Florinda Donner-Grau Chronology Part VIII [June - Dec. 1995]

June 16, 1995 - Cleargreen, Inc., is incorporated, by filing articles of incorporation executed by George Short on June 15.

July ?, 1995 - Revised schedule for the August intensive is announced, dropping down to one three-week intensive instead of the previously announced three three-week workshops. (On July 27, a quarter-page ad for the workshop appeared in The Hollywood Reporter.) [A one-page explanation from the Chacmools as to how the three-week workshop would differ from the weekend seminars included the following peculiar statement: "In addition, a very personalized attention will be given to every one of the participants in order to isolate those who are most able to perform the movements. This selection will be the base of our future free scholarships and work-study programs."]

July 21, 1995 - Humberto Fontanez files in the Santa Monica branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court for change of name to Fabricio Magaldi. He lists his birthdate as October 17, 1947; birthplace as Puerto Rico; and nearest living relative as "Florinda Donner-Grau, cousin." Effective Sept. 11, 1995. [SS 006093]

August 1-20, 1995 - Three-week intensive workshop at Culver City High School "cafetorium." [Castaneda spoke at all but one session, and gave three-hour lectures on Sundays. None of the Witches lectured. On August 3, Castaneda introduced Florinda Donner-Grau, Carol Tiggs and Taisha Abelar as "don Juan¡¯s other disciples." He characterized the four of them as "the four original musketeers." A man yelled out that he hadn¡¯t caught the names, so Castaneda introduced them again. Carol Tiggs quipped that they had "paid the man to say that" [so they could be introduced properly]. Castaneda then stated: "We are the original apprentices of the nagual Juan Matus. The fact that I never wrote about them was an agreement. I agreed with don Juan just to write about his world."

Florinda later explained to a small group that gathered around her at one point that all of them were there each day to "focus their energy on Carlos, to keep it all in place." She claimed, "He¡¯s not usually here for such a long time." The cost was $1000 for one section, or $1500 for both sections. Certificates were given at the end to 179 people who attended the whole thing.]

August 25, 1995 - Taisha Abelar executes annual corporate information statement for Laugan Productions, Inc., changing the address from Martel Ave. to 11901 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 596, LA 90025; listing Taisha as CEO, Muni Aranha as Secretary, and Florinda Donner-Grau as CFO; and the purpose of the corporation as "Research & Production."

August 25-27, 1995 - Florinda and the Chacmools appear at Mishka Productions-sponsored workshop in the Crystal Ballroom of the Radisson Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Florinda joked that "Kylie locks Carlos away under her bed" to prevent him from drinking cappuccinos. "She'll keep him locked away for weeks at a time, and when he returns he's cranky and irritable." Florinda explained that "cappuccinos are Carlos's vice, just as movies are mine." She acknowledged "I go and see every movie that comes out. Except that I'll never go to see ¡®Waterworld.¡¯" But later, she admitted she probably would sneak in to see it "when nobody's looking."

Florinda claimed, "Carlos has been ready to burn from within for two years now." She explained that one day "I came into the room and Carlos had shrunk down to about two-feet long [she held out her arms to indicate the size]." When she saw this, she thought that they would all be leaving soon. "So I went and found Taisha and told her to throw out everything that she didn't want to leave behind."

After several questions about the contents of dreams, Florinda said the content of dreams is "worthless." What is important is engaging the dreaming attention. She also claimed "when the double is ¡®seen,¡¯ it looks exactly like the physical body." She emphasized that the double was not the luminous cocoon.

Florinda also mentioned the Nagualist, reportedly saying she couldn't believe that anyone would actually publish instructions on the proper dimensions of a recapitulation box.

Florinda said she and Carlos used to go to an all-night restaurant called "Ships" on Westwood Blvd in L.A. They would go there around 2 or 4 am, after "jumping into the abyss" (dreaming). Florinda claimed she would have the most magnificent ("and worthless") dreams after these early morning meals.

Florinda asserted that when don Juan and his party "burned from within," Castaneda was present. She explained "he couldn't bear the thought of the Nagual leaving, so he jumped into the abyss." She also asserted that "there really is an abyss, 800 feet straight down" somewhere in Mexico.

Regarding the cost of the workshops, Florinda claimed she was there "for free and not charging anyone even a cent." She then pointed at the Chacmools saying, "These are the people who are charging money. They're doing it." The cost was $300. About 250 attended.

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[September 11, 1995 - First session of what became the "Sunday group." First meeting was from 1-4 PM at a large dance studio at 1711 Stewart Street, in West L.A.]

[October 1995 - Magical Blend publishes, "War of the Wizards," in which Tunneshende lashes out after Castaneda, through Tracy Kramer, had issued a statement responding to the magazine¡¯s previous Tunneshende article by stating that don Juan had not had any students other than those he had already named (which, of course, would also leave out Joanie Barker, whom he never named in print). Merilyn described a "battle of the sorcerers in 1980," with a fight "over one of the immortality practices called the Fire Within." She also asserted, "The Old Nagual essentially blasted the individuals that fell on the negative side of the split into a nether realm." She claimed the remaining group was working on an AIDS cure.]

October 6-8, 1995 - Workshop at Culver City High School Cafetorium. 

Florinda explained that Carol Tiggs's eyes when she had spoken Saturday morning were black instead of their usual blue. When she is like that, Florinda claimed that the rest "all stay in bed," and "Castaneda runs for the hills."

