domain.

Armed with this draft chronology, those visiting this site who are interested in this particular inquiry may help those of us on the Sustained Action list to fill in some of the missing pieces. Your comments, suggestions and information on this topic may be addressed to

--Corey Donovan


Carol Tiggs Chronology Part I  [1947 - 1980]

November 24, 1947, at 6:32 AM - Kathleen Adair Pohlman (who will later call herself "Carol Tiggs") is the first child born to Harriet Witbeck Pohlman, age 30, and Max Edward Pohlman, age 36, at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. The family is then living at 820 So. Madison, Pasadena, the city in which Harriet had lived since 1920. [Per birth certificate.]

[October 1965 - Castaneda ends his apprenticeship with don Juan (per The Teachings of Don Juan.]

Late 1966 or ¡¯67? ¨C Carol purportedly first encounters don Juan in Mexico City at age 19 (per her lectures at the Longmont, Colorado, and Mexico City workshops in April 1995 ¨C see summaries below). [Note: That this account differs from Castaneda's account described in The Eagle's Gift (1981) See below.]

[April 1968 - Castaneda resumes his apprenticeship with don Juan (per A Separate Reality).]

October 3, 1972 - Kathleen Adair Pohlman files in L.A. Superior Court for a change of name to Elizabeth Austin. She lists her birth date as November 24, 1947, in Hollywood, and her residence as 10528 Wilshire Blvd., #3, LA 90024. She further states that her father is deceased, and that her mother, Harriet W. Pohlman, resides at 1276 Rimmer, Pacific Palisades. The final decree is filed November 14, 1972. [L.A. Superior Court Case No. WEC 27161.]

[Note: some months before, on April 5, 1972, a Beverly Madge Ames -- formerly the wife of Frederic A. Guilford, who is thanked for typing the manuscript of The Teachings of Don Juan in the foreword to that book -- filed a petition for change of name to "Beverly Evans," becoming, apparently, the first of Castaneda¡¯s group to receive a final order changing her name. Case No. C26610. Florinda, had previously filed for a change of name to "Christina Casablanca," but withdrew her application before it became final.]

[Further note: As indicated in Carol¡¯s change-of-name application, Carol¡¯s father, Max Edward Pohlman, had indeed died, according to Social Security records, in July 1971. He was born October 17, 1911, graduated from the Saint Louis University of Medicine in 1934, and was licensed in 1936. He was board certified in 1945 in the specialty of ENT, or Otolaryngology. He was a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, as well as of the American Otological Society. He was at least a part-time professor of medicine at UCLA.]

1973 - Carol Tiggs supposedly "leaves" with, or around the same time as, don Juan¡¯s party (i.e., depending on whether you go by the account in The Eagle¡¯s Gift, where the Nagual woman leaves with, and on the same day as, don Juan¡¯s party, or the account in The Art of Dreaming, where Carol¡¯s departure with the death defier precedes that of don Juan¡¯s party by an undisclosed period, but certainly more than a day). [See below for relevant book excerpts.][Note: Bruce Wagner, in his 1994 Details Magazine piece, explains: "In The Fire From Within Castaneda wrote that don Juan and his party evanesced sometime in 1973 -- fourteen navigators gone, to the ¡®second attention.¡¯ . . . . Larger movements of the assemblage point, more dramatic, pull the ¡®energy body¡¯ outside the human band to nonhuman realms. That is where don Juan and his party journeyed in 1973 when they ¡®burned from within,¡¯ fulfilling the unthinkable assertion of his lineage: evolutionary flight."]

September 5, 1974 - Castaneda, Taisha (as "Annamarie Carter"), Florinda (as "Regine Thal"), Beverly Evans and Mary Joan Barker sign Articles of Incorporation for Hermeneutics Unlimited, subsequently filed with the California Secretary of State on Sept. 10, 1974.

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[Corporation¡¯s specific purpose was "the production of documentary ethnology." Authorized to issue 750 shares of stock at $100 par value. All five directors were listed at Suite 418, 9200 Sunset Blvd., LA 90069.] [Note: The important thing to note about this document is that Carol Tiggs -- then "Elizabeth Austin" -- is not one of the five incorporators.] [Further note: Corporation¡¯s name is later changed, in 1984, by an amendment by its "sole shareholder" --Castaneda -- to Laugan Productions, Inc.]

September 24, 1975 - Castaneda executes a three-page will leaving his entire estate, in equal shares, to Mary Joan Barker, Annamarie Carter, Beverly Evans and Regine Thal. (If these four predeceased him, his estate was to go to the UCLA Department of Anthropology.) [A copy of this will was filed by lawyers representing Castaneda¡¯s executor, Deborah Drooz, in a response to C.J. Castaneda¡¯s motions in the 1999 probate proceedings.] [Note again: Elizabeth Austin is not one of Castaneda¡¯s four potential heirs, which supports the story that she was gone from the scene in 1973.]

Fall 1977? - Probably when Carol Tiggs started at the California Acupuncture College, from which she graduated in 1980. [In 1985 the California Legislature required that, to be licensed, acupuncturists have four academic years of training. I do not yet know, and officials at the California Acupuncture Board -- 916-263-2680 -- could not tell me, without further research, how many years of acupuncture school were required for licensing in 1981, but it was probably three, although it could have been as few as two. For further info on this question, one could write the Acupuncture Committee, 1424 Howe Ave., Suite 37, Sacramento, CA 95825. California¡¯s basic licensing requirement for acupuncturists originally went into effect in 1975.]

October 25, 1980 - Elizabeth Austin (born, according to the license, Kathleen Adair Pohlman, to parents Max Edouard Pohlman and Harriet S. Witbeck on Nov. 24, 1947, in California) age 32, marries Canadian-born Marc Benoit LeBel age 33. [The marriage certificate indicates it was a first marriage for both; Co. Reg. 39821, State File # 80-136642 P. The certificate also indicates that Carol was living at the time at 1276 Rimmer Ave., Pacific Palisades, and was a graduate student, having completed 18th grade. The witnesses were Tom L. Zinche and Camille Bertolet, and the wedding was performed by Rev. C.J. van Loon, of the Universalist Church, at 3007 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica.]

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