She mentioned there were starting to be a few films that have "more of a women's perspective" than in past years. She had recently seen, "The Making of an American Quilt," and was amazed at one scene where a woman is honestly talking about never having loved her husband. "They didn't go all the way with this, though, and at the end she is recanting what she said."

Someone asked if she recapped her experiences with don Juan. Florinda said she doesn't recap him, but later explained that she had recapped the embarrassing moments she had with him. A woman asked about the "luminous worms" that men leave in women and that take seven years to go away. Florinda said this was indeed true, as was the fact that having children made holes in the luminous shell. She also claimed that a "good recapitulation can get rid of them in seven days."

Florinda addressed the "poor me" issue. She said it was meaningless to complain that one doesn't have the benefit of a teacher like don Juan, or Carlos. She said Carlos had complained that don Juan had the benefit of don Elias and don Julian, that she had complained that Carlos had had more interaction with don Juan and his party than she had, and that the Chacmools complained that they never met don Juan. It was all unimportant. "There are no better or worse circumstances, and there are no rewards associated with sorcery. It is an endless challenge, and that's all. We all face infinity alone--energy is all that matters."

Someone asked whether facing infinity alone implied that the nagual's party was separated after the abstract flight. Florinda answered that the final destination of the nagual's party is "not known," but that we were "all facing infinity alone right now, even in this crowded room."

She told us she did not agree with don Juan's extreme strategy for erasing personal history by leaving behind everything you knew. They were "not asking you to give up your families or your lives," she said. "What matters is detachment, which follows from losing self-importance, which is a product of energy."

At another point during the weekend, when a group of us gathered around Florinda, she mentioned having recently seen the film "Showgirls." Jerry Garcia had recently died and someone mentioned it. She talked about the drummer in the Grateful Dead having taken her to one of their concerts, and that they had seated her in the front and brought her backstage afterward. She met Garcia and found him "very nice." She mentioned also that she was just back from Mexico. She told a story about having worn high heels when they arrived off the plane in Scottsdale, and hearing a woman under her breath comment that it was "ridiculous for her to be wearing high heels to do Tensegrity." She also said that the eyes indicate the measure of energy a person has. She was asked when Old Florinda left and said it was in 1985, jokingly adding "at 10 AM."

October 13-15, 1995 - Workshop at Culver City High School Cafetorium. [Florinda explained she had "left out of my book the part about using the penis to point. Men can always raise their awareness higher than women's, because their organ is always pointing down." Castaneda later said that Florinda and Taisha lived next door to each other, and that "Florinda sometimes pounds on the wall to see if the inorganic beings are there, because she's afraid of them. She sends me in to find Taisha, and Taisha is not there initially but suddenly materializes and says she was there all the time. ¡®Liar!¡¯"]

November 10-12, 1995 - Workshop at Culver City High School Cafetorium. Theme was "Intersubjectivity." Castaneda, Carol, Florinda, Taisha and Nury.

Florinda claimed she "was a somnambulist as a child. My father used to tie ¡®whoopee cushions¡¯ around my feet." Don Juan's group supposedly saw her energy and helped her "channel it into dreaming." She explained "I like to think of myself as a stalker though, because I think I know how to deal with people well." (She indicated she was the only one in the group that attended parties and went to movies. She told us "I even have a bathroom phone because I¡¯m such a social butterfly.")

She claimed she used to see the "cat rabbit" creature. She also claimed Castaneda wouldn't go near "her house" because he was so appalled by it. "It finally left and has been gone for a long time, but recently Talia saw it, and then Kylie saw it too, hopping around by her car, and it frightened her and made her sick."

Florinda cited, as an example of intersubjectivity, a healer in Mexico who needed a particular pass and the intersubjectivity of eight witnesses to do her healing. "She couldn't deal with more than eight" people being present.

Sorcerers have intersubjectivity too, she explained, interpreting their experiences. She advised that one could enter someone else's subjectivity "by moving your assemblage point to the same place as theirs." She claimed that "an eagle has taken me places in my dreams. Either it's a giant eagle, or I am very small--I prefer the former explanation." Then two years ago she started seeing it near the trash area where she lived, "standing on top of a barrel eating a pigeon. It spoke to my mind to tell me I could walk around it but to get no closer." She claimed "the others have seen a bird leaving when they come over, and drops of blood and feathers on the ground."

December 1995 - Yoga Journal publishes "Carlos Castaneda¡¯s Tensegrity," by Holly Hammond. Hammond reports that "Florinda knew Castaneda at UCLA, where she received her Ph.D. in anthropology shortly after he did." [The Yoga Journal apparently took Florinda's word about the doctorate and did not bother with fact checking.] Florinda also "explains": "Although the four began working together almost 30 years ago, they had a long-time agreement not to speak with one another about their own training or sorcery experiences, in order to maintain the integrity and energy necessary for the work." This reportedly changed on Carol¡¯s return from 10 years "off in the ¡®sea of awareness.¡¯" The article also contains pictures of the Chacmools striking fierce poses on Maui.

[December 9-10, 1995 - Review Workshop at Anaheim Convention Center, Room C. Only Castaneda lectured. This is remembered chiefly as the occasion on which the Chacmools came to an end, due to infighting between Kylie and Renata.]

